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I'm glad you enjoyed it in every way! I was worried about the concept of the game being a little too boring, and I knew the part i wanted to focus on the most was the boss fight, and I'm glad it worked well! Thank you again for playing the game!

still tried it, maybe I'm doing something wrong >< perhaps i'll try to look deeper into this tomorrow, but thanks for pointing it out!

thank you! originally I wanted the missiles to be indesctructible and be more akin to a bullet hell, but there was an unintentional layer  collission that made them just explode, and I thought it looked nice and great so i kept it in :) thank you for enjoying it! and I see why it was confusing- I should have made the objective more clear, thank you again for your feeback!

thank you! I originally had a lamer idea for the boss fight music (it was supposed to be half that length) and I wanted to make it more geared towards the feel of the fight so I tried to put in some extra hours into it, glad you liked the music! for the boss fight- are you sure the tentacles did not work? I tried it again on the html build and it still seems to work! try going closer if you wish to try again:) thanks for the feedback! i tried really hard to find a style to make this look nice :) 

thanks for the feedback! I was wondering how you got to the further part? I tried recreating this but the bullet orbs still reach me i'm not sure if it might be because of the html build~

thank you for trying it out! I'm glad you think it was great :) and good to know it was difficult, I was worried whether or not I should increase the health of the boss >< the swinging animation sound effect I forgot to implement!! but thank you for pointing that out, I've been worrying about which sound effects have been implemented, and now you just brought to light what I forgot, thanks again!

for the healthbar, I've fixed it- it must have been an issue with the export! thank you for playing and finding it fun! :)

So got to the broken vase part where I pick up a key, but the game keeps returning me to the main menu after talking about taking it upstairs! WIsh I got to see the end of it though!

I'd say you have a good base for a game, for a visual novel made in unity instead of ren'py, it's not too bad! Interesting plot, I was kind of annoyed by Valentina being super worried- so good job with the character design! Vivid descriptions of certain actions too! I liked hearing about Valentina being like a pink flamingo, was very easy to visualize. Good writing! :)

Really liked the aesthetic! I liked how you implemented being able to slow down time, really fun hi-score game :) All the effects and audio were enjoyable, and I'm amazed you were able to cram everything into the deadline, congrats :)

I must say, you did an amazing job! I'm really surprised how far you've gotten getting everything in! I loved all the aesthetic, especially the voice of the kid during certain texts, the art is charming :) I really liked the art direction of the game, even the game page was also pleasing- well done! I love it! Would love to see more interactions if ever you plan making this bigger! Especially the story of puke kid, overall I really love this game!

For a first game made in unity, you did okay! Although there's not much to do, I believe you've taken the first step as a developer by joining a game jam! Your game didn't have much bugs, and although controls felt a little janky, you did okay for a first game- and a 3D one at that! :) this concept seems to me like it can grow to be some sort of survival game in the future, just with different model assets- you did not do too bad for a first game jam :)

Dude I love it! The aesthetic got me- especially with the roguelike elements- you nailed it! I had a difficult time fighting the triple shooter, but it's a roguelike- i can't complain! When I got to the boss, i could not win, the bombs keep getting me- I hesitate too much to defuse :( but I really love the game despite it being really challenging, it's what made me enjoy it in the first place! You've got a good base for a game, I really liked it :)

It was a fun short shooter! I really liked the aesthetic an visuals- my favorite had to be the monster with a face, a ghost I presume? but either way, I really liked this short game:) I found out I can shoot rapidly with my gun by spamming left click and also shoot the enemies through walls, but I didn't want to cheat and do that :0 the game was fun playing it fairly :D i also like the retro song loop! overall not a bad game! I liked the various enemy types :)

I love the programmer art easthetic, and just overall the visuals of the game! It's quite enjoyable and easy to understand :) I like the addition of a high score board! 

I wish there was an option to adjust the audio because the sound effects were quite loud~

oh also- if you plan to work on this game further, I'dl ike to point out that I can spam spacebar quite rapidly, maybe even use a bot to shoot a lot, i suggest an autofire event that can't be spammed!

Overall- I really enjoyed and loved this game:) It captures the retro aesthetic really well especially with the programmer art, I love it!

