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You really need to chill out with the death pits. It's enough that you have these white guys who run at you faster than any silent hill 1 enemy ever could and can disintegrate your health in no time at all and the fact that enemies spawn in areas you have already cleared and can move from room to room but then you insist on constantly putting the player next to these pits in every room so they can just shove you into the holes and kill you instantly if you ever try to run away or avoid them. There are so many rooms and areas in this that are just narrow walkways over bottomless pits or are full of holes. Furthermore the edge detection is crazy unforgiving compared to silent hills and it feels like the edge of the end of your shoe needs to merely be around the edge for it to put you into the wobbling animation where as in Silent Hill you had to be at least a half or quarter of the way over for it to count.


Sorry to hear that you don't like the pitfall mechanic, luckily for you the game already has a way of getting rid of them: switch to easy action difficulty; but if you want to play on your current difficulty without the pitfalls, you can use a cheat that disables them. :)