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[LFW] [Composer] Sam Foster Sound | Freelance Composer Looking for Projects

A topic by titanicpiano14 created May 27, 2017 Views: 541 Replies: 19
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I am Sam Foster, a freelance composer looking for work! I've scored many indie games. For more info (demos, contact info, licensing info, etc.), visit:

If interested in custom music, contact me via email or on my site's online contact form. Rates are negotiable. 

I also have some royalty-free tracks available as well on Bandcamp and AudioJungle:

Bandcamp: https://samanthafoster.bandcam...


Nice tracks! I'm bookmarking you in case of future need.


Looking for another project! 

Hi there,

I am currently looking some people to join my crew. I am planning to make a 2D platformer like Rayman Legends with some orginial gameplay modes. Well i want it to differ from current trend. I am looking for a talented musician who will work with us later. Let me know if you are interested. And if you have a Steam account it will be good otherwise I will create a Discord Group.  Thanks :)


Hey! Definitely interested! Would love to discuss further over email or PM! 

Looking for new games to score!

Scored the indie feature film Southern Comfort

Scoring Whiteout: Crossman Studios


Hello, Samantha, I've heard some of the tracks on your portifolio and they are really great! My games are on the planning phase yet, but I'm already researching about soundtrack costs and I would like to know if you could give a base/standard price for a one-minute track (almost same style of Sitophobia, Icefields and Opening Happy Home) so I can organize myself when I write down how much I'll need. Thanks in advance.

Would love to discuss further over email! I can give you more info regarding pricing over email! Here's my email:

Scoring the indie game Whiteout: Whiteout

Looking for new games to work  on! 

Scored the feature film Southern Comfort 

Scored the game Raver:

Looking for another game to score!

Scored RPG MO!

Looking for new games to work on!

Looking for new games to work on! 

Scoring unannounced film