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My pleasure, good luck! :)

I've rated over 70 games across two game jams and this is the best one i've seen. Incredible. The theme usage was perfect, the visuals and audio are brilliant, the puzzle solving is just right. I got stuck during the tutorial as when I pressed tab I thought that just allowed me to see where the other parts were, and it took me a while to realise that actually gave me control of them. Other than that though the whole experience was flawless and it's definitely my pick of the jam. Well done to all of you involved. I hope your final placement reflects the quality of the game and the work you've all put in :)

Thank you for checking out my game and providing some positive feedback! I agree about the movement speed, I'll be sure to make him faster once the jam is over :)

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Really nice tower defence game! The art was great, especially considering you did it yourself! I enjoyed the progression and it all felt fun and satisfying to play. The laser beam type turrets were crazy powerful but by the time I could afford them I was more than happy with that haha. Was great just to tear through lines of enemies. 

I sometimes had issues with selecting options, for example I had to click delete a few times on a turret for it to actually be deleted, but this wasn't a major problem, just something I wanted to mention. Was an all round really fun game and an entry you should definitely be proud of. Nice job :)

Thank you for checking out my game and providing feedback! I'm glad you liked the story :)

Yeah the colliders was something I was tweaking right until I submitted and I probably could have done with some more time to make them better. I'll be sure to work on them once the jam is over! 

Thank you very much I really appreciate you checking out the game and providing positive feedback! You're totally right about the texture filtering, was an oversight on my part! Will fix it as soon as the jam is over haha.

Cheers :)

Thank you for checking out my game and providing positive, useful feedback! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

I'll be sure to increase the speed of the player and to improve the pixel art so it isn't blurry once the jam is done! You're right about the collisions and I totally agree about the last section. I had a lot more content planned for it but I completely ran out of time at the end so everything was quite rushed! Definitely areas for improvement and thank you for taking the time to go over them in detail, It really helps me to improve :)

Solid game and a good way of making use of the theme! The first game of the jam that I've played that is created in Unreal Engine, and for you to make all the visuals, music etc. along with coding the game is very impressive. The game as fun and It makes you want to keep playing to get a higher score. Nice work! :)

Thank you for checking out my game and providing some nice feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm really glad you enjoyed playing my game! Thanks for checking it out :)

Thank you for checking out my game and providing feedback!

Having the friends follow was my initial idea but was a step too far for me given the time frame. One day!

I really appreciate the kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed the story elements within the game :)

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This is an innovative game that definitely fits the theme! It really deserves more ratings as clearly a lot of work has gone into it and it's an ambitious project given the time frame. I love the concept of levelling and the huge war going on around me, commanding troops and the weapon abilities you can use. I found the game very difficult, it felt like no matter what I did the enemies kept coming and my forces were quickly overwhelmed. Perhaps a couple of simple stages with less units might have helped just to get the hang of things, but given the time frame you had to work with it's a solid submission for sure and a project that could definitely be extended upon once the jam is over.

Nice work :D

Best of luck man! Coming from an engineering background, animation seemed totally alien to me the first time I tried to learn it but the more I practice the more comfortable with it I get. I'm sure you'll nail it :)

Sorry I've only just seen this, didn't get a notification for some reason!

Yeah every game I've made so far has been on the 'difficult' side of things so I wanted to make a much more accessible game that was relaxed and friendly. Kind of like an adventure game but from a platforming perspective. It was one of those little experiments that I thought I'd try during the game jam, while learning how to implement some new features.

It definitely is a core piece of feedback I've received from players, and I think ultimately as soon as people see that It's a platformer, the speed/responsiveness of actions are going to be major factors. I was disappointed I couldn't make the sky look better in the timeframe but I learned quite a bit throughout the week and even more so thanks to feedback so no time wasted. Thanks for providing some extra thoughts and feedback, It really helps! :)

Short and sweet! I would love to have seen what you could have done with more time as what you made was great! The interpretation for the theme was brilliant, music and graphics were nice, and as others have said the shooting sound effect is one of my favourite sound effects ever lol. 

Nice work :)

Fantastic puzzle game! I don't often play puzzlers so I find them a bit tricky but the difficulty curve and progression in your game was great. The last two levels were tough and had me thinking but it was enjoyable and made me want to keep playing till I beat it! Nice little reveal at the end there too. 

Only thing I could suggest as an improvement would be to have an 'undo turn' button just to go back one step, rather than resetting the whole level. All round though one of my favourite puzzle games for quite a while. Fun to play, well designed, fitting of the theme and looked good. Well done! :)

Haha thank you so much for checking out my game and providing feedback! :)

An interesting idea and very visually impressive! It has a good style and the systems you implemented (map, text popups, visual clues like the pickup/drop off zones) all worked well. It felt quite luck dependent as to whether or not I failed, as the traffic doesn't appear to have any kind of predictable pattern or follow any rules and was too fast to dodge, so if I got lucky I delivered the parcel, otherwise a car spawned in my lane and I couldn't avoid it in time. 

