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Reminds me a lot of  puffle roundup from club penguin or slime rancher! Despite trying a new game engine and probably being a bit rusty after several years, I'd say this is actually well done, and good on you for trying something new!

Really loved the concept of simply using ice cream to represent pacifism and just rounding them all up!:) Was still pretty fun without polishing!

Thanks so much! Been trying to hone my skill on the art direction of my games recently. Appreciate the compliments!

The concept and art direction was really charming!  I suck at management games like these, but I still got to enjoy it really well!:) Good job on having a whole backstory and charming assets to boot! Similar to axgames I encountered some problems but overall, I'd love to see it polished eventually! Love it!

Was quite a breath of fresh air from the more competitive games submitted here! Felt really casual and an actual summer break!:) Found the minor interactions such as flushing or turning on the electric fan really charming and sold the atmosphere. Good job!

The art was really charming, and for a short prototype, I think it would be an interesting concept once polished further! A turn-based story game sounds pretty neat while avoiding tiles under the sun! Good job!

Definitely noted on the overlap! I thought it was nice adding the color on selecting and increasing the z-index, but it became a bit difficult from time to time still! MIght try to figure out a way to rework it in the future!

Glad to see the art side well-appreciated! Wish I got a 3rd character or even 4th and 5th in for extra variety! Glad they assisted in increasing the replayability:)

Thank you so much for trying it! Good job on getting up to 38! Would've polished the assets more if I weren't sick! Thanks again for trying it!:)

thank you so much! I've been experimenting a lot lately and I appreciate knowing that it's being received well!:)

thanks for trying it out! saw your stream too! Laura must've been really tricky!

Reminds me a lot of an old Bennett Foddy game called GIRP! It was amusing watching this 3d model twist itself by trying to climb with all 4 limbs against this rock wall!

Great job with the game!:)

This is such a cute game! I loved the sound effects and UI design. It was still pretty user friendly and easy to get into! You made it very clear and it was really fun to press, watch, and listen!

I could not imagine being a Dragon Keeper after seeing how stressful it is!

I really liked the concept and  how the game is like! Just a bit annoyed with the unresponsive cards and some bugs. However, this game still ended up being really charming and I quite enjoyed it!

I hope to see more of this and I really love the quests system and how you must help each card with what  they want!

Couldn't really find the painting, I probably just suck 😅 but I really love the concept! It appears you did some procedural generation too, neat stuff!

I also loved the torch adjustment concept! Reminds me a lot of Monaco:What's yours is mine

Awesome game, good job building this in Godot!

I rather enjoyed this one! Didn't know what to expect with just the cover photo of  the game, but once I got it loaded, oh boy I got nostalgic! It reminded me a lot of Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear: To the Rescue! Mainly because of the size difference between the player and the objects in the room! Honestly, I wish more games applied that sorta theme where everyday objects are larger than you:)

Anyhow, I collected all 4 purple knots, 123 white knots, and 7 golden knots! i thought I'd stop for a while since, hey, it's just a platformer. Then I saw ramps, and I knew I had to try it; I wasn't sure if it was gonna work, and it did! You made the player run up the walls and ramps! This is a type of movement in 3D games that I thoroughly enjoyed and wish were implemented more in a 3D environment instead of 2D!

The main player also looked really charming and fun to play with and reminded me a lot of Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet:) Overall, I really love this game! With some audio and levels, I bet it'd be really addicting! It was already fun enough to explore the whole level with the movement you gave the player! It was just the right speed, the right mechanics, and the perfect environment! If you keep the levels around the same theme and with some audio, I bet it'd be really fun to try over and over!

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Sounds like an interesting idea! And yes, trigonometry can be a pain 😅 hope to see this in the future if you implement it! We don't get enough couch co-op games!!

Appreciate the visuals too! It helped sell the concept:) Found the names really charming too!

Made it to the end! Glad to see a godot game here!:) Based on your profile, I assume this is your first jam? Congratulations either way! I love the concept of jumping off of cars and spotlights! On the way back when there was no more cars, I found spotlight jumps to be really tricky!

