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Oh wow! Thank you so much! That's incredible!

Really enjoyed this! The flashlight mechanic was really well implemented and the hints of story in the tutorial passages work to show a wider world to the whole thing.

Thank you!

This is phenomenal!

Wow! Thank you for playing! How did you find the process?

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Hi everyone, jumping on the thread to say that if you are interested in sharing what you've created during the Closing Presentations, send an email to 

We're super interested to see whatever you've put together, whether it's a game, a text, an action or just a draft. It'll be streamed on our Twitch channel as part of Now Play This Festival.

Thank youuu! We had so much fun painting it!

This is absolutely wonderful!

thank you so much! It was a whole lot of fun putting it together. 

Thanks for playing!

This is beautiful. Subtle and gentle in its storytelling, but so effective.

Thank you. Sad, but nice seems to be a feeling popping up in a lot of my games! Thanks for playing.

I, and your long lost tamagotchi, thank you!



Awesome! Thank you for collecting these into one book, Jay. Transmission Burst 1 is still one of my go-to game collections since I got it in 2018!

These are astounding! Great job!

Walk with me to Derwent is a sort of point-and-click poetry game about looking for sunken villages in the Peak District.

'At certain times, very dry times, landmarks can reappear on the reservoir banks.’

Between 1943 and 1945, the Ladybower Reservoir slowly filled with water. To facilitate the creation of this huge body of water in Derbyshire’s Hope Valley, two villages in the reservoir’s basin were evacuated. The inhabitants of Derwent and Ashopton were displaced to other local towns, or the nearby city of Sheffield. I went to the area to try and find the location of Derwent, and to find any remnants of the people that lived there.

Thanks for spreading the word!

Incredible game! 

Fantastic game! Really brilliantly crafted narrative!

Great game! Fantastic little story!

Awesome! Thanks dude. Clever stuff.

I guess you just upload the mp3 with the html, right?

This is fantastic! Where is the music hosted to get it to work in the game? I'm super basic with html!

Beautifully crafted game. The character movement is excellent and the soundtrack adds the perfect atmosphere.

Keep at it!