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Matteo Cordioli

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Strange but funny at the same time! Hope to see it finished! Well done!

Nice concept i feelt like a needed a map at a sertain point! But really well done! Nice concept and implementation! Good job!

Nice idea, i would have tried to implement some other feature! Well done overall!

I iked the concept but i had some truble at the begginning understanding the controls, nice entry tho!

Really lovely pixel art! Good and solid gameplay! Very impressive entry! Well done!

Really lovely animation and that jump is so juicy!!!! I liked these style for a game jam! Nice job m8!

I really like the genre of game!!! Remember me of supermeatboy! Good job m8!!!

Nice gameplay! I liked the effects all the powerups have when you have one activated! Nice job m8!

I realy enjoyed it! I played it in normal mode and it gave me a perfect feeling!! Great job done in only 9 days!

Nice idea, but I had some problem in remebering the combination! Overall nice job!

Nice effects, and screen shaking! I had some problem due to the fact that you move when you shoot, so i felt down so many times! But ptobably beacuse i'm bad :') Well done!

Well done, I enjoyed it! I would have liked a larger UI but i get why you did in that way! Great job! 

Nice effect, that sword that shoot!!! Really funny! I found the shop but i coudn't buy anything, well done m8!

Well done m8, i tested it out and i had a lot of fun during my run! Good job!

Well done, nice mechanics, innovative gameplay! Nice job!

I really enjoyed the style, the palette and also the gameplay, really funny game! Hope to get to the top of the leaderboard asap :P Well done!

Ty for the advice i'll try to think to some particle effects or something like these to add when planting and plowing! 

Ty for the advise and for playing my game! I was thinking about what could I add to make the gaem more juicy, ty for the feedback!

P.S. Time spent on videogames is never too much :P

Ty for appreachiating it! I really put myself into it!

I liked the idea, but i think the fire rate is too low to pass wave 4 :( I really tried hard but can't reach wave 5! Well done m8!

Huge work for a jam, well done, some input are pretty hard to manage but overll is a good product! Well done!

Simple but really catchy, i would have love to have a faster level to see if I can manage it! I liked the pixel art! Nice job!

I liked the concept, in these kind of games i really like if I can decide to retake instant the level by pressing R o some button on UI, the loading screen and restart menu is really too slow, or at least for the time i died :P Nice job!

Well done, I really enjoyed the fact that i had to manage when and where to fire taking in cosideration future spawn of scheletron ecc! I liked it! Nice job!

Well done, i enjoyed play it, I think the best option for remaining souls would be to be transfered in the new wave of enemy, so i can decie if i'm full hp to use them later in the game! And I really like the mando helmet of the player! :) Nice job!

Well done, at the beggining maybe too slow, but it speed up pretty well! Nice job!

I really realy enjoyed it! Easy to learn hard to master as good game should be! I really like how the "defend the tower" concept is used here! Really weel done m8!!

Well done, i like the hell kind of game, i had some truble understading the mouse utility at the beggining but when i figured it out all the game had so much sense!! Nice job!

The style is really amazing! Woudl be greate to be able to keep all the wand and to be able to choose the wand based on the level you are gonna face! Really nice work! 

Well done, classic idea but well implemented, i suggest you to add a health power up in the base! I reached wave 18!

Really well done, a wonderfull boss fight! I admit i tryed to defeat it witout power up and it's insanly difficult! But building yourself is totaly managable! Well done m8!

Very nice concept, i had some difficulties in understanding completly some card! But well done for a game jam, I really enjoyed!

Nice concept and I really like these style of art! Nice job m8!!!

Amazing story telling in the intro cutscene! Really loved it! The gameplay is easy and fun when you get how to see the holes! Nice job! 

Well done! Simple but catchy, wonderfull idea to make an overall score podium! 

Well done, i really enjoyed the idea of manage the buildings and army in the 5 different color! I found a perfect configuration with all the color happy at the maximum! Well done!!!

I really like visual of the game! These pixel art made blurry really triggered me! Nice job! I really had some difficulties with the dash! 

Nice gameplay and gameloop, a visual effect to make sure the player understand he/she took damage would be amazing! I really enjoy trying these game!

Nice concept I really liked the trick on level 6 ahahah! Overall well done, i enoyed the levels you guys did!

Well done, pretty fun to play, the animations make me smile a lot! Well done!