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Videogames only, sorry
Videogames only, sorry

Amazing but the game broke when I talked to the pinata after collecting all 8 bits. I think it might have something to do with speaking to him immediately after collecting the 8th bit? Cuz I talked to him RIGHT away since the last bit was in the pond

such a good game idea, whoever thought of this is genius ! 5star

Winner! 11/10!

Thank you so much !

You can join the discord or go to my youtube on the game's trailer if you want(where there are updates on new stuff)

Thanks! That makes me happy

There's a way to play windows games on mac I think it's called VirtualBox. I'm sorry even if I wanted to fix the mac port I couldn't, the project file is on my broken harddrive. If one day I could fix it it would be a miracle.

Thank you :)

It's just me actually, and I am!

ty :) unfortunately i dont know what causes mac to do that... im aware of this but havent found a solution

thank you that means so much to me :)

It didn't really feel right to add some new content and polishing, but the main issue was you couldn't progress in the TRUE ENDING. Meaning you cannot enter Purple's orb in the furnace.

The newer version had problems, and I realized it was optimal to restore the downloadable to its former one.

I'm so glad to hear that, thank you :)

Lanky kong really took a turn from doing meth

why is there only an android version

Thanks that means a lot :) and for now it's uncertain. I was making a follow up(HAPPY PARTY) to it but it got lost on someone's laptop and my old broken harddrive.

No genre honestly, I don't like categorizing


You mean the default hub music pre-true ending? It's just a blurred out version of Her House I didn't really feel like it was worth including

love it but not sure what im supposed to do i just get attacked by the hostile ducks


You just go on the second floor of the restaurant zone, and yes it is meant to be there

naugustt im sorry i clicked the wrong post and accidentally deleted ur comment on my page : / i have no way of contacting so i had to reply here

Yes, before you enter the furnace if you fall off it will trigger the event

Red, you, burning in pain

I don't have the project anymore, it's on my old harddrive that crashed

I love this game but I think marble zone should have more checkpoints it's quite brutal if you get hit

Fun but movement could be faster and smoother and shading could be better

hi i miss u

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Thank you very much : )) it used to be on YouTube but my former channel was deleted. A lot of the songs were uploaded on my old soundcloud which was also deleted. But the entire soundtrack is available for free on bandcamp : )

I'm guessing you already saw but just making sure.

This is especially relevant now due to the global pandemic

Thanks :)


It should be fixed now. It turns out the updated version had that glitch so I reverted the new .zip to the old version.

That was interesting, really good graphics. I was stoked when I found 2020

Yes. Sorry I don't know what's happening : ( I can't fix it soon because the game is on my old hard drive which crashed.