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This is pretty fucking mint dude. I love how exploitative you make the fixed camera angles where many of the decisions of framing and the way the camera follows the player when you do the tracking cam feel as if they are selected specifically to elicit the most anxiety out of a player exploring the environment for the first time. Many times in your demo I was absolutely chilled just because of the dark ends of hallways and other tricks where you think something might be over there in the darkness and/or just out of frame. The sound design combined with the use of ambience (sounds, music, lighting and environments) absolutely nail that nonsensical dream like uncanny feeling that you can only get from certain games like Silent Hill. What story that was in the Demo got me really interested in what the full game might do as well, With bizarre events happening in this little out of the way theater. I also enjoyed playing through the demo a second time on hard and seeing alternate enemy placement and events that don't happen in the normal difficulty as well as a scarcer ammo supply. I had to actually develop a kind of route and juke almost all of the enemies to conserve ammo which is always fun once you learn more about enemy behavior. On my second play through I actually realized that the enemies react to how much sound you make and you can sneak up on them if you walk slowly, having knowledge of that completely changed my play-through and play style. Good stuff.

The only bug I came across is that when you are in the crawling hole animation the enemies are able to attack you during your animation, this resulted in a funny glitch where I had the game over screen displayed for me but then in the next moment I was on the other end of the hole perfectly fine.