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Awaking in Autumn wasn't a sensation I would think of intuitively, but I'm really glad I listened. I learned a lot from the first track, also are you guys using crotales? The high pitched instrument sounds like it's doing pitch + octave up, is this doubling or intrinsic to the instrument? I like the percussive role the guitar plays sometimes. 

The picture is really cool, but it didn't make sense to me until I heard the first few notes of "Scent of Spring" then I understood. What is that woodwind you guys are using I'm not too well versed, but is it a long dizi or bawu? I really love pentatonic sound, so this song got me good. Easily one of my favorites. 

I like the pacing of "Whispers of Winter" and the more percussive route taken.

In "Love Lost" I really do appreciate how the texture of the synths change, the riser was also cool into percussion instruments. The synths are super cool for me, they are extremely musical in their expression. I do like how the theme was doubled by different instruments to move the song along but keep the central idea there. 

For "Soul of Summer" I really like how u buildup the intro, its pretty bepic. 

Overall really amazing submissions, nice job guys! My Fav is def Spring and Autumn. 

I don't listen to chiptune, so I don't have much reference to compare this to, but u had me hooked on the title screen. "Home" transition into "Raining" w. the door was so cool, it felt so seamless. The description for "leaving the house" was way more literal than I was expecting XD. I love the slide you have in "Raining." I love the feel of Sunny. One of the ref mats for my comp was FFXV (Open World and Summer) and I get a chiptune version of that vibe and I absolutely love it. In "Unusual Character" the way you hold rhythm and your use of silence is on point. I feel like the chittering and certain fx are dialog-oriented to get the ferry? I may be wrong on this but it reminded me of dialog sound. ATt his point i'm starting to notice a pattern w/ how you do slides and I really like it. Personally, it reminds me of a relaxation day. "Cloudly" has really cool key modulations. "Desolate" into "Snowing" is like waking up to snow for me. I just can't describe the feeling, but it feels magical and awesome, and it made me really happy you were able to capture the feeling of it. I love how you brought the door transition in. That was really big brain to contextualize "Home (Reprise)" the rit into nightime was also really cool. I really appreciate this being new material. My favorite themes "Sunny", "Desolate" into "Snowing", and "Good Night". Ty for sharing these!

This is just incredible. Everyone's said it already but sound design is top notch. I really like how u use the beat to drive the music.

Ok, wowzers. I'm really liking the instrumentation it's really amazing. I love how you have different textures rising and dissolving most notable in "Frostbyte" heart. The brass section that comes in on "Second wind" was crazy. I like how you continue using it in "Daemon." I also really like the return of the original sound and thematic material from "Digital Lovers" in "Digital Summers." This is just really such an awesome ost. I would 100% def play this game for the ost. My only problem as cheesy as it sounds is I just wish the tracks were longer, I really wanted to be in each soundscape more. Altho I def got that w/ "Digital Summers." It was like a grand put together w/ the harmonic function in the strings. Really well done! It reminds me of an epic version of something the piano guys would do. 

Thank you!

Thank you so much for listening and the kind words! I really appreciate it!

Yeah, I'm planning on working on it too after the jam!

Thank you!

Discreetly Narrative-Driven Open World

Okay, wowzers this is a 9.5 min piece, which is a crazy amount of music for 10 days. Hats off to that!

I like your intro section and how you add strings to your transition before creating a resolution to indicate the next section of the piece. This is a classic move and really cool way to do your transition. On my first playthrough I almost didn't register it had changed sections. at Around 3:00ish I like how you change dynamics to p as it gets quieter and then go back up. I like the reintroduction to the same rhythmic pattern from earlier and then the introduction of new instrumentation. Also at 5:00 that dissonant chord sounded like a resolution, I like how you continue to use the idea to push the song through. I would say I personally am looking for new material at this point, and it does show up! Around 6:10 you have like a synth riff, with piano following w/ a diminished chord progression, which was really cool. You do return to your original melodic material, but it's variated. What I will say is this piece feels like it feels like 1 to 2 sections being variated and alternated. There is a lot of consistency which is good, but it would be really cool if you added some more diversity to it especially from the drums (this is personal pref). I personally did not hear enough of a difference between the seasons, but according to the page that could be one play-through. You did a really great job and my favorite parts were how you handled variation as well as the dim chords. 

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For Raining Tea: I like ur instrumentation choice and use of polyphony, that was really cool. There are a few dissonant notes, and I like how u control them.

35C's Fizzle Pop: Has some wonderful slides on the brass (I believe). I really appreciate how you didn't slide (no pun intended) away from atonality. 

Jumping Bean Falling Roast: All the drink titles are very iconic. The use of dissonances and resolutions creates a nostalgic feel, the legato of the multi-part instrumentation helps with the momentum of the piece moving it forward.

Latte of Floooof: I really like, it sounds like it's going into a classic res and u pull out an augmented note and keep the progression moving forward. This is a subtle detail that I aspire too, and you are extremely good at controlling your dissonance. Idk how long your soundtrack but multiple voices takes me so long XD. Honestly great work overall. I am just amazed at ur ability to control melodic contour and to move into accidentals and nail the harmonics, that's just so cool to me. 

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Can you hire me if all goes well? XD In all seriousness, are there any sites to find commission work, that you would recommend?

How do you find work as a composer?

