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Cute game, nice usage of the assets here.

I like cats 6/5

Cute and simplistic. Not bad.

Great cutscenes, kinda creepy too. Interesting story, and the game wasn't too long. Nice work.

The artstyle is totally adorable. I love it!

I kinda like the idea of being a huge monster who gets to destroy everything. The grammar needs some work though.

Interesting concept. Nice artstyle with cool gameplay mechanics. Well done!

The hand-drawn artstyle is really good and I like it a lot! The atmosphere and music is also really fitting.

Lovely artstyle, and a fun game!

I love the artstyle and music!! The story is good too, and the game overall has a lot of polish.

The artstyle is somehow endearing. Funny dialogue! I like the story a lot.

I like the artstyle and the concept is fun.

Excellent artstyle and the story seems interesting.

Would probably be for the best to have the default language as english.

There's some really disturbing imagery here in this game. I like it.

Interesting game mechanic, and I liked the atmosphere

Fun concept, nice minigame and an excellent artstyle and music. Well done! (Maybe a bit laggy on the browser)

A short sequel story is out!

A short sequel story is out!

A short sequel story is out!

A short sequel story is out!

A short sequel story is out!

A short sequel story is out!

A short sequel story is out!

Thank you for playing! For Evelyn is available, if you'd like to try!

Thank you for testing! Your review is very much appreciated! I haven't been working on this project for a while now and there's still a ton of things to do and improve on, jumping and climbing being one of those things. I hope to make a city map somewhere in the future just like in Thief, where you could test all your abilities once I get to developing those.

Thank you for your review! As of such a limited time I didn't make any actual gameplay but I may expand on this in the future.

Thank you :)

Nice out of the box thinking on the theme here. Well done.

Really interesting concept, I just had a hard time figuring out how to complete the puzzles. Needs some tutorial

Interesting usage of the theme, nicely done

This game was so fun, the gameplay was great, I loved the sound effects, especially the one where you connect enemies to the poles, the sound is just *muah* Chefs kiss.


Thank you! I might change the font once the jam is over

Thanks for the review!


Thank you for the kind words!


Thank you!