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Genuinely pretty solid for being a pre-alpha type thing. The setting and plot especially appeal to me, I think enough so that I'm going to watch this game from this point on. I especially like the little atmospheric touches in the level ambience like the propaganda posters and the alien language and stuff like that. One thing I think needs work on though is the AI which is still pretty janky in this state. For one thing they seem to have real difficulty spotting and/or engaging with enemies at long range. It also seems like the path finding could use some work. I've had instances like the first fight with the big guy enemy type where they kept trying to go through the door that's shut because I chose to go through the door on the right instead of the one on the left and it seems like their pathfinding doesn't account for the doors being closed. 

Thank you for your feedback, glad you enjoyed it. Yes the AI will be reworked for the next demo !

You know one thing that slipped my attention on my initial playthrough but I caught on my second is that the design of the levels is made like its a real place! Take the cafeteria/food storage area, you got the skinning/butcher room and its across from the meat locker and food preparation room and then outside both of them in the main area is the main cafeteria/food storage, my point being you have gone and designed these areas in such a way that they feel real! Like real places with a practical purpose! That is very commendable and adds to the immersion a lot. Even Half-life was never really able to make places that actually felt like a real facility all of the time.