O nice, ur music is a bop. I have a question if you don't mind my asking. 

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This game looks great, the flashlight diffuses in a really nice way. Visuals are overall fantastic, it's a pretty spooky game ngl, the title for the most jump scares from me goes to you. I freaked out so many times. The story is pretty small but feels dense, meaningful, and to the point. Your gameplay feels straight solid, and the whole puzzle mechanics feel good. Your sound design is phenomenal, but there is one catch... some of the sounds are too loud. Especially on death or when a ghost burns. I realize the intention could be to make them jarring, but these were overly so, hence the 4/5. But like I'm nitpicking cause ur submission was soo good. Overall absolutely awesome work!

(P.s. I'm sure you could take this to market)

I really like how you blended the different themes in dynamically. The game looks gorgeous. Sound design was really good, not overbearing, and balanced. I think the good/bad vibe mechanic implementation was really cool. I couldn't beat the last level, I'd spawn and get seen so I just got super unlucky. Great submission!

Hey, pretty good game. I liked the narrative to it. I like that it was based around climate change. The biggest plot twist that subverts expectations. Was not expecting that. that was was awesome!

This was a pretty cool game. The monster design was really cool, I remember seeing it in the feedback section on discord. I like the sounds you made for them. The post process fx is really awesome, like really. Overall good game!

The piano w/ strings for the start is pretty cool. It does start looping, but it's broken up by the thunder sounds, which adds variation.  The game was really good. You spent a lot of time making sure things said stuff. I clicked on a lot of things. I really liked artistically how you start with the menu theme and lead into it at the end, that was really cool thematically. Idk if there was a monster but it always seemed like there could be, the monster's presence was there or something. Great job Pixel!

The gameplay was pretty intuitive. Is there anything past repairing the generator-looking thing and the gearbox? I'm hoping I didn't accidentally miss something. The lights turning off was spooky!

The tick-tock sent me. It reminded me of school, I zoned out so many times playing this game, because school and tick-tocking (so great job there). I would say the audio could use some balancing. I wasn't able to figure out how to get more endings.  I'm assuming one of the chars had schizophrenia? It would have been cool to get a statistic about people with schizophrenia. I feel a lot of games depict them as killers (or at least all the ones I've played). Some do it in a way that highlights the complexity of the character. Overall this game is p great! I found your dialogue excellent.

Your attention to detail is incredible. My Player talks about dartboards! Is this limited to the first room? Even in the initial cut scene, you have sound going off, for the man's clothing and stuff. It's really well thought through. I like the ambient sound. The aesthetic looks great! For the bad ending idk if this was intention but the guy just sounds like a bunch of sounds turning on and off, I would recommend smoothing them whenever you get a chance! Great project though!

Hi we can use something w/ attribution license, yes?

Really awesome idea honestly. I gave u a 5 for incompatibility not because it hadn't been done before but because how u did it, just felt so new and different. The movement needs refinement, the ratio of AD to W was a little inconsistent, I would recommend slowing down or amping up the jump. Reusing was the name of the game so you nailed that one. The sound Design could use some work. The jump sound is a little awkward. The music is good, def loopable. 

It's a really good idea. It just needs a lot of refinement. It would be cool if you had the option to swap rather than getting forced to swap. The gun felt really awkward. Visuals didn't entirely match each other, the char model was high fidelity but the drones weren't. The shooting was a little unresponsive, sound queue so we knew when to fire would have been awesome.  Those are all my points for feedback. This is a super impressive pull-off for solo, you should be proud.

This was quite an engaging game, it felt very cohesive. The jump felt a little clunky. Music was great, not too attention-drawing, loopable. Lovely synths. Sound design was good, but it felt like something was missing, maybe distinguish the sounds more from each other. The dust animation was really nice, helped to figure out when we hit the ground, it was a bit slow though. It reminded me of minit, I would explore and die, then go figure it out. I did really appreciate that, I'm not sure if that was the inspiration. Overall, you have something really great. With refinement, you could take it to market who knows. 

@michael_shaten I sent you an email if you get a chance.

Sounds fun. I'll send you a request. I'm mostly classically trained, but I can adapt my style to whatever we need. Just sent a friend request. I am SighAntz. 

The world and view of everything was very consistent (I liked the style and aesthetic), I liked how you had to cycle through the cameras. For me personally, I'm a music person, I liked the simplicity of your tune and how it looped back it was pretty consistent, you also built up suspension by the rhythm and maybe mm9th chords? I also liked the section that contrasted against the main predominant theme. Your sound design was clean, after a bit of playing the sounds indicated directly to what was happening in the game, and you didn't need to swap cameras all the time. Great job overall! Ty for posting!

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That was really fun. I really enjoyed the game. The ai don't like the ladder platforms for sure, even the big scary deer guys can't attack you up there. The sprint mechanic was super nice. Genuinely the first time the deer guys showed up I had an "Oh s***" moment. I really enjoyed this one, ty for submitting!

That is sooo much text. Good on you for powering through that! The artwork was also really good for the representative. The ending is a lovely twist (I want to be specific but spoilers). Great job!

Hi, cnharlan. Thank you for all the critique and commentary we really appreciate it. I agree, it seems the audio doesn't in fact loop correctly, this is a bug, thank you for pointing it out. Thanks for stopping by!