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Good idea, thanks.

Very nice game. I really liked all the small visual details. But I just gave up after I met the pink NPC and fall back to the ground. :D

Thank you. I was planning to add some pulsating light to the tiles and some falling, Matrix-like pixel animation to the sides of them, but ran oit of time.

Thank you, tried to do my best.

Thank you, planned 10 levels, 1 for each challenge, but ended up with a lot less.

Best game I played so far. Every aspect of it is flawless. A mini FTL.

Awesome physics, graphics, and nice music, but would have been so nice to have some actual goal or narrative.

Pretty good, but it's way too slow for me. When I died in the second phase I couldn't convince myself to start over the repetitive room cleaning. Plus point for the sound effects.

I'm glad I saw the mild spoiler in the comments, otherwise I wouldn't restart the game when I accidentally clicked outside. I really liked it. The only thing that started as an awesome technical feat then quickly became annoying is the wheel animation.

Original idea, nice gameplay elements, but unfortunately it's unfinished and loses some points on authenticity too.

Oh, you can use the on screen arrows too.

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thank you, I'm planning to add 9 more levels with additional game mechanics, stay tuned

Pinged you on discord, would be awesome to work together.

Hey David, would you be interested in writing for a game set in the Shadowrun Matrix?

I'm eyeing No stop survivor. Already played it for a good 30 mins, and have some ideas how to improve it.

Full support 

Thanks for the advice. I've updated it.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it!

Hi Robert! I'm working on a small fantasy roguelike and decided to adapt your tileset to make it easier for me to generate the maps. I ended up almost completely reworking it, so I decided to share the result:

Hi 0x72. This tileset has so much potential that I already created two game prototypes out of it and still missing a lot of elements.

Control Their Reality Ltd just used the basics but I already had some fun with it:

And into Orphebot I wanted to put as much content as possible, so the UI is a little more barebones, and still couldn't add all the bots and objects. I couldn't figure out a good use for the beams, buttons, and displays that would still fit into my base concept, and I also had to slightly modify the height of the bots, but here we are. I hope you'll like it:

I think I'll come back to this tileset in the future, and create a game that will really use eeeeverything from it. :D

Thank you! Without modesty I can say the same. Did you get the happy ending?

Wow, thank you so much! I will check them out!

Thanks for playing. I agree,I left some significant room for improvement related to the controls.

Wow! Thank you so much for the detailed review! As you can see, I ran out of time, and focused on the core mechanics instead of running with the idea. I made the last level in the last hour, and I was very satisfied when I saw that I was able to implement it correctly without breaking the whole game. I was planning to add more puzzles like this, but had to face the reality, and finish the game as it was at that moment.

For the controls I had several ideas, and this fell the closest to a image/map editor. I can understand if that feels weird for some. I was thinking about leaving out the click completely, and refering only to the current mouse position. Maybe that would have been better.

I was also planning to allow multi-tile copy. That would have been a nice solution for the tiny platform issue. But limiting the movement controls to only these three keys was completely my fault, not related to the time constraint. I felt that because I like this sceme, I don't need to implement others even though it would have been just a few more characters in the code.

Thanks again for playing, for the extensive review, and for the tip for future players!

Yeah, I thought the same, but couldn't figure out an easy enough way to implement them in the very limited amount of time I had for this jam. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I was thinking about why would the player use Ctrl+C more than once, but figured out a simple reason only when I made the last level. Other than that I had only more complex ideas with moving platforms and hazards but I had no time to implement those. I'm glad you liked the game anyways.

Thank you! I spent some time syncing the run and jump animations with the beat.

If you need a second one from something, just copy the first one. ;) Thanks for playing!

Yeah, thank you! I had the same ideas, but ran out of time. Ctrl+X to remove obstacles, Ctrl+Z to undo the placement,  complex, multi-grid blocks to introduce a tetris-like element to the game, control panels to refill ctrls, moving objects, like elevators, cranes, laser gates, patroling and shooting enemies. So many ideas, so little time. Maybe I'll revisit them in the future. Thanks for playing!

Köszi szépen! Igen, az már az utolsó órában került bele, így örültem, hogy egyáltalán játszható maradt a játék. A jam után jön majd pár bugfix, meg lehet még hozzá adok pár feature-t, amit még elterveztem, de már nem fért bele. A karakter animációi például eléggé látványosan hiányoznak.

Here you go! Have fun!

Thank you! Yes, it's hard to nail the difficulty in games like this, but after the jam I'll keep optimizing it. I'm planning to make it mobile-compatible, so you can expect some changes in gameplay and in UI too.

Thank you. The idea of persistent levels was totally random. I liked it so much that I sticked with it. Around mission 12 it started to feel like the laser dance from Ocean's Twelve mixed with the Edge of tomorrow.

Yeah, I needed them to be to allow the 5 tiers of RTG upgrade. Even like this, with only 3 upgrades, you should be able to finish the game easily.

Destination: Nowwanus Trivia

  • Even if the asteroids were 100 times further away from each other than in the game, New Horizons still wouldn't stand a chance. In addition, they wouldn't slip by each other and still hit the drone, unless they are flat like Arrokoth. Also, they don't have angry/sleepy faces.
  • The drone can't be controlled in real time, due to the distance. 
  • There is no flash on Ralph. 
  • The VBSDC can't predict the location of the asteroids based on the space dust samples. 
  • The RTG still has plenty of power to shoot a lot more photos in rapid succession.
  • It's not enough to shoot some photos of some asteroids in the distance to get funding for the New Horizons project.
  • There is no Kuiper Belt Object called Nowwanus.

Thank you! Yep, I'm not big in the art department. I wanted a more casual game, hence the childish graphics, but when I finished the asteroid field generator, it turned out to be a decent bullet hell.

A flawlessly implemented casual game. This what I'm always shooting for, but ending up with some ultra-hardcore action-puzzle with overcomplicated systems and clumsy UI. The 10 years experience is really showing here. Well done!

Turns out taking photos while dodging asteroids is not the weirdest sidescroller idea in this jam. Collecting riffs while dodging time singularities, now we are talking.

The remembering part was not my cup of tea though, but reached a pretty good place on the charts I think.

The movement could be a bit more fluent, and there should be little more cohesion in the art, but afterall, this is a nice little game.

Oooooooh, makes sense. I just thought that the previous jump is meant to be impossible without killing that enemy.

So basically I made both the second and the third level harder for myself and I still managed to make it. :D