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Thanks so much for the kind words! And if I keep building stages after the jam, I'll definitely work to address that glitch (it's probably more simple than I'm worried it'll be). :-D

I'm another that had trouble grasping the controls, but I could see the sense they were making; still, a really neat concept and you did great work on the visuals!

I can definitely see this having been available on the DMG GB alongside Tetris and Boxxle. Reminds me a lot of a mobile game I love, Blockudoku, so I'll be coming back for more of this I'm sure!

It's cute, a fun take on the theme. If only the GB had an endless runner back in the day (unless there WAS one I just wasn't aware of). I did hope for a bit more, you had a lot of screen real estate that felt empty... maybe climbing upward and navigating obstacles at different heights would've helped. Still a good time!

I do dig the unsettling vibe and the music hits that spot well. I hope you keep working on this, the idea has a ton of potential!

The music is pretty good, and I like the overall drawn look. But it feels more like a classic Flash game than it does a Game Boy game. Doesn't really fit the point of the Jam.

Thanks so much! I had an upgrade or two in mind, but they were on the back burner while I worked out and cleaned up the main mechanics to what they are. Maybe in a future update! Thanks for the ideas! 😆

Thank you so much! 😀

Thanks! ^_^

Awesome, thanks so much for that! :-)

A well-thought-through mechanic, well-designed levels, music and SFX that're easy on the ears, and that flailing Billy tho. Great entry!

Thank you, and I'm so sorry, but thank you! XD

That Gerk!  And of course, it's TOTALLY a feature... but if it's too feature-tastic, can you elaborate so I can debug more later? ^_^;;

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it! :-D

Thanks so much! I don't have much music creation experience, so when in doubt, keep it simple. :-D

I enjoyed this one! It's a pretty easy game to work through, and though there were a couple unavoidable hits via screen transitions, I thought it was a clever way to make a game with no moving enemies. Though, maybe the spores spreading over time might help to convey more urgency?

Dig the music, and it looks great. Well done!

I really enjoyed this take on the theme, and well done with the subtle clarity of which "obstacle" did what. I wish there were more stages, especially since it's clear you were thinking things through for each one (and the difficulty ramped up well), but that's down to the amount of time I guess.

Love it, nicely done!

I like the look, and I appreciate the concept, but I couldn't even get through the "Enter" space I admit; controls are VERY difficult to get a handle on. A more straightforward design, or more simplistic controls (for example, the ship stopping spinning when hitting "gas" in a given direction), would make this a really neat execution.

The effort is there, and it's still very cool in principle!

Plays really nice, looks great, and comes with that "just one more" itch. I dig it!

I would have liked to see the ability to jump down from the top set of platforms (down-jump sort of thing) for some added control, but beyond that, very well thought through and a lot of fun. Nicely done!

Thanks so much! ^_^

Very well done! The scope of this for a 10-day jam is VERY impressive, and really love the visuals. I agree that the lack of music does hurt the experience in some sections, but as an overall thing, it's damn impressive. Love it!

May just be me, but the jump difficulty does climb a bit too steep a bit too quickly, especially when the jump isn't scalable.

But it's still cute! I dig it, friend!

I tried to find the right way to make that flow just right, if I do more updates for stages after the jam I'll be keeping an eye on those corners to clean up. Thanks so much for playing! :-)

Thanks! ^_^

I was doing all I could to clean up and speed the game along, some sections I just couldn't speed up enough without other issues. And thanks for the heads-up about the walls, if there's a better way to adjust in a future update maybe I'll be sure to put more focus into that.

Thanks so much for playing! :-)

Definitely, congrats everybody! It's such a cool thing to finish, no matter the timeframe for something like this. Enjoy the feeling!

Really cute little game, and while simple it's straightforward enough to understand the goals. And that art, especially the intro image, just lovely!

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It's adorable! I would've liked a bit more work on the sound (it got pretty repetitive) and it was a little tiresome with so much backtracking, but the spirit of it was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And that pixel art... top-notch! :-)

I love the visuals and the mechanics, but that first level is really difficult. Would've loved to see more of a "learn the mechanics" bit before being thrown into the deep end. But aesthetically, I'm loving the art, and this definitely has a lot of promise!

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I won’t lie though… I kinda like that. Mind if I borrow that? Dark as it is… I’m kinda loving it. And you’re the first to ever have a fan theory of my game!🤣


I’ll admit, that’s not what I was thinking… but I can see how you might think that! I was thinking they invited the caretaker to help the townspeople because they were a ghost ALREADY. 😅😆🥲😭

There's not a lot to it, but what's there is pretty charming. Nicely put together! :-)

It is, I went back and forth a lot trying to determine how things should end. Sorry if it bummed you out, but I hope you still enjoyed it!

Aww, thanks! ^_^

Thanks so much! :-)

Fun little game! I also had trouble with the jump mechanic feeling a bit heavy. Took plenty of getting used to the multiple jump aspect too, wasn't as intuitive as I could have liked. But overall, this shows plenty of polish, and was a fun little game!

I got a frozen screen too, and error screen. Don't remember the stage, I think it was late in the fourth world as well.

Loved this one! The progression is easy and logical, the visuals are lovely (I laughed out loud at the "coconut" friend), and I'm REALLY impressed with the musical growth. I couldn't stop smiling at how adorable the whole thing turned out, very well done!

I love how much writing you put into this, and it feels both silly and organic. Nicely done, especially for only 3 days of work!

It's interesting, but like some other people have said it could use some balancing; for example, I didn't realize there was any kind of double-jump mechanic until I'd died maybe 15 times. Maybe some kind of introduction to the gameplay would help with that.

That said, I like the visual style and the music (though it is a bit repetitive). Good job!