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[Free or Donations] [ART] Graphic Artist

A topic by EchoBack created Jan 22, 2018 Views: 227 Replies: 4
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I'm a graphic artist who'd call myself pretty good at getting around making art and everything for games and about anything else.

I'd like to find some people creating smaller games with little or a small team who aren't very good at art, and I am looking to help them.

Art is a crucial part of a game, and always makes things a little nicer.

I'm not asking for pay, but will accept donations.

In working on a simple 2D boat building game called Shipwright if you are interested.  The scope is small and the final platform will be html5/Android. I work alone and used almost all free/cco  art in my previous project because that isn't  my strong  suit at all. I'm hoping to finish it within a  month or so. I'll link the devlog when I get to my desktop. 

Alright, sounds good.

Hey there and welcome on! Just out of curiosity: do you have any sample of your art? What kind of game would you like to make graphic for?

Just a little advice,

Do you have a portfolio? Social media? Anything?

If you want to be appear more credible I recommend you provide at least one of those, samples of your artwork at the minimum.

You've told us nothing about yourself, and you've shown us none of your work.