As others have mentioned, maybe tweaking the traffic behaviour, speeding up the player vehicle or added a direction icon to show roughly where the target is would help gameplay somewhat. Nice work though and a challenging project to undertake in a week so well done! :)

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Ah man, turn-based tactical games are my absolute favourite so this was so great to stumble across! I wish there was a 'technical execution' category for ratings, as I think from a technical stand point, considering the work involved this is one of the most impressive games of the jam. Even more so considering it was made from scratch without the use of any game engines. 

I liked the different troop types, the map randomisation was brilliant. I found the fortifications a bit fiddly when trying to place them and move, but the idea to include them and chopping down trees was great. From a design point of view, I think the group attacks were really cool and a great way to implement the theme, although I felt this did heavily favour the defender. Whoever got their archers to the high ground could really put a huge dent into the enemy army.

I found more joy playing on a smaller map than the default, with the single troop movements it took a long time engaging the enemy on the biggest map size. 32x32 worked great though :)

To have created a 3D turn based tactical game from scratch, with the assets created by yourself and to also include randomised map generation and a capable A.I. is remarkable.

Fantastic work, I'd love to be able to make something similar in the not too distant future. Bravo!

Nice implementation of the theme! I had an idea for something similar but wasn't sure how to get it to work so well done! Some of the slime placements could be changed to improve progression through the levels, but the movement felt good and the game could definitely be extended upon. Nice work :)

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Hey thanks so much for checking out my game and providing detailed feedback! 

I'm really glad you enjoyed some of the features I included. Sadly I have no tutorial for the crate lifting, it was just something I winged on the spot haha. It was a combination of creating an animation, using an animation event and instantiating a new object in the right place. There's probably much better ways to do it but in the timeframe I just went with what worked lol.

The sprite blurriness, game speed and lack of audio effects are probably the three biggest issues with the game I totally agree! I'll do my best to rectify them once the jam is over.

Thanks again for the kind words and useful feedback, I really appreciate it. Good luck to you too, I think we had similarities with the humour in our stories so it was fun checking out your game :)

Was my pleasure! Always nice to see someone being positive and working hard, keep it up :D

Thanks for checking out my game! Yeah sound effects was one of the last things to be cut when I ran out of time unfortunately, I think the character walking speed was one of those design decisions I made that didn't really pan out, but it's something to learn from moving forward.

Cheers for providing feedback :)

Thank you for checking out the game and providing feedback! The game speed and sprite blurriness seem to be the overriding issues raised by people so i'll definitely tackle them once the jam is over.

Thanks for the kind words :)

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Very interesting concept, one of the most creative uses of the theme I've seen so far. I love the style and approach! Clearly the work and skill gone into this is very impressive, and I feel like its something that could be refined into a commercial game for sure. 

I understand why you broke things apart on each death to explain more concepts to the player, but having multiple 'unwinnable' battles to start the game felt a bit frustrating. Knowing I have to stand there and get hit until I die to get the cutscene to then actually tackle the fight properly took out some of the fun for me unfortunately. It's a hard thing to balance because having to fail within a game is disheartening, but then if you provide easy enemies the player doesn't get to make use of the mechanic, so perhaps in a larger scale version of the game the mechanic could be confined to boss battles only or something? 

Another small suggestion would be to offer a 'reset battle' option from the pause menu, as I got into a bit of a state at one point where I didn't realise occupying the same block as a copy would cause me to take damage from their projectiles, and then my copies were all at the back row so there was nowhere I could go to win the battle unless I purposefully died two more times.

I don't want that to take away from the entry though, as you're clearly very talented and to tackle what you did during the time period is incredibly impressive. If anything it's a testament to your creativity that I could see this being expanded and sold as a full indie game! 

Nice work on a great entry :) 

Thank you for the detailed feedback! I remember you had some good ideas for my previous game jam too haha. I can't disagree with any of it and there was a few things you mentioned that I certainly wanted to address (clouds etc.) but unfortunately was incredibly pressed for time at the end trying to fit the story in. I think I was so happy with implementing a few things I hadn't tackled before I overlooked some of the basics! All things to improve and learn from though. Thanks :)

Nice interpretation of the theme! Packs of wolves are often mentioned when people discuss the idea of being 'stronger together' but It hadn't crossed my mind to make a game focused on that idea and a hunting simulation game is an interesting and innovative take. 

I think there are a couple of ways that the gameplay itself could be improved, firstly I would say for the camera to be zoomed out slightly as it felt a little bit too 'close' like I couldn't see much of the surroundings around the wolves. I spent a lot of time after the last few stages, wandering around unable to find other wolves or suitable prey. I wonder if you could maybe implement a feature that allows the wolf to sniff and display arrows pointing in the direction of the closest wolf and the closest prey perhaps? Only for a few seconds and it wouldn't be able to be spammed, but it might help that feeling of frustration when getting lost and walking around and around. 

Similarly, maybe the animals that require more wolves could actually go after you when you don't have enough, so you have to try to get away? Then you could add something like a howl ability on a timer that lets you howl and scare them away for a few seconds so you can escape. Kind of like the hunt or be hunted side to nature. Just some thoughts to extend upon the game if you choose to after the jam!

