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Hello everyone! How's going the jam?
I just want to share this article about orcs in media, maybe someone will get inspired by!

Sure! Already working on something! Thank you so much!

Thanks for answering!

Actually the submission is due in about 2,5 hours from now, or are you planning to extend the deadline?

Oh NO! I can't believe I didn't see this jam until now! Sorry for going OT but the subject is very important to me. I'm just sorry I missed it.

That was my goal :D
Thanks for playing and for your feedback! 

Well done, BRO!

Hey there and welcome on! Just out of curiosity: do you have any sample of your art? What kind of game would you like to make graphic for?

Nice works! Any full game released?

Same here...

Wow! Crazy concept and very funny using of the microphone!

Nice atmosphere!

Nice art! Let's keep in touch.

It seems very interesting for both art and theme. Very well done!

Nice concept! I had a similar thought for my submission: trying to make something important while you're falling asleep.

I loved the art! Great job!

You got mail ;)

Nice tracks! I'm bookmarking you in case of future need.

Hi hannahlee and welcome on!
Your Alice in Wonderland inspired images are amazing!
I also like the style of the box-head character: is that an actual game or just a concept?

Maybe people were busy with some other jam or maybe I posted the jam too close to the starting date or the theme wasn't interesting.
Anyway that was my first experience in hosting a game jam, I hope to do better next time!
And... I wasn't able to finish my own submission. Maybe I'll add it later.
Thanks anyway for submitting, and keep on making cool games!

Hello! I sent you the link for late submission in the other post. ;)

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Hi Matotitou and Crounchy Brothers! You should have submitted the game from the Jam's home page before the deadline. Anyway you can use this link to submit your game.
I hope you enjoyed it!

Deadline extended to the 9th. Have a nice jam! ;)

That's the feeling. :/
It's been a while since I'm trying to make a game about procrastination... always procrastinated. :(

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I published a Jam few days ago and it took two or three days to be listed in the page because of the time to review. Maybe something went wrong. Up to this post, you should contact the admins.
Hope you to solve as soon as possible!

Nice! XD I like the anime-like "over the air combat system, physics is an opinion"!
Suggestion: in the purchasing menu you should change the color of the button for the already purchased items.

Thanks for sharing! :)