And the fact you did all the assets by yourself is a big plus too! Good job on submitting a game!:)

Made it to depressed island and unfinished island! Got the earth and moai pic from depressed island, a polar bear from the island between it and unfinished island, and of course the pirate ship in unfinished island! Wanted to get the UFO but apparently it's being covered by an invisible wall!

Looks like you wanted some feedback so I'll try to go in detail what I noticed!

First of all, like Softmints mentioned, talk wasn't working, maybe it was simply an unfinished feature? Not sure, but I rather liked how unobtrusive it was as you put it below the minimap, but I still think it might be better in the center so the player immediately notices that they can talk to someone!

The pause menu isn't really a pause menu. I've tried  jumping then pausing or going near to an npc before it turns and pausing, might be better to rename it as a simple main menu! Forgot how  pausing in unity works already but feel free to explore it if you still want to make a genuine pause menu!

I love that you had the addition of a minimap and an actual map! However, it would be better if the map was locked in the y-direction so that the letters are readable

By chance, are the maps simply a camera looking down on the map locked to the player? I noticed when I jumped at the peak of unfinished island, the words 'unfinished island' showed up on the compass so I had the assumption that it also moves on the y-axis. Instead of placing cameras ON the player Some object logic I'd do would be like:

  • [Main Object]
    • Player 
      • Player Camera
    • Top-Down Camera

And then move the main object BUT when jumping, it's only the player object that jumps. However, I'm not really a 3D guy so maybe someone here might have a better solution

Speaking of movement, I think the sprint is too slow for a sprint. Or maybe the original speed is just too slow. My pinky hurt from keeping it held t he whole time that i had to switch fingers and even hands. Might be best to reconsider how fast your character should be  or the means of transportation!

The lantern was a cute addition at first, but as I explored, I realized I do not really need one. Especially when there is no day/night cycle (or maybe there is I didn't notice?) it became a distraction to me. Aside from covering a certain amount of space on the screen (dw it's not really that big but it feels wasted when it's not being used) I think the light bleeds too much because the main character is too close to the ground. For a picture game, I feel like a flashlight might be better too since they need to look for objects, so there's that!

Lastly, the music. I noticed you used them in the center of islands and I could tell by moving where my character faced and followed the direction where I hear it. It might be better to keep the sounds tethered to the player object so t hey hear it the whole time and it'll be up to you to script  when to stop playing or to change tracks. I loved what you did with the e entry to depressed island and I think that entry script is more than enough for your needs in switching tracks!

Also, no gripes with how you did the picturing function. It was really neat, intuitive, and passed cleanly!

With all that said, I love the atmosphere of this game, and it has some funny humor that I enjoyed:) It has a cute concept and it looks fun when polished! Would love to see the progress you'd make in future games or what you do with this one! As you said, you learned a lot on the way, and that's what matters in every jam!

Really loved the atmosphere of this one! It reminds me a lot of Mirror's Edge's mechanics combined with the atmosphere of NieR: Automata! Although I suck at searching or playing open-ended games, I enjoyed simply exploring the map with these controls along with the breezy ambience and bouncy sound effects!

I really love the concept behind this!

Had a minor bug with one customer who wanted a "creature" and don't forget "cicada" and I gave what I initially thought was the painting but then had like a mini 'freeze' and then they wouldn't collect the painting anymore

However, I really love the concept in general and it's really fun! I like how you even prepared a storage facility for players  to organize their items!

Had a bit of an issue with the labeling system however! I found it too difficult to scroll through everything especially when I realized it wasn't alphabetical. Unless it's part of the game mechanics, it's fine as well!

Overall, it sounds like a game I'd definitely try when polished!:) Well done!

Got lost so I sadly didn't get there! Definitely found the a cursed lake with an orb in the sky, but it was by accident when I got lost by the previous sign! I was able to f ollow that last sign, but after following a straight line, I must've missed a sign somewhere.

