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Thanks for the criticism, I really appreciate it! But just so you know, most of the comments are in the submission for Even Weekend Game Jam 9, idk most people preferred to comment on the actual submission itself instead of the game's page xD but yeah I completely agree with you on the gameplay!

thanks for trying it out! yeah now that I played it a couple times, I realized I should add an animation for itt 

glad you liked the textures! I was trying to be more creative when it comes to art this game jam, but I realized that might be too time consuming so I had to cut down lots of content. the bullets I also lacked the time to work into HAHAHAH I thought of just making them really high speed bullets that you can't see.. The minimap sounds like a nice touch! I'll think of trying that in the future!

there were actually no health packs, there is an ending though HAHAHAH I tried playing it myself and I thought maybe health packs might make it too less of a challengeee. there was also supposed to be a mini game in fixing the fuseboxes but I didn't have enough time T_T thanks for trying out Parsec Polarity!!

this looks like a really good base for a game! and just like hotfeet yeah I wasn't sure what I was doing hahahahah I was not taking damage so I just went to explore a little more. It looks like the procedural generation worked! The use of those particle systems (i think they are particle systems?) were great for the effects! and that fire sound felt really crunchy!

I also really loved the title screen!

this feels like a good base for a puzzle game! you might want to add a timer maybe and measure it to deduct points or something hahaha

for a small prototype this is actually well fleshed out! i feel like you can add so much more content into this!

i also don't know if there was more into this game, but just like hotfeet, I'd say I really liked the pixel art done into the game! The sprite disappears once I use A or D keys for some reason, but again I really liked the graphics!

RNG (Random Number Generator)

or luck in general


Glad you liked it! :D

My concerns are just the same with Cardoso, but it's also cool you made a 3D game for a game jam! It's a bit difficult to create models for games :D I was honestly expecting a flash game due to your thumbnail at first hahaha~ Overall, I enjoyed the shooter mechanic of this game, just needs to amp the difficulty with the way enemies spawn!

You should add a double jump, or maybe a higher jumping power so people don't have to go through the portal to get to the 3rd floor. I did however enjoy the difficulty of the game :) By the way, the bullets pass through the wall if you shoot right next to the wall

I agree with jklassen about the mechanic, but also it is a bit questionable that you placed this in many different game jams..

Though I'd say, I did enjoy this game, for a first game, this is pretty good :) You should add a timer and a UI for the needle's color change 

I'd say this game followed the theme pretty well! Good job! One thing though, people can spam the shoot if they click really fast, I'd recommend using an invoke method when pressing spacebar, and then a cancelinvoke on the shoot() method

I did kinda like how the controls are done (left right mouse button and spacebar) because it adds to the challenge! :D 

I did not finish the game sadly, because it was really difficult for me to accomplish hahaha

Overall I liked the game, I just wish there was audio or sound effects to play with :) sound effects would help add weight to the bullets or hits to the player

Thanks for your time to try out quickdraw! :D Had enough time to produce music because I only needed one song for the whole game ^_^

I had the same idea too, but I wouldn't have had time to produce art for them hahaha~ but I might do so in the future like you said. Thanks for trying the game out! I was honestly a bit unsatisfied with the sound effects because I just hit random on bfxr so many times till I get a good sound :P

Thanks for your time trying my game out!  I was honestly under a time constraint since I had school, so I had a vision to make a simple game like this to make up for time!

(1 edit)

I was supposed to brush it off as a desert storm effect, and I also had the choice of not letting it scroll, but it felt too bland letting it lie still so I let it scroll :D

Thanks for your time to try out Quickdraw!

I love how weird the physics are, along with the level design!

Hey Memedev0, I'd say the Mistic needs to be nerfed hahaha~ The Mistic is able to shoot without delay at all and the fighter wouldn't be able to get near at all! I liked how you were allowed to change the colors of your game before you start too! Also with the movement, I think you should increase the speed, it feels a bit rough- but overall, I'd say you have a good base for a game here!

Good job creating a game just in time for the game jam! I'd recommend it if you would post the controls at the beginning of each mini-game, it took me a bit mashing every key on the keyboard hehehe

Also out of curiosity, what game engine did you make this in?

4 colors


Thanks for at least trying out my game, knowing how rushed it is :D you're awesome for winning and finishing the game!

I like the plot! I got lost on the way back though, it was a bit confusing where I was ;p

The music is now stuck in my head after playing it for awhile, love the simplicity of the game!

My high score was 540! :D

Something about your country

I love it, it lives up to being "Eccentric" really well<3 

Level 3 is pretty difficult, but it was fun anyway :D

and I'm curious who will tweet the picture for the certificate


Slice of Life

Thank you for your feedback and time to play my game :D

I found this game interesting, and when it said clicker it didn't lie at all, my mouse button needs a rest ;-; but anyway, the story was nice for a clicker, most clickers don't even have stories to begin with. You should make it so that the title screen at the start can be skipped or quicken the pace, since it takes some time. I'd also prefer if you can add objects that create dillards for you so that the player can rest their fingers, especially since i don't really like clicking for the whole game in idle games. Clicking's only fun at the start :p

Thanks for the kind feedback! This is my first game jam, I was worried people wouldn't like it hahahahaha

The glitch was probably done by ball projectiles I'm guessing. The player's movement should return to normal in about 1-3 seconds

If the movement you're talking about is from the enemies, it was an actual bug that if they get hit by a ball, they suddenly start moving back and look fazed, but I kept the feature regardless, and it took me hours to find out why it's doing that T_T and it's because the enemy's velocity changes and stays that way till it hits a wall, so I made it reset the velocity back to 0 after 0.5-3 seconds of getting hit, same goes to the player

anyway, thanks for the feedback and your time to play this game!~

I agree with hotfeet, but also I think the reason more players get lost about the movement is because you can fall off the map, and the dark blue square would never have been seen, and they'll assume they're the lighter square

I just finished the game, and I'd say it would work really great as a mini-game for a game! Also, was being able to on third hit to take down a tree regardless of which tree intentional? (I hit a tree twice, then I hit a different tree, and it goes down). Anyway, I'd also recommend that you make the camera follow the play in a smoother way, since it was a bit difficult to understand how the player was walking at the start, seeing how the trees were moving, and then I realised why.

Just like what hotfeet said, I'd like to see the player be able to build a cabin or boat and all that too! :D