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10/10 provavelmente um dos jogos da plataforma, jrm to the moon 🚀

Yeah this is one of my favorites, really great mixing, I really liked the piano on 'Gifts' not much else I can say that hasn't been said before, great job!

Oh yeah, can see a little of the Nier inspiration, this was a really pretty track, it sounded so full and lush, I really enjoyed the mixing on the track, very beautiful song, great job!

This was the most experimental ost so far, all songs connected well, and I'mma be honest my favorite part of the songs were the synth parts, they were really moody and atmospheric

Ok yeah, this is cute

ok, cool art: check

ps1 aesthetic: check

well mixed and fun sounds: check

you created something very cool, I'm vibin

Oh yeah, this might have a Hiroyuki Sawano inspiration, not sure though...

Super cool ost, nice presentation and fits the theme perfectly, great job dude!

Very atmospheric and moody, nice one!

The Amen Break is such a good idea of a sample to use with this theme, had a lot of cool chops and you grabbed a lot of techniques from a lot of genres and it still sounded very cohesive. Great job!


Alright, Boxcar was amazing, creative in a lot of ways, and that goes for the other songs as well, the plot you created was super cool, I do have a bias for super weird premises though. Super solid job!

yooo that transition to a jazzier style was great, a lot of fun ideas that worked well together, good job!

Very pleasant, a tip I have is I would add a little quantization and some more atmospheric sounds to make the sound fuller.

That was my intention so I'm glad you noticed that! It is a good ending, maybe bittersweet is the best way to describe it.

Thanks for your opinion, yeah in the version where the tracks are separated, the cut-off is very notable.

Amazing and original, honestly this would fit more in an amazing hand draw animated series, it's so easy to imagine the world you created and the sounds you used are just fantastic.

Super solid and screams Runaway, very nice mix of instruments and one of the most fun submissions so far

Nice, it didn't feel very horror like, but was interesting, my favorite track was Run Away - Boss Music, the violins with tremolo was a really nice touch.

Goddamn this was amazing, I really liked Home Sweet Home and might listen to it more times

The chiptune synth surely was the star of this show, good songs!

Really cute and tender game, just wish i could see what happens next tho ;(

Anyway, great work!

Hugs from Brazil ;) (aka your most beloved neighbours)

Homunculus Hotel is a tender and intimate experience that leaves you pondering about life and its fragilities. There are few art pieces that got me wishing i could go back and see them for the first time all over again; Homunculus Hotel is one of those pieces. Incredible job.