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I completed the first two levels without much problem. Third level was suuuuuper difficult but I finally found a strategy that worked. I have not beaten level 4 yet :/

Anyway, well done and super cool art style!


I'm sorry for your loss!

Thank you :)

Wow, this was intense!! I really wanted to go past 100 score but couldn't manage to get more than 58. Super simple but fun idea, the soundtrack is brilliant and makes it even more intense. Well done!

Smart and fun idea to make a Simon-type game for this jam. I love that the "codes" make up little melodies, that's brilliant. I felt like I was playing a song.

Well done!

First two levels were too easy I think but the last one was quite a challenge! I like the little recoil effect when shooting :)

Well done!

Solid entry, although the game was a bit hard for me. I felt like the hitbox was a little bit larger than the actual sprite but I could be wrong.

Maybe this was just for me but the sound was panned completely to the left.

Congratulations on your finished game :)

Simple yet surprisingly fun idea well executed. My top score was 2020.
Great job, very original concept :)

Wow, impressive! I honestly think this game is scary! Controls work surprisingly well and the game looks really good. I got to the super difficult boss in the large room, couldn't manage to kill it :/

I think you should consider having the middle pixel of the crosshair always render as the brightest color so that the crosshair is visible even if you aim at something dark.

Well done!

Beautiful illustrations and overall very polished look. This game somewhat reminds me of Bishi Bashi Tower which is one of my favorite arcade games.

It took me a couple of rounds to realize what I was doing but I think that is totally fine! Well done!

Fun and simple concept, I got 112 :)  Well done!

Hehe, thanks :)

Thanks :)

Wow, felt like I was swinging around the universe collecting stars. Very calming experience, perhaps some music would add to that even more :)

I could totally see this being a hit on the original 3310 with its simple controls and addictive gameplay. Well done!

Super fun concept that could definitely grow into a full game. I didn't come far and thought it was a little bit too hard but I totally get the idea and think it is great!
Well done!

That's awesome!! Fun to hear :)

Solid entry! Controls work well, dialogue screens look good. Only thing missing is sound effects :)
Super well done!

I didn't get it at first haha! Brilliant concept, feels like it is based on a bug :) Really fun, well done!

Yaay I made it to the finish! Was super difficult at first but then I took it a little bit easy and managed to finish it :)

Well done!

This is a fun concept and I think you should continue working on it! It has potential! Maybe consider adding some kind of bounce if you fly into a wall? Or maybe some kind of friction so you glide a little bit when hitting a surface. I don't know, just thoughts :)

Well done!

Most puzzle games are difficult for me but this one I actually found easy. The concept is fun and I think you achieved a good design and polish.

Kind of reminds me of an old PS1 net yaroze game called "Pushy", brings back memories. Thank you!!

This feels like one of those old classics although I can't recall playing anything like this before. Super simple but well executed concept! Addictive is the word!

134 was the best I could do! Surprisingly engaging and pretty fun premise :) Well done!

You did great, don't worry, you'll become even better for every game jam you attend!

You wrote you were going for a unique art style and I think it paid off! Really cool to see isometric in this low res way. Well done!

The game itself was a little bit confusing to me but I am also not the smartest person hehe :)

Wow this was reeeeeeaally difficult for me. I guess the strategy is to quickly tap on and off the flashlight? 2400 is my best!

Well done, a simple but fun game!

Wow, very impressive to pull of a racing game with these limitations. Honestly I didn't expect it to work as well as it does, car handling feels good. If you continue working on this I think you should try adding some kind of drifting system :)

Well done!

Good work! The level design makes it feel like a big and rich world and the aesthetics is very fitting. Very smart use of few pixels.


Thanks! Sorry for your loss :/

Interesting puzzle! Got to level 5, couldn't figure that one out :/

Nice graphics and sound effects, well done!

Thanks, those are good suggestions :)

I agree, tutorials would be nice

Beautiful and simple graphic design, nice melodies aswell. Pretty catchy! The game itself is simple but definitely had me trying a couple of times. I reached 6 at best, that's probably very bad hehe :)

Well done!

I agree, I need to come up with some smart way to show balance and water level at the same time

Thanks! I just played and rated your game too! Congratulations on your first game, keep it up :)

Thank you!

YES I finally figured it out :) there was something I overlooked hehe

I'll give it another try now :)

Cool, thanks for sharing :)

One of my favorites from this jam! Everything is really good, my only criticism would be that the acceleration sound effect is a bit harsh. Well done!