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[Paid] [Artist] KIT looking for projects!

A topic by Kicked-in-Teeth created Dec 18, 2017 Views: 459 Replies: 15
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My name is George, and i go by Kicked-in-teeth!
I am a uk based pixel artist that is creating assets here on
My main experience is web based applications of my work, however i am branching out more and more into game art.

and you can see my full portfolio at:

You can contact me at:

Nice works! Any full game released?

Thank you!
Currently Projects that i've worked on are still in development and i'm yet to be in a position that i am at liberty to post them, however when i am i'll be sure to share them here!

Commission work for alcryst RPG

Commission work for Scumbat

Commission work for Arxzero

Commission work the Fangame "Kirby RPG: Nightmare's Conquest"

8x8 interpretation of kirby's nightmare in dreamland yogurt land hubworld

Larger sprite testing and practice!
(Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown)