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The game feels really real! 

I love this kind of concept 

what a great experiment about chaos momentum. 

i love the "chaos" of this game, feel so  satisfied!

simple but attractive!

also, my high score is about 3000

the problem is the game is slow, don't get me wrong, the moving speed is fine, but when i spam the move button, the movement is delay and sometime make me miss the move.

i suggest you should skip the animation when player push a button

(sorry my English is terrible)

this game feels so good for me.

lovely game, really good idea

lovely gameplay and art style!

great puzzles!

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What's a great game, I love the creative mechanic, and also the sound and visual are so cool!

Can't wait for seeing the real project

the main menu is quite.... 

wait, there's a yellow box ?! i finished the game without it

Really polish! It's so fun to play.

i just randomly click and watch he grapping, killing enemies IS SO F**KING SATYSFYING. Amazing graphic, sound and gameplay. Keep up this style :))

this game is so good 

really fun and creative gameplay, with 3 hours the graphic is not bad. Well game :)

i fixed that problem, you can play this game now