Really love the atmosphere! I love your use of sound in selling the feel of the game and it totally shapes its personality:)

Small gripe with the mouse not  going invisible though (or staying centered) had to relaunch in a non-windowed mode so I don't accidentally click anything! Otherwise, I really love the atmosphere you've set for this:) I  always love looking at the audio behind games like these and how they invoke the intended emotion or environment! Despite being in a tropical country myself, I definitely felt chills!

For an interaction test, I quite liked the potential of what it's supposed to be!

In the beginning I was confused since  the screen was going up left, apparently it's because my mouse started top left and I assumed there was going to be a menu screen. It was too far for me to go back so I had to restart. Would probably prefer keyboard for map controls over mouse! This way the player can focus on selecting a tile and type of building on a separate control instead of also moving the map!

Good luck with this!:)

This game was super fun!! I love all the music, but I  really enjoy the game mechanic!

I was confused at first about how the items drop until I realized it is only AFTER you cleared the room.

Small bug! I noticed I could swing at the start during the cutscene and I was wondering where that "slash" sound is coming from. I tried moving around and ended up in the second room already. Maybe add a player_state for it?

Also, I was wondering since i had the sword that shoots a beam during the boss fight, does the damage from the sword AND the beam add up? or is there an i-frame that applies for all sorts of damage that I couldn't hit the boss?

Either way, this game was really charming and I loved all the assets put into it! I also love the touch on when you finish the game, you're now the blue shroom instead of the red shroom! The boss battle was really well done and I just really love this game so much! Good job!

I assume this is your first jam? If so, good job on trying your first Unity2D submission!

The camera moving was also nice, I like how it sticks to t he wall but never overextends, but will center to the player when needed! I find 2D games to work better with these camera mechanics!

As others have mentioned, definitely a really tricky maze! It took me a while, but I got there to the exit!

Nothing else to point out, but well done on your  game!:)

This one was really funny and fun! I love the charming sounds between transitions and objectives!

I like that dragging was not limited to X or Y direction but also includes Z! Was worried I couldn't clean the floor because of the one coin on a certain table!

Overall I really loved this one! It was super charming and enjoyable!:D

This was really addicting! Reminds me a lot about the introductory stage for Spore or the old game "Flow"!

Just had a bit of trouble figuring out which materials I needed to evolve, but I got up to evolution stage 7:) This game really piqued my curiosity as I got up per stage, but it got increasingly difficult😅

Overall I really enjoyed this game, it's really charming, and I love how user-friendly it is!:)

Love this concept! Thanks you for the really friendly UI and intro as well! You made sure pressing was enjoyable and overall just enjoyable UI!

A small gripe was that as I was loading the start, I accidentally clicked quit while I was loading the game, maybe a smaller quit button would help? 😅

Overall I really enjoyed this concept! Aesthetics are pleasing, and really user-friendly:) Good job!

Haha the scaled-down one was definitely one of my last minute edits!😅 I didn't want to create art since I was losing a lot of time already

You're definitely right about there not being enough decisions. That's what I was most worried about especially for experienced strategy gamers! I wanted to have an upgrade menu (hence, the credits at the top left) but again, not enough time huhu!

Thank you so much for the feedback and trying the game though! Will definitely keep note of these ideas!

Glad you enjoyed it!:) I really like this game and I hope to implement an expanded version of it too! Thanks again for trying it out!:)

Oh I see! I think I might make custom cursors to make it more obvious or assist the player without putting too many signs 😅 thank you for the feedback though this one's really helpful!

The potential is definitely there once I get them in! Thank you for the compliments!:) The laning will be noted. I really want to make it free from grid-snapping so I'm trying to figure out what would make placement more reliable, however, if I really can't make it fun that way, I might move to grid-based. Thank you!

Thank you so much for trying my game! It's an art style I'm trying to figure out, but I'm super glad you were able to enjoy it!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I think I will try to create a hover tooltip for each unit in the future. This will be noted! Same with the money, thank you!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! I agree, I think common feedback I had was explaining the game, and I'll be sure to make this easier to know!

