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2D generalist/ 3D animator/ Illustrator looking for a cool project

A topic by Hannah created May 27, 2017 Views: 256 Replies: 6
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I am recently graduated from my university and looking for someone or some place to grow together.:) I studied multimedia and animation. I am so interested in game production field. Creating new characters and world is the most amazing thing I can do.
I am dedicated, hard working go-getter.
I worked as a freelancer motion graphic designer and sometimes CI Design and package designs for company too.

For my portfolios, please check out my website and contact me via email if you need more information or my resume.

Hi hannahlee and welcome on!
Your Alice in Wonderland inspired images are amazing!
I also like the style of the box-head character: is that an actual game or just a concept?


It's just a concept for now but since I am an animator, that character was originally designed for an animation project. Inspired by the concept of side view games. But recently I am more interested in game production. So, looking for some cool game developer to start working in game industries.

You got mail ;)

Hi hanna lee would you like to be in our team we are designing a simulator game can you help us join our team

Hit Me Up On Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

Currently working with my team, not available anymore for now. Sorry. I will post if I can be available again.