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Clear the dungeon with the power of Yuri! · By kevinfu510

Version 2.0.1! (2nd May 2020) Sticky

A topic by kevinfu510 created 23 days ago Views: 39
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Developer (1 edit)

Hello everyone~

It definitely has been a while! but I haven't forgotten this game I've made; that's for sure! :D
This is a relatively small update to be fair, but an update nevertheless!

Change logs:

  • Music and Sound Volume slider.
  • Music now fades in/out instead of cutting abruptly
  • Performance FPS enchancements
  • Rebranded "Entice" to "Bless"
  • New Main menu BG art

To be fair, there was a Music/Volume slider in versions prior to 2.0, but I didn't add it in on the 2.0 update cause I was too lazy to do so; but after learning how PyGame handles sound and music, I decided to add the functionality back in~

and as to why the Entice move was "rebranded" to Bless... well, it's kinda out of place? especially the SFX I chose to accompany the move, so I decided to change that to make it more "family friendly" I suppose ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

If you have encounter any problems/bugs in this version don't hesitate to contact me via Twitter, or post a comment here! Questions and criticism are also welcome!

Thanks for reading this far! consider supporting this game by donating! every small amount helps! (and is a major drive pushing out updates even after all these years!). You can also support the game by sharing it among your friends, or by playing it, and giving feedback! hope you have a nice day and stay healthy out there!

- Kevin