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Thank you for your playing! And you are right, the temperate version is too repetitive, we have many new features in planning, include more rough-like features. We promised we will make it much more fun to playing in the feature!

Year, the room generation has a couple of bugs, we are planning to rebuild the whole map system. Also, more bosses will be added in the feature! Thanks for you playing~

Thanks for your playing!

Thank you for your playing and advice! We will improve both of them in a later version! 

Really thank you for playing, happy to hear you like it. We are sorry for the bug of unlocking dragon  When players try to cut the rope to unlock elves if they attatck more than once, it will cause more than one elve been added to the list, which leads to the bug of cant to unlock dragon. Really sad we didn't find this bug until you guys suffer form it ><

The ideal is amazing, the art also fits the game very well, the only thing that may be improved is the control. many levels I know what to do but still kept trying to avoid the wrong connection. So happy to see this after 1 hour of trying. but overall really a good puzzle!

Thanks for your playing! We try to add independent animations for each character, but fixing bugs burn out all the time. it's sad we can only give different attack animations for heroes and bosses, in the future version we will make each character more characteristic!

I really like this one lol, enjoy the change from i getting food around myself to let ants get food for me, the only sad is seem there is no food spawn system after I collect all the food that can't continue. Also maybe add some enemies can be more interesting, great job!

it's really a good game, nice idea, the player has to decide between getting for pollen or defense at home, but it a little hard, I try more than 10 times and only get to the day2. two small ideas: 1. sometimes it's different to drop out the bees  .maybe make the dot at nest a litter bigger. 2. maybe you can show the path when the player sets out the bee, I know the bee cant pass ice, but it's a little hard to know where I am when action fast because the lazy guy is stell my honey! I really enjoy it!

Simple but addict!! feels so sad to die in level 9 lol, just a small suggestion, sometimes it's a little hard to tell if I can eat the coming fish, especially the level 5 and 10 fish maybe you can art them more differently ~~ but its fun, let me try one more time!

Pretty cool idea! I was confused about how to fighting at the beginning, but after I found out I can use a rock to hit the enemy it becomes so fun! If a player can connect with multiple targets should be more fun!

I like the idea of the more wood collected, the stronger the player is, but I feel when a player at least collects one wood if you make the player become weaker after been hit is better than directly die lol, ok I admission I am so bad haha. Try 10 times until clear the level lol, but overall good job!

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look simple, but I feel fun during the playing, lol wish the player has more type of ability! Also if there are  more different enemy with different skill would be more fun! Grade job~

Nice topic and a good idea to do a TD in 3D space! Maybe try to add a speed control button, the first couple waves are too slow lol

Interesting idea, but it's really hard to pass the pillar with more than two birds! 

Pretty cool game! great story, nice level design, good music, and art. almost everything works well.I feel enjoy playing. Especially the moment I figure out I can use flower type 1 to block the dropping water I feel so good! But I meet a bug and have to restart the game: as shown in the image, when you place flower 2 to destroy the wall if your character stands in front of the flower, you will be pushed into the ground and never escape lol, can move but can't jump. overall it's a very good game! 

Thanks for you playing! the theme "together" is filled into that players much fight together with the  heroes to pass level, but it seems we make the enemy too weak, many master players just fight alone and pass the level ><

It is better than I exception! at first I just thought it's just another game player who needs to keep switch characters and jump in each other's heads, but the different abilities of zombies make it quite different and interesting! The only thing I don't like is the cammer, it keeps in the ghost which makes me hard to see the position of the human character. But all in all, it's a good job!

Thank you so much for your playing! So happy to hear that you like it, we will keep working on it!

Simple but really good game, I feel relaxing during the playing. the art is soooo cute><

Similar idea with our game, but your map design and balance is much cooler than us ! Pretty Great game!

I really enjoy playing the game! like the art and music, the different enemy with different perform is the cool, only sad thing is when i got enough cold, i cant never meet a sho room again.And not sure if it's a bug, after pass level 2 I get into somewhere like this, and have to end the playing

I like the idea and art style! if there is some background music it would be nicer. The head is cute ><

Best game I have tried so far, Great art, music, and level design!

Great art style,I walk around the forest and kill all enemy i see but still don't know what to do next, maybe you should give some tips for player~~

Just try out your game, simple but not bad, the level design is good. If you would allow the player to adjust their cammer move speed would be better, a little too fast for people like me who didn't play many fps games.

And please try out our games look forward to seeing your feedback!

The great art style, the idea of switch between animal and human state also cool. But it a little easy to be chaos which wizard is which lol, overall grade game!

Amazing art! the background and sound fit perfectly. But the gameplay is not as relaxing as the art lol,  maybe you should add more checkpoint, really want to see how level 2 looks like ><

Really a great idea! but after 10 times of been catch, I still cant not get my first job done lol, seems I don't have the gift of crime, so better continue making games lol. all in all, I like the game!!

Really a cute game. I enjoy the sound and art, but it really took me a while to figure out that bird can do a double jump if him hit a wall lol

Really a cool idea! Although I use much more death than your lowest count, I found myself enjoy playing it! Just a small hit, maybe you should let the player auto respawn after each death!

Thanks for your playing! The way of unlocking dragon is the same as other heroes, save him after defeat the boss~~No DLC require hahaha

Thank you for your playing!

simple but pretty cute!but I don't know why the w a s d keys don't work.

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The animation and skills look pretty cool, but the hitting box is kind of strange (maybe because of the shield) it is hard for me to attack the enemy, but the skills work fine. Look forward to seeing the final version it must be cool(once more I like the animation!).

LoL how you come with this, although it's quite different from a normal game, I thought it's a pretty cool idea! To be honest, at some point I feel I am really been hacked. A small suggestion: maybe adds something to let the player know how many times the button will jump. Because at first I was thought it's infinite and almost force quit the game.

Thanks for your feedback about the UI and audio, it really helpful. I will work on it and prove it in the next version. 

My bad, I thought the image on the cover is count lol, thanks for letting me know!

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My first indie game( finally came to a "playable" version! 

The player controls their fish bow to shoot and catch fish! (Why fish bow? the fish gun is so hard to draw lol)

tip1: hold left mouse to rotate the angle and increase force, release mouse to shoot ) 

tip2: there are 4 different fish with different behaviors, can you catch all of them?

tip3: buy items after each level can give you special power for the next level, but you need to think about is it worth!

Thanks for taking a try and let me know your thoughts

simple but not bad! only problem is why my truck run faster than my bullets,  must be a super truck from future hahah