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The Silent Hill 4 influence is for sure there but I also am detecting some major VideoDrome vibes too. In fact the whole time I was playing I was like "man, this is like a VideoDrome game!" in my head. 

I also think, whether this is just me projecting on to the game or not but I cant help but feel like there's an undertone of paranoia regarding your deepest most forbidden desires being forcibly exposed against your will, or something like that. I think I might have had a nightmare like that more than once. You know what I mean though right? Like the idea that your desires would be laid bare in front of everybody for them to gawk at and mock you for. And the violation of privacy that leads to that.

I really liked your game.

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This is definitely something special, I feel that when you finish the game and get everything patched up you will definitely have something very substantial, it feels like I'm standing on the surface of something much larger and makes me hopeful for the future updates.

Its got the kind of style of something like penumbra which kind of brought me back to my childhood (Penumbra 2006 tech demo was the first real horror game I ever played) but the story seems to be something more personal and emotion based like Silent Hill or something. I like psychological horror being used as a way to explore trauma or personal subjects and etc. I really loved the feel of the environments especially and just the general ambience, very industrial and subterranean feeling. Moist walls and rusted metal, heavy machinery and squealing pipes. Its an aesthetic I really dig for whatever reason and there's just the right touch of unhinged abstractness, hell I bet it will become more unhinged later on but I'm getting good vibes from this is what I mean. I also like the exploration and level design and how you have to explore the areas room by room and collect items and then figure out what does what. The fact that the areas seem to be at least semi-interlinked is good too and helps with the general feel of exploration, it generally feels quite open and I like that.

The only critiques I would have to say is that it seems like a lot of the time when your jumping and crawling on top of things you can get stuck fairly often, so I think player movement might need some tweaking and just general stuff like making sure the player does not get stuck on stuff. For me I was able to just save and quit and then press continue and I would be un-stuck so It didn't ruin it for me but there was 3 or so times I got stuck like when jumping through the shutter on the other side of the iron gate for instance. Other than that I think there should be a bit more options and graphical settings, you know just general technical stuff. I can't comment on the enemies because I kind of blew through the puzzles and stuff but That's just because I have a lot of experience with this type of horror game and the one or two times one appeared I stayed way clear of them and made sure they would not see me.

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Fascinating world and atmosphere, I really happen to enjoy this aesthetic that you have created here. Just wish there was a little bit more to the game-play. But hey, your working on a sequel right? So we can only go up from here.

I think you should work on making the zombie animations and behavior more threatening. When I came to the first zombie I was a little bit spooked but almost kind of chuckled seeing his reactions to getting shot seemed so goofy to me.

I think you need to work on your door transitions, its kind of annoying to have to turn your flashlight back on every single time you go through a door. Its also kind of annoying when you go through a door and your view is in a different place than in front of you like it should be.

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This is pretty fucking mint dude. I love how exploitative you make the fixed camera angles where many of the decisions of framing and the way the camera follows the player when you do the tracking cam feel as if they are selected specifically to elicit the most anxiety out of a player exploring the environment for the first time. Many times in your demo I was absolutely chilled just because of the dark ends of hallways and other tricks where you think something might be over there in the darkness and/or just out of frame. The sound design combined with the use of ambience (sounds, music, lighting and environments) absolutely nail that nonsensical dream like uncanny feeling that you can only get from certain games like Silent Hill. What story that was in the Demo got me really interested in what the full game might do as well, With bizarre events happening in this little out of the way theater. I also enjoyed playing through the demo a second time on hard and seeing alternate enemy placement and events that don't happen in the normal difficulty as well as a scarcer ammo supply. I had to actually develop a kind of route and juke almost all of the enemies to conserve ammo which is always fun once you learn more about enemy behavior. On my second play through I actually realized that the enemies react to how much sound you make and you can sneak up on them if you walk slowly, having knowledge of that completely changed my play-through and play style. Good stuff.

The only bug I came across is that when you are in the crawling hole animation the enemies are able to attack you during your animation, this resulted in a funny glitch where I had the game over screen displayed for me but then in the next moment I was on the other end of the hole perfectly fine.