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Sadly we ran out of time for region switching, so it might have been the issue. I added in the backend a limit for only EU rooms. Hopefully, that’ll fix it. Thank you for giving it ago though. 😃

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Couldn’t beat bl4st 😞

Quite liked it, I can’t really say anything different to the others.

I naturally went for keyboard controls and I love the art, it all fits together really well.

I’m interested in how this links to the jam. Maybe I’ve missed something, maybe it only works on chrome…

Nice little game, the only issues I had was the audio was loud and the movement didn’t feel very responsive. (I was trying to move quickly but had to wait)

I enjoyed the gameplay, it started off easy but then the boss was super hard. I couldn’t managed to push him off, but overall it was a good experience.

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Really nice little game, though to manage everything but had a good experience.

I’m a scary boss!

I’m not too sure what this is but oh boy, 3.4GB is a lot to download

A nice simple game, sadly I couldn’t get passed the first level with a pit in it as I was so bad at chain hitting them.

Just saw the Gif of how I was meant to do it, I was doing it wrong 😅

Keep up the good work!

I struggled to click anything apart from the airship at the bottom of the screen (I think my resolution was too big). The art was looked nice and liked the voice at the start, saved me some reading 😜.

Wow that’s amazing! Great job, the only feedback I have was the running and jumping seemed quite hard to get right.

Impressive you managed to do all that solo.

I liked the visuals, the sound seemed very intense. One thing I would suggest to be changed/added first is feedback, I didn’t know if my actions where having an effect or not.

Keep it up!

Yeah it seems sadly you submitted a mac only build.

A nice idea, a timer at the start would of been nice instead of the boss instantly coming at you. The music was a good choice however the difference between the two menus seemed a bit too much.

Should be happy with what you made though, next time it will be even better!

I have to agree with L. PocketShadow. Those bullets which killed the player are super fast and without being able to see more of the map it sadly didn’t feel that much fun.

Also had a slight issue with the UI, it wasn’t set to scale with screen size, so the big number at the top was half cut off.

But well done for completing and submitting the game in time. Next time you’ll produce something even better!

We were hoping to have some sort of third-person camera to show a dramatic scene of you getting fired but ran out of time. Glad you enjoyed it, the high scores was a last minute push which was worth it (minus the bugs with it 😝)

Thanks for giving it ago!

Sadly couldn’t get it to load in the browser 😞

You’ll get there next time! Keep on trying.

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Cool game, it seems very small and hard to get around without instantly getting shot. I love the start transition on loading the level, just sadly I couldn’t make it to the end to see the boss.

I would have loved to see some feedback on how much ammo left/reloading text as found it hard to tell how long I had to wait for a weapon to finish reloading. Also a score counter!

Thanks Drums! Wasn’t planned to be but glad you liked it.

Great Job, love the visuals. Amazing for just one person as well. The only minor issue I had was the game window was bigger than my screen, just had to zoom out to fix it.

Nice technical work however struggled to press the buttons for some reason.

Press P

Then it will give you the options to start the flow of Iron and Copper

Block Factory is a sandbox factory builder where you are tasked to build an efficient factory to sell and earn as much money as you can. You will have a base set of blocks such as auto crafter and pipes  to create something to sell, then later on you will be able to research and use better and more efficient blocks and create better and more complicated items to sell to reach the markets demands. Block Factory is aimed towards the PC market to be used with keyboard and mouse but later on controller support could be added in.