The retro aesthetic was achieved I believe:) I was confused at first how to play the game, and found out you use arrow keys to move, but also I had fun dodging projectiles! It's not too bad for a first game- I also really loved the audio track! It also further helps me immerse in the retro theme:) i was also quite surprised with the brown object thing that resizes on the direction you touch it- I assume it was to help get cover? either way it's a nice short game- did you code this without a game engine btw? but either way, I'd say this game did okay :D

Thank you for trying out Shiba Fighters, I'm gald you enjoyed! I was really worried whether or not players would understand the game easily, but I'm glad you held on! Even though the art was also rushed, I'm really glad you liked it, thank you!

It's okay! You should take your time :) School takes priority!

Thank you for trying out Shiba Fighter shava59! I'm glad you really enjoyed it and how it differs from other turn-based battle games :) If you really enjoyed it, you might want to try out the game I took inspiration from in the first place! 

Kombat Fighters :

Although the game is old, a bit buggy, and was done on flash, it was one of the games I enjoyed a lot during my childhood, and was my biggest inspiration in making this game! Again-thanks for playing my game!

I agree about adding a map, but I believe the mazes should be more straightforward! They feel a bit too long to navigate sometimes, and it stresses me out so I make like 15 saves each maze haha! In terms of RPG elements though, if you want to make it a larger game, you should give the player certain areas where they feel safe, or would like to return to!- unless the game is just a dungeon crawler in its entirety!

I forgot to mention- would it be possible to increase resolution? I tried fullscreening or looking for options to increase resolution but I had no luck><

Again props to your first attempt at a game jam! 

I enjoyed this fighting game! (Although I didn't have anyone to play with the first time i booted it HAHA, but when we tried it I was really impressed!) Like Unfocused Locust Games mentioned, the controls are very responsive, and it is usually the appeal behind fighting and platforming games, so props to you! My other sentiments have also been mentioned by Unfocused Locust Games too~ Overall I really love this game! Enjoyed the audio as well as the visual style of the whole game! The UI was understandable and clear as well! Good job!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The concept was supposed to be an asencion fighting game like Mortal Kombat, and you can choose a fighter while fighting various other doggos ascending to the strongest doggo, but I had to settle for one dog during development! >< I'll see if I can continue working on this game in the future :) The other possible attacks to use would've come from other fighters you can choose- but sadly as you mentioned, I had time constraints. Thank you for playing!

aww thank you for your comment, appreciated! I actually had trouble of trying to teach the mechanics as it was actually last resort to put the help button during the last hours HAHA- I was worried someone might not understand it, glad it was easy to get the feel for! The graphics were also troublesome-- I wanted to rush some of the animations (such as the sudoku) so I can create another type of dog fighter, but I didn't make it so I stuck with what I have ;c and if you noticed, I reused a lot of animations (such as regen and bamboo stance, guard and pre-rasengan stance and senpu!) but I'm glad it was still enjoyable :) Thank you again!

ooh I should've known! I was worried whether or not I was doing it right >< I understand now! Props to again to your game submission! :)

Since this is your first game, and you want me to be honest, I'll try not to hold back-

Okay, so I just entered the Swarm's nest at 00:42:03, and I stopped playing.. I could not really see the game to the end because I'm already annoyed enough by the VAST amount of random encounters :( I already fleed from most battles from the castle until now.. and I find the game quite challenging, and I spent almost an entire hour and I haven't even finished the game :(

But hey, this is your first game, there's a first for everything. :) I love RPGs, and you made this game in RPGMaker, and okay your coding, story, and everything was not that bad! I did not really encounter any bugs whatsoever. The art and audio is appealing enough! (idk if they were rpgmaker assets though? but either way appeal is important so people know how fleshed out your game is :) ) 

The only quarrel I have is with the level design. From beginning until where I ended (the Swarm's nest), I found the level design stressful and quite difficult to navigate. Even in the town outside the castle there were random encounters? I found most of the navigation really hectic because of the amount of random encounters.. I don't know if I'm just unlucky or that the encounter rate is just really high.. I just kept going because I assumed it would be short but apparently not. So i gave up during Swarm's nest. I'm not sure if the game is just really long or the navigation from area to area is just like a really complex labyrinth.

So in line with this, I just recommend you make the level design clear to the player, or easy to navigate! Perhaps even decrease the level of difficulty of not just the bosses, but the encounter rate!I hope I don't come across as too critical.. but I really like the RPG element of your game! It's just that I find the level design really hectic.. Congratulations on your first game though :)

extra notes:

Okay so I haven't used RPGMaker that much but, is the file size really supposed to be that big? I have slow connection from where I am and so I really waited to play this game ><

Audio feels too loud!!! i reduced my volume significantly, and I hope you add an option to control it!

