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You might add a prompt that tells you that you have to press space to start ... I spent some time clicking the nice swinging logo with nothing happening, trying this out in Firefox and Edge :D .

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OK. I didn't really expect to be allowed to rate, but that button there really confused me! Perhaps I will request to become a juror next year...


Am I just being idiotic?

On every game page I visit (even on my own game page, Survival in the Orclands), there is a link to rate the game:

If I click it, I go back to the submission page, the title bar changed to "Rate ...", but I can't find any place where I can actually rate the game, or (in case of my own game) see its current ratings! The only thing related to rating I see is this text this in the top right:

Am I allowed to rate games? If so, how can I do it? Must I post a comment first? Or add it to my collection?

Note: Yes, I have an account, and am logged into it while trying this.

I do not feel burnt out and will try to continue working on my entry, at least to fix some grammar errors and have the annual overview display the number of years you have played. Unfortunately, I fear I will not find the time to do that, as I work on several other, bigger projects :( . I also wanted to complete Felines, my entry from 2018.

My problem is that as a teacher I cannot simply take some time off; this year there was a lucky coincidence that matched the 7DRL to a single week of holidays, so I could get some things done in time! I will nonetheless try to be back next year, but can't promise. I am disappointed of myself that I didn't manage to translate the entire Python TCOD tutorial to C++ before the contest started; that would have saved me a day. I lost another day with programming village generation as I originally planned to have you trade your agricultural surplus for profit that counts in the end. I finally removed the entire idea of friendly NPCs from the game... I am also a bit disappointed with my own hesitation to use scripting languages - I want my program to be nice and small and so always use some compiled language; C++ and its nasty dangling pointer traps really slows you down!

I felt great relief when I had finally submitted my entry; it was much different from last year, where I knew already that it was incomplete. Up to now there was little feedback; I hope the reason is not that many people hesitate to write negative feedback or suggestions down!

But all in all, I had much fun!

I really like the sneaking! There is far too little sneaking in other roguelikes, methinks (Why are they called "roguelike" then?).

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Well, thanks! ... silly me :/ ! Now I made it to the wizard, but he did really cruel things to my body parts. By any chance, do you like Dwarf Fortress ^^ ?

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I think this game looks nice. Unfortunately, I do not know how to play it, and I do not find any help. I know that I must swap two adjacent tiles to create three or more in a row. I think I understood that the left top picture is me and the right top picture is the monster I am currently fighting. I also sometimes attack, and sometimes the monster attacks. I sometimes find things as well.

But how can I control what happens?

How can I upgrade my stuff?

What do I have to do to attack?

What does it mean that some of my stuff/body parts are highlighted (the background is colored) while others are not?

What is a long snek?

Could you add a hint that it is not turn-based? I tried about ten times until I got that! The room concept of this game is quite nice!

I really like this game as well, but unfortunately are too unlucky or too stupid to win. The tomato of victory is a nice idea, and I definitely noticed the length of snakes' interior!

Use a - apply to make fire (if you found the required stuff) or plant, and use comma - pick up to collect berries. And you can kill orcs with or without a branch :)

There is the level with the red guy that leaves a trace of flames. Is it a devil? I think that is level five. You have to kill him to create the stairs!

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I uploaded a new *.zip file with three dependent libraries added. Also, there now is a win32 version, which works on my 2011 netbook with Windows XP. Does any of these work for you?

Well ... that's probably my fault (or the 7 days'). Try some magic on the green guy(s)!