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Press M ;)

Sir, allow me to metaphorically tip my hat to you, as your exceptional achievement in completing my game leave me in utter admiration and awe. Whenever I create something to challenge even myself and then completing it having a surprisingly hard time in the process even though I know everything about my own game, someone comes and achieves the same without the necessary knowledge due to my complete failure of communicating them within the game itself, and I just can't comprehend the superiority in intelligence and the incredible dedication towards something I made. So let me add some more fun facts that you might find interesting, and that would make me completely shocked if you figured out yourself within the time you burned on my humble creation:

  • The initial height of the falling blocks determine the exact half a second when they will fall. So this is why the first block next to the starting position of the player falls almost immediately, but the blocks on the roof fall as the last ones. Which also means that the higher you climb the later the floor you are standing on will fall during the first few seconds, so you have more time to explore safely without the need of reverting time. 
  • Climbing up and down the stairs takes one second in real time but only half in game time compared to the horizontal or vertical movement where the half a second is applicable both for real time and game time.  This was not intentional, but trying to fix it caused other issues which I couldn't figure out quickly enough, so I decided to keep it as is, since it doesn't impact the game negatively.

Features that ended up on the cutting room floor due to the lack of time even though some of them would have made the game a lot easier to beat:

  • Two additional viewports to show the past and the future, a nice way to emphasize the 4-dimensional maze aspect of the game. (Already partially implemented in the post jam version.)
  • Cracks on the fallen blocks, flying dust around them frozen in time, highlighting that they "will" fly back up if you take one more step while the time is reverted. Cracks on the edges of the soon to be falling blocks to warn you before they fall.
  • Prevent movement if a the future viewport already shows that a block would fall on the top of the players head, same for the past viewport in case the time is reverted.
  • Windows to let you see the rain outside, its falling our raising droplets to visually help you see if time is reverted or not.
  • Every block has a predefined time of falling unrelated to their height.
  • And my favorite: A demon that is always flying towards you and can be killed only if lured under falling blocks, but every time you revert the time and travel back before its death you risk guiding it away from its original fate.
  • And the one I regret the most that I had to leave out: Procedurally generated 4D dungeons. Theoretically I could have done it, I had plenty of experience with similar challenges, but when I got to it, I just couldn't wrap my head around preparing the maps that not only work as a challenging puzzle but also look good. That would have been truly infinite experience. Maybe next time.

And finally features that I tried out then removed because even though they were cool it made the gameplay itself really weird:

  • Move forward: times move forward, move backward: times more backward. The concept felt really cool in practice but then it quickly turned into a weird waltz abruptly interrupted by falling blocks. 
  • Revert time without limitations. It was nice, but ended up just going back to 0 after every step, which made the whole game a walk in the park.

So that's it, a nice, long, reply to a nice, long, review.

Thank you! Yes,  there is a hard stop of movement at 0 second backwards and 7 seconds forward time, in which cases your can only move again if you reverse time. But for sure I should have communicated that better, maybe by disabling the movement buttons and flashing the reverse button.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for the kind words! I learned a lot from the feedbacks, and will definitely consider them next time.

Check my playthrough, you will now. :)

Thank you very much! I'm glad that you figured it out. Did you reach the part where you need to pass the long bridge crossing the large room? Sounds like you have reached the farthest part so far. :) I'll add my playthrough to the game page in case someone would like to see the ending. :)

Thank you very much, I totally agree, so much so, that I already added back and forth music and a half a second future view to help the player avoid falling blocks in the post jam version. ;)

Ooh, nice, I'll upload a playthrough eventually, but until then I might be going back to the river and add some new stuff to it.


Thank you! So much more I wanted to add, so little time.

Yeah, time constraints... I'll add some "music" after the jam, which only plays when you move, and plays backwards when you move back in time. Guess I can do that with foot steps too, and crumbling sounds. Stay tuned!

Thank you! Glad that you tried and liked it!

Pár próbálkozás után kimaxolta, aztán visszament Miki Egeres hajókázni. :D

Oooh, this reminds me I forgot to credit Craftpix. It's a free asset pack but definitely worth mentioning, because they have loads of similar pretty good free packs.

Thank you, yes, I expected some issues with the non-jam compatible target demographics. :D

I like the music and the movement of the enemy ships on the harmonies of the music. The hit box - even though it's explained in the description - still feels counter-intuitive, and the player movement is a bit choppy for a bullet hell game. Overall it's fun but nothing revolutionary. Kudos for using Godot, would like to see the code after the jam if possible.

Thanks a lot!  It's good to see you play my game again!

Thank you!

Good idea, thanks.

Very nice game. I really liked all the small visual details. But I just gave up after I met the pink NPC and fall back to the ground. :D

Thank you. I was planning to add some pulsating light to the tiles and some falling, Matrix-like pixel animation to the sides of them, but ran oit of time.

Thank you, tried to do my best.

Thank you, planned 10 levels, 1 for each challenge, but ended up with a lot less.

Best game I played so far. Every aspect of it is flawless. A mini FTL.

Awesome physics, graphics, and nice music, but would have been so nice to have some actual goal or narrative.

Pretty good, but it's way too slow for me. When I died in the second phase I couldn't convince myself to start over the repetitive room cleaning. Plus point for the sound effects.

I'm glad I saw the mild spoiler in the comments, otherwise I wouldn't restart the game when I accidentally clicked outside. I really liked it. The only thing that started as an awesome technical feat then quickly became annoying is the wheel animation.

Original idea, nice gameplay elements, but unfortunately it's unfinished and loses some points on authenticity too.

Oh, you can use the on screen arrows too.

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thank you, I'm planning to add 9 more levels with additional game mechanics, stay tuned

Pinged you on discord, would be awesome to work together.

Hey David, would you be interested in writing for a game set in the Shadowrun Matrix?

I'm eyeing No stop survivor. Already played it for a good 30 mins, and have some ideas how to improve it.

Full support 

Thanks for the advice. I've updated it.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it!

Hi Robert! I'm working on a small fantasy roguelike and decided to adapt your tileset to make it easier for me to generate the maps. I ended up almost completely reworking it, so I decided to share the result: