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Memories of an Island off the coast of FurlsbornView game page

A collection of short nested stories.
Submitted by Nick Murray (@cassettewitch), Imo (@imo_veebooks) — 8 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline
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Memories of an Island off the coast of Furlsborn's page


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Fun Factor#243.1433.143

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video game

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Story: Nick Murray, Code: Imogen Ruth

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Congratulations to you both on winning the Originality category!


Oh wow! Thank you so much! That's incredible!


I'm not much of a reader, but I think your goal to grow the story out of itself was accomplished. My feedback was going to be based around "being more like Twine," but your page statement has directed me elsewhere. 

I think the story would be more approachable to me if I had a way to adjust indentation or mark sections that I've read already. It's easy to get lost as is.

Music was great touch that not a lot of story games use. Very nice!


Really unique presentation of the text, I need to really dive into it off stream to appreciate it properly. I like how you implemented music too, it really adds to the experience. Fantastic work. 


Not very gamey, but I loved the story. Nice combination of cosmic horror and folk horror with a bit of scientific verisimilitude thrown in.


If you can’t sleep you might as well write

I wonder if this is about you? :^)

A very interesting approach with the structure, I really liked it! You also have a large vocabulary, I had to translate many words I didn’t know. Overall a really great experience, thank you!


Really love this game concept, text games are awesome! The story is very compelling and draws you into the narrative. The music is also lovely and fits the mood! I'm slightly two minds about the approach of having the text unfold on the same page. When I got to the end of the branch where (SPOILER) the climate change story line appeared I was unsure of how to continue. Maybe a link to the next branch? As an audio person, I think I'd like to have seen the music link to the text more also eg once you move to a branch that takes you to a new aspect of the story the music could change. 


The story in this game is awesome! The writing is really, really good! The sense that the reader is slowly being dragged into a bottomless pit is intoxicating. As the story goes on, it becomes more and more disturbing.

However, I feel like the part of graphics and interactions are somewhat lacking. The way the text is displayed resembles too much a text editor and all the options appearing at the same time on the screen make it very difficult to keep up with the story. 

I feel that a small tweak, such as forcing the player to make a decision and only showing a paragraph at a time, would greatly improve the feel of this game. Because the story already does such a good job, that change would turn this into a really special game :)