This game was really charming! Something I  find lacking in most games made in jams are UI and assisting players better, but this game was able to achieve both! I love the bounciness but also the responsiveness of every button! It was also nice seeing the arrows scale up and down upon pressing!

Not sure if this is a unity or WebGL thing, but the bottom UI was like 1 pixel of space below so I was able to see some of the ghosts walks away under it!

It was a bit overwhelming, but the concept was really nice and fun! I also like how you made sure I wouldn't get overwhelmed at the beginning because I was still trying to understand the controls, and you made sure no one would hop in until I finish the first order!

I like the "vague" aspect of the orders. The signposting was well done! Most cooking games just show you the picture of their order, but I feel like the signposting makes this game more unique and of course, fun!

I saw below that you were inspired by spirited away, and I thought so too! It definitely gave a bit of that vibe in the restaurants, but the overall art direction was still unique enough to be considered your own style! I love it!

I'm really happy about this game, amazing work!!

I love the art behind this game! The music is really charming, and the lighting or particle effects are really alluring!:)

Dying to change abilities is an interesting mechanic, and I think it could explored further!

Nice work on this one!:)

Got it after 5 resurrections! I really enjoyed this one! I think this takes the cake for the theme!

This has amazing replay value with the variety of resurrections!

Also just some minor issues! Is the ghost pixel asset not imported well? or is it blurry on purpose? Also, when I typed my name into the leaderboard, it doesn't show the name, just the upgrades and resurrections. (For reference, I typed MaplePoki). Was also supposed to talk about the bullets disappearing too early, but it turns out it was on purpose with the skeleton resurrection in mind!

Awesome music too! Adds to the fast-pacedness of this game!

Cover is really cute too! Overall, I really enjoyed the amount of variety in gameplay, especially for a bullet hell!

Oh wow, thank you for the flattering comment!:) First off, yes, 4 days... and in Godot engine when I've made unity games all my life 😅but transitioning to Godot, I found the dev't in Godot actually made my life easier! I feel like this amount of work would take me 5 or 6 days in unity, but it only took me 4 total days in Godot!:)

Yes, the walking animation for the smaller ones are strange because of scale. Everything is scaled pixel-perfect, but the smaller ones were literally a scaled down version of the big minion, I didn't have enough time to create animations for a smaller minion😅

For the music, yes I'm the author! If you're familiar with VST plugins, I mostly used a mix of DSK and Sonatina plugins!:) They sound bad alone, but if used correctly in the right theme, could produce something like that!:) If you need a copy, I don't mind if you'd download the piece in the github repository! It's called "assets/audio/battle_theme.wav"

For catching knights, I noticed some knights spawn too far off track, it'll be noted in the future!

Thank y ou so much for trying it out!:)

Hey thanks so much! 4 Days was all I could do with university and all that 😅 however, I was still happy with how it turned out! Glad you also liked my art style:) trying something new and it seems like it's working!

Also, I left some feedback on your game just now too:) Loved your art!

For a first game, I'm impressed! I noticed all the same bugs my first Unity2D game had in my first jam in yours, and it is totally understandable😅

In terms of camera movement, I'd probably suggest something that is closer centered to the player, but would stop moving if it reaches the edge of the map! When I entered the game, I noticed that I couldn't really see my surroundings unless I explore them!

I would also like to point out how your perspective and hitboxes work- when I first entered the dungeon, I noticed I couldn't really move my character against this stone pillar and this sign. It helps a lot to find a feel for how small the player's "collision" box should be, and having a separate hitbox for when enemies hurt the player!

In the end though, I really enjoyed the application of souls-like mechanics! The stamina and health bars felt responsive, and I like how you created a skeleton rig sprite animation separating the sword and arms to the main player sprite! It me feel like I had more control over the player!:)

For a first Unity2D game, I really like what you did here!:) Keep it up!