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It's like on one hand I thought in the end the best thing to do is free her. Since it seems cruel to try and chain her to this game instead of letting her move on. Like even if he succeeds and nothing goes wrong (And that is a pretty big IF) what kind of existence would that be? He would not even be able to interact with her or touch her anymore directly you know? And she would just see a floating gun or some shit, wouldn't even be able to go anywhere outside that tiny map. And this kind of obsession is not a really good way to deal with grief I think, I think its making him unhinged to say the least. On the other hand the anguish I probably caused him by throwing his work away I took no pleasure in. It needs to be done and he needs to move on but there was a part of me going "well what if he kills himself" or something like that. I basically had to consider it for a bit. It was not an easy decision for me to make.