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I want this game on my switch asap, its so cool

the odd resolution i think was just a me problem as i have an ultrawide monitor and full screen the game, so i think it was just me using an odd resolution my self./

as for the slow start, i think that there should be a fast way to get the first upgrade that will then make the player want to see what is next, like a new seed that offers something different. more money or some kind of power up.

I like the idea to make this in to a kind of active idle game, i also wanted to add a match three element with different seeds.

Thank you so much for this Feedback, i can not tell you how meaningful it really is, i have felt alot of what you have said and this is not in dev anymore but i want to keep building on past projects and learning, thank you again.


Love Gdev, and really like the look and style of the game it feels, kind of slow and the resolution is just odd looking imo , i love clicker games and think this is well done, and think there is a lot of stuff that could be done with it, good job

I've been tinkering with DragonRuby ever since I acquired it through a bundle in 2020. Although I've taken numerous breaks from it, it's always been my go-to choice for full-fledged game development. Each time I return to coding, there's a bit of a learning curve, but once I reacquaint myself with it, the experience is just amazing. Its speed and ease of use are unparalleled, and having tried multiple engines, nothing compares to the seamless hot loading of DragonRuby. I'm excited to be returning to it once again, with a few ideas up my sleeve. It's definitely worth the time investment to learn, and the community surrounding it is a great bonus.

took me way to long to figure out to use 'e' to talk to the people at the base, really fun game, have you thought about trying to port this to a game system? cause this would be a game i think would be great on the Nintendo switch


The last Gem should end the level, but it seems its possible to get the last gem and still not move on, 

Real nice idea, any i could see someone that could get really good at it, 

If i vist this kind of idea again, i want to add power-ups to help with that kind of fire rate and other wepons as well, i was going to try to, but as time went on i need to get it to the point of where i could ship and this was the best way to get it set up. 

While i was making the game I toyed with the idea of using the hold down space bar to keep shooting idea, but i wanted it to be a bit more hard, so i took that out, to be honest i wish i would have just left it in and let people play how they wanted to. 

That was great! and this would work really well on a phone it think, overall really fun. 

Yeah to be honest i kind of did not see the theme until the kids had picked the art work out and what kind of game they wanted to have made, so i kind of thought of this as just a three hours of what we could put together, i want to focus on the theme much more next time. 

the re load i kept putting off, and well at the end of three hours, lol i had to leave it on the cutting room floor, will for sure set that up much sooner. i also agree about hit boxes i tried to adjust the player hit box but wish i also would have done the enemy as well.  Thank you for playing. 

I like the idea of this and for 3 hours, there is a good foundation here. 

I like the idea of this and for 3 hours, there is a good foundation here. 

I agree a ton with that, only good to have someone else play, we get really use to our own games. 

That would work good on phones i think. 

I love this idea for a mobile game, getting new stock to try and get in a box to make away with and make as much money as can be, to upgrade stuff. and do it again, really do like that, 

The only thing i would say is that the 5sec is a bit long, or it felt that way, i think adding 1 sec to the end of the time when you put the box away, to keep up the pace would make it tougher, but still for three hours great job!

I really like the look of the game, and i can see what you are going for and it was fast to figure what what to do. 

Fun game, that i played a few times,

took me a while to figure it out, but very interesting. 

I kind want it to ramp up faster, very well done game

96 165

I do not know why, but games like this that are just really concept's to see if it can work i always really enjoy, 

Holy Crap! that was really cool, and knowing Ruby, that was super impressive, who just wow, 

I really like the look of the game, what a great idea for a boss fight,

That is good to hear i need to go though and see some of the new games you have put together.

Thank you, how have you been.

nice simple and fun, great video about it, this is the game engine i use so it was cool to see you use it as well, a video about you making this game in C3 to compare the engines would be kind of neat as well.

Very interesting, cool art and sound, but i want to know how much my attack is doing, or how much HP the monster has, this feels a bit like i'm not sure what im doing or how to keep going, still super creepy and well done. 

To be honest i really liked how simple this was, it was really easy to figure out and play, and it was tough, i would have like to see levels that were set up, but for lowrez and simple game idea this worked really well.

LowRez Aliens was super cool, and the over all game map and tile set was really cool, 

Really liked this, looks amazing, 

wish at the end of the round you could see the score you have, and there was a prompt to re-start, 

music was cool,  and the low rez looked great with this game. 

I know the feeling, still very good, 

Simple yes, did it work yes, do i wish there was more a game there for sure, still cool to see what you were able to do. 

Did not work for me