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The concept was silly in a good way. The comic was great! I didn't figure out if there was a way to manipulate the doors, but it didn't matter. Also I couldn't close the game when it was over.

Cool. I'll write that up as a specific thing that you can do (the grappling attack) with the minimum of rules.

Does the escape attempt take full action or can the character cause damage at the same time?

I've run the game twice for my group and they've enjoyed it. We lost the first character on the second mission (one of the two with experience from the previous mission) and it was emotional. The missions were converted short cthulhoid adventures and I'm a fan of Delta Green, so the horror element was definitely there (more Call of Cthulhu than Pandemonium). The random backgrounds were great and loved by all!

The one thing that was missing was grappling rules (!). I know those are a problem on most F20 games and Into the ODD has like two different unofficial ones. I wrote something up after the session and will test them next time.

We've been discussing adding the family names for all people to help reading the timeline without referring to the Excel output file. Most likely reason for the happiness drops is being captured in war. That happens a lot in this version.

The sounds keep turning back on when I turn them off.

The sounds keep turning back on when I turn them off.

What's the recommended maximum image size?

We've started planning on the JGD Discord's "Tool Jam" channel. Join in for ideation and help create the first test data sets.

Let's gather all the participants from the JGD Discord under this topic. If we get many, we can split into more teams. Lets' get organized!

I could try a smaller font on the next version.

Thanks! I've been too much inside due to the virus, so I wanted to motivate myself to get out into the nature (or just the neighborhood).

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I submitted three mini-zines to and made two more at end of December, but missed the deadline. I don't know how it happened, maybe I just remembered the end date wrong. :(

Gameplay video: 


  • Game design: Jussi Kenkkilä
  • Graphic design of boards, tokens and cards: Essi Kakkola
  • Playtesting: Chris Castro & Aki
  • Art assets: Delapouite, Faithtoken, Lorc & Skoll (Available on
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator, LibreOffice & IrfanView
  • Total development time: 30 h or so
  • How does the game fit into the design constraint "Board Game Ecologies": The game niche is "rule-making games", wher the main mechanism is to create new rules that affect the gameplay. In this case the rules make it harder to gain points and limit player choices in the game. As more rules are added the complexity increases, making mistakes almost impossible to avoid. This makes it possible to win by dropping other players from the game.