A nice idea and definitely a foundation to extend upon if you wish to spend more time on the project moving forward. I wanted to have a 'gather followers' mechanic for my game but couldn't implement it in the time frame, so I definitely appreciate what you produced. Some little touches like showing how many wolves you needed to have to kill certain prey over their head were nice. 

Good job :)

Nice use of the theme in creating your game! Interesting concept and I could see this being a fun game to play through for quite a while with some more levels and a bit of randomisation. The AI sometimes got stuck (both the bullies and my buddies) but just getting the gameplay implemented within the time frame is a good achievement!

Very creative! Nice work :)

Cute concept and story, with nice art to match :)

Vertical platformers aren't too common so it was a nice change to see one, along with responsive jumping mechanics and physics (the mushroom bounces were very satisfying haha). As others have mentioned the sound was very quiet, even turning my speakers up all the way I couldn't hear much unfortunately, but it's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. A well made entry for the jam, nice work :)

Time is always the enemy isn't it :D

You did fantastic in the time frame provided, good luck with future development!

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Great submission for the jam! Strategy games are rare when looking at these sort of time frames, and this was definitely a good one :D

I enjoyed the general gameplay and the randomised character portraits along with the rebellion events made it feel unusually 'alive' compared to a lot of pre-determined jam games. I won on my first attempt without too much trouble which in a commercial game I would maybe question but in a game jam entry that's exactly what I want! If I can get my head around how to play a strategy game in a few minutes, enjoy the experience and then score a win and crush my enemies, what's not to like?? It feels strangely fun being rebelled against and losing a small territory to then immediately come down on them with the full force of my army and take the territory right back haha.

Nothing to suggest from my end in terms of ways to improve for a jam submission, just that it could be extended upon if you wanted to once the jam is over. Different map layouts and maybe more depth to some of the systems would make this game even better. Great job :)

What an interesting concept! It was so wacky to get my head around the idea of a tower defence game with playing cards haha, very creative game and the use of the theme with the subject matter and game genre was great. I felt the progression could have been faster perhaps? Either more money per enemy or less money to upgrade along with waves that increased in difficulty more quickly. I lost health on the first two or three waves and then the enemy chips barely got out of their spawn point for the next 15 waves while I slowly upgraded one card every turn or two. That sort of balancing would be expected with a full game though, for a game jam it's a great effort and well done for such an 'out there' idea! There was a minor bug in that the music cut out whenever the heart shot at an enemy, but otherwise it all worked as expected! 

Nice work :)

Nice game for the jam and well done for tackling it all by yourself! The visuals are really good and the puzzles for each level are well designed. Music/sounds would have made a big difference from an enjoyment point of view and I'm unsure on how I feel about the 'things' wandering around after you place them, I think it's an interesting idea but maybe could be implemented slightly differently as it feels more like a nuisance than a challenge, although I do like them wandering around before initially being placed as it makes them feel alive :)

Very nice puzzle game though and good implementation, nice work :D

Really well designed game with some great puzzling! The progression of levels was spot on, teaching new mechanics and then testing them shortly afterwards. Each level was well designed and the game made good use of the theme. Very nice work :)

Ah thank you very much for the kind words! :)

Really interesting idea! Visually it looks great, having a very nice style and the appearance of swapping parts in and out was well done. Very innovative take on the theme, and I could see this being a fun game to play against others for sure. Perhaps more options for restoring health would be nice as I felt whichever side attacked first usually won when I played against myself a few times. Great job though, very creative :)

Thank you for checking out the game and for the kind words :)

Such a fun game to play! The idea was great and the game design is top notch. Having to watch so many things on screen gives it that really exciting frantic feeling, and the slick transitions between the three roles keeps you on your toes. I'm not sure if there is an end or if it keeps getting harder and harder, I got to round 10 and enjoyed every second of it. Nice work :)

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Fantastic game! I know it's early days but this is my favourite game of the jam so far. I really like the mechanic and the platforming feels responsive and challenging. Instant respawns stop deaths from being punished along with the ability to reset rooms. One of those games that is simple to grasp how you play but actually really tricky towards the end and difficult to master which is exactly how a platformer should be in my opinion. 

Nice use of the theme along with the audio and visual aspects, and enough content to play through without becoming repetitive or tedious. Excellent effort, well done :)

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Very nice entry for the jam! Was a fun game to play and I enjoyed the personality you put into it, having a bit of a story to play through and characters to interact with was nice. This jam was the first time I implemented a dialogue system and I didn't have time to make the text appear one character at a time so I immediately noticed (and liked!) that about yours haha. 

It was a nice mechanic to have the different enemy types and having to shoot accordingly. The choice to use colour coded enemies with their number indicating number of hits was a great decision, as it immediately gave information without needing to be super advanced graphically.

 I first played in the browser and on trying to right click accidentally did the click/drag shortcut to go back in the browser and lost my progress lol. I then downloaded the .exe and played through again and completed it. Nice work :)