There was a save file already when I opened the game? I did not tamper with it and just made my own save file

the death boss is too OP! I consumed 7 potions in a row after being death sweeped to 200-300 everytime I am back to full health!

if only i knew LShift makes you walk faster, I would've used it since the start .-.

also I just realized, I've reached so far and always collected coins but, where do I use them?

Thank you so much! The music side was so rushed, I spent so many hours during the last day to figure out how I should compose it! So after creating an out of place-ish menu music, I decided to use my NES assets and made a chiptune styled song for the battle music! Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed :)

I love the game's concept! It works well as a puzzle and I found the art to be really appealing! :)

There was a level I could not beat though :( It was a ladder on top left, with a set of spikes on the bottom. There were invisible entities killing me within the 2 tiles ahead of the ladder in whole rows and I could not get to it.. I don't know if bug or intended secret way to beat XX

Overall though, I really liked the game :)) The art aspect was what I found most fascinating. It makes it appealing to play. Congratulations!

(PS: I always get shook or just jump whenever I die, the death screen had fascinating effects and such, but I always get so shook because of the sound xx)

I really enjoyed the game!! I found the puzzles to be really challenging! :) It was really difficult, but enjoyable! It's a great concept and was overall enjoyable to play! No issues at all or bugs, and the game was pretty solid! I didn't know the circle was a portal at first though lol I was confused, but it was fun overall :)

This is a really well done game for a first game! :) Congratulations in making your first game, I really liked the concept as an RPG fanatic~ It has rpg elements, and typing, which both I really like (yes I like typing HAHAHAH). You can definitely add on to this in the future, the structure looks fleshed out, you just need to work on certain areas to make it better ;)

Some points you may consider if you plan to work on this in the future! :

I think in terms of UI, you can perhaps zoom the camera out? I find myself scared of being lost in the map lol so I was not entirely sure where to go the whole time, so I checked everywhere HAHA, but also the text during battles at the bottom felt too big ? It might be because I'm full screened, but Unity's canvas can help you with that (although it is tricky sometimes!) 

As a player, I was not sure about the power button at first, but when I tried it I realized what it does! It just was not obvious to me haha

You should add a sprint button to the robot, in case you plan to make the map bigger!


Overall, I really really liked what you have done, and it's your first game! I'm not really sugarcoating anything, but I'm really impressed and like the concept, I hope you consider making this a bigger game though! It's well structured already :)

Thanks for the criticism, I really appreciate it! But just so you know, most of the comments are in the submission for Even Weekend Game Jam 9, idk most people preferred to comment on the actual submission itself instead of the game's page xD but yeah I completely agree with you on the gameplay!

thanks for trying it out! yeah now that I played it a couple times, I realized I should add an animation for itt 

glad you liked the textures! I was trying to be more creative when it comes to art this game jam, but I realized that might be too time consuming so I had to cut down lots of content. the bullets I also lacked the time to work into HAHAHAH I thought of just making them really high speed bullets that you can't see.. The minimap sounds like a nice touch! I'll think of trying that in the future!

there were actually no health packs, there is an ending though HAHAHAH I tried playing it myself and I thought maybe health packs might make it too less of a challengeee. there was also supposed to be a mini game in fixing the fuseboxes but I didn't have enough time T_T thanks for trying out Parsec Polarity!!

this looks like a really good base for a game! and just like hotfeet yeah I wasn't sure what I was doing hahahahah I was not taking damage so I just went to explore a little more. It looks like the procedural generation worked! The use of those particle systems (i think they are particle systems?) were great for the effects! and that fire sound felt really crunchy!

I also really loved the title screen!

this feels like a good base for a puzzle game! you might want to add a timer maybe and measure it to deduct points or something hahaha

for a small prototype this is actually well fleshed out! i feel like you can add so much more content into this!

i also don't know if there was more into this game, but just like hotfeet, I'd say I really liked the pixel art done into the game! The sprite disappears once I use A or D keys for some reason, but again I really liked the graphics!

RNG (Random Number Generator)

or luck in general


Glad you liked it! :D

My concerns are just the same with Cardoso, but it's also cool you made a 3D game for a game jam! It's a bit difficult to create models for games :D I was honestly expecting a flash game due to your thumbnail at first hahaha~ Overall, I enjoyed the shooter mechanic of this game, just needs to amp the difficulty with the way enemies spawn!