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First of all, thanks for the comment!
Before you can drum away, you would first need to select a command for your troops!
by pressing either "1" (attack), or "2" (defend).
- Kevin

@Shippety Jay

This game uses a .jar file to execute, you will need to install the latest version of java here.

Lol, i went and typed a 3 paragraph explanation (and it didn't make sense)
tldr version; I compiled it (exported it) wrong, and forgot to add the library in the folder to compensate for the missing library in the JAR file i exported, and as to why it worked for a few moments (before i uploaded)... idk! XD
let's leave it as one of the mysteries of the world!

All of your ideas are already on my Todo-list, except the part about multiple classes... i will consider adding that soon(tm).

I'm starting college tomorrow, so i will have even less time to work on this.. but i hope to add more of everything!
thanks for reading/participating in this Community Board!

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The problem lies within the fact that i didn't specify which version of the "res" (resources : images,animation,sound) and also Library files for the Jar to use..

since Jar files are basically glorified "executable" zip files, there's also a copy of the same "res" and Library inside the jar itself when i export it! but this time i forgot about the Library while finishing up, so i had a runtime exception! (which doesn't show unless you run the game via console commands)

as for the reason why it was working for me, probably the Jar used a Library it found somewhere on my computer...
honestly though, i have no clue why it worked for a while; and then stopped working completely #ProgrammerProblems, but at least it works now! :D

as for the third level, are you referring to the Lizard Warrior-Archer combo? the main trick is to remember that the Lizards have life-steal, BUT the "Hug" ability shields you from EVERYTHING.. so timing, and also conserving your AP before the fight is crucial!

also, one last thing... as a developer, you're one of the few people who actually showed interest in my game, and helped the development of the game; so for that, i want to say thank you!


P.S do you have any ideas for the game? i might consider adding it to my to-do list!

(Edited 1 time)

i used Eclipse "Juno" for more than 3 years before upgrading to "Mars" which i have only been using for about 4 months... the upgrade is due to the fact that i'm now using windows 8, instead of windows XP (Microsoft forced my hand on that one!)

and i guess, that you need to setup your IDE settings properly! (lol)

hope that quenched your thirst!~cheers~

edit: i uploaded a momentary fix! it should be working now!

(Edited 2 times)

Thanks for the info, i will try and fix it! i will post here if i managed to fix it


edit: turns out it's not a problem with the game's programming but the way the IDE's exporting the game? it was working a moment ago before i exported & uploaded it, i'm going to dig in deeper...

note : this was the first ever update that was compiled and exported via my laptop...
if you guys are having problems opening the game.. please let me know!

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Hey guys! i finally uploaded another version of SYRPG!

This version's main changes include :

* A change from "Jam" sprites, to more polished sprites.
* Minor changes to the title screen.
* Audio balances.
* Enemies flash red when hit (forgot to add the same feature to Kuro-chan.. sorry!)

Although the changes are small, and not much; i plan on adding more in the future!
i would like to thank the people who made this update possible, by donating:
thank you soooo much!

if you have any problems/bugs in this version contact me via Twitter, or post a comment here!
Questions are also appreciated!

thanks for reading this far! consider supporting this game by donating, each little bit helps!
you can also support the game by sharing it with your buds, or by playing it, and giving feedback!
have a nice day!

(3rd of August 2016)
Version 1.4a (hotfix) has been uploaded, nothing changed/added.. except for the fact that the game is playable now, sorry about that! special thanks to lytel for the confirmation!

At first, i had soo many questions.. but i think i have it now; after reading all the links!
and the update to the Developer Dashboard is soo welcomed! :D


Oh, if that's the case then the problem is with the developer (me).. sorry for the trouble.
i will try to learn how to properly export my games to mac and linux.
Thanks for the comment! cheers~

Thanks for the comment.. i will try and change the game info.

(Btw, do you have the latest version of java installed?)

Version 1.2 of SYRPG is finally out as i'm typing this post! i'm going to post the changelogs and also a special something for the supporters!

Change log!
-Smaller HP BAR for both player and enemies!
-No more invisible enemies!
-Text allignment for the move list is changed
-Improved Lightning in Main screen
-Improved some Graphics/Sprites!
-Added in a Pause Screen
-Selector Animation at Title Screen
-Music and Sound volume is now adjustable!
-Removed the "Hug's" ability to heal, but instead made it to shield incoming attacks! (more details below)

The change log looks like a small list because i trimmed out and combined the unnecessary parts, regarding the "Hug" move's new ability to shield incoming attacks, because the "Kiss" move is also a healing move, i thought that maybe two healing moves are too much, so i changed the "Hug's" healing move into a shielding move that blocks all incoming damage for a certain amount of time, other than that... when the enemy attacks the barrier/shield while it's activated, the AP bar regenerates by one! so it's quite a usefull move!

Now i would like to thank all the people that helped out the development either by sharing online about the game, or donating some money to the developers, or even just by downloading the game! THANK YOU GUYS! this update wouldn't have been possible without you guys!


The idea itself is great, it's now up to how the idea is executed

i have a few things to add, hope it helps! (and i apologize in advance)
-The idea of Morally "right" and "Morally "Wrong" is quite different for each individual, and the difference is quite vague, i hope to see questions that will "get you thinking" rather than questions that make you 'question' the question itself (if you know what i mean)
-I also hope to see levels that reflect the player's choice, rather than : "you picked the wrong choice, so i will give you a harder level" because if that's the case all the player has to do is answer "correctly".

An example: (i don't see any 'sample' questions in the image, so i will choose some moral questions myself)

The famous "Trolley Problem" (specifically the Fatman variant) if the player chose to save the lives of many in exchange for one, then when playing the level, the player would only get one life? to say that a life is still a life, no matter what kind it is..

-How about adding an answer that's "Neutral"?

i think that's all that i have to add for this, i really hope to see this game develop!

Well... i have a few games on Itch.io and i want to test it out, but turns out Windows XP is not supported so i can't install the app.. *sad*
so i guess the Itch app can't be run in windows XP anytime soon?

P.S don't ask why i'm still using Windows XP!

Found a bug in the game? have an idea for something? Problems?


This is where the players can interact with the development of the game!
Do you have an idea for an Item? an Encounter/Event? a Weapon? share it here! :D

no game is safe from them!
(including this one!)

This is where you post/report Bugs/Glitches/Problems that you found in the game!

The Development team will make sure to fix it as soon as possible in the next update! :D

thanks for the cooperation! :D

thank you soo much for the kind comment! <3
i am adding in more content, and also improvements as we speak!