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simple but not bad! only problem is why my truck run faster than my bullets,  must be a super truck from future hahah

pretty cool ideas with grateful arts, especial the back ground are nice. only problem is the difficulty need more balance, for now just keep go forward you can get far(which is a little boring); and if there can be more events and land types will be better!

pretty cool to play a future spaceship which can jump!!!  if the platform is not just flat it   will be much fun

One of the best game i have play for now!

pretty great idea! only problem is the control is a little strange, not smooth enough

tips for further player:

1.player get paint to patting in ground, and player get special ability in painted ground like run faster and jump higher paint is good enough for most level

Great game with cool idea!clean but nice art style,simple but earworm music;if you develop it with more levels would be much fun! 

by the way, is it the spawn of balls all Rand?  i try like 5 times to won the game, sometimes is easy to survive but sometime cant see any ball i need. 

pretty nice game! enjoy everything except the boss fight .from a player spent 20 minutes try to shoot boss's eye and finally find out just shoot hahah

cute slime!