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Este juego es realmente una obra de arte!

Time is passing so fast! IWB got some updates, but I still cannot recommend it for usage in Jam #4.
Also, I will probably not be able to participate this time. Maybe next time!

Why are there feet and fire in the fridge?
Very bad indeed 🤣

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Me too. I even fought the queen bee for some time but eventually succumbed to not drawing my block dice. Seems to be a bug?

Well ... I was not confused, since jams on are normally game-only jams. I did this just for fun 😜 and because I want to have an easy-to-use and free BASIC to JavaScript compiler for future jams. Maybe I can get it to that stage before #4 begins?

Locking the screen is something different: ScreenLock disables the integrated drawing commands, but lets you write to the buffer memory directly.

Gameplay: 2/5
The guards freeze at random intervals, not one standing still, but all.
Additionally, I would like it if I could hold down a key to auto-repeat.
Furthermore, when I lose, I do not know why, i. e. which guard noticed me (the character), so I (the player) can improve.

Creativity: 5/5
Well ... escaping is not that creative, but the lore is! I like that the game itself is not entirely un-Zelda-like :D !

Graphics/sound/polish: 5/5
Nice pixel art.

Interpretation/completeness: 5/5
It's complete and you could not take the theme more literally, I think.

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I usually click the stars, write my comment, and then try to post the comment. My browser then prompts me to save the stars first, but the comment already got posted nonetheless. If I click post again, I double-post as well.

The correct order would be: Click the stars, save the stars, write a comment, post the comment. But most of the time, I get it wrong.

Gameplay: 4/5
I like the game very much; the one thing that confused me is that it talks about a "How to play" file, but there is no such file; you have to look at the game page. Nonetheless, I typed some keys and found it out.

Creativity: 5/5
Something completely new (as far as I know).

Graphics/sound/polish: 2/5
Well, since there are just some boxes and text to line up, I am very picky and notice, that some things are almost centered, but not quite. I always get the labelling with the less-than/greater-than backwards and the strange randomly-appearing clicking noise is strange.

Interpretation/completeness: 5/5
It's complete and completely random!

"I do wish though that the screen was a bit larger."

Did you find the file called "BomberScapeFullScreen.cmd"? That does not make your screen larger, but the game then uses (almost) all of it!

Gameplay: 5/5
...although I would have liked it better if your character snapped to rows and columns.

Creativity: 3/5
Well, there is not much new, but it's fun to play.

Graphics/sound/polish: 5/5

Interpretation/completeness: 5/5
Well ... the task was to pick one theme, but I give you full score nonetheless.

Gameplay: 2/5, Creativity: 2/5
It's a side scroller without much specials.

Graphics/sounds/polish: 2/5
Although I like the simple graphics, I don't like the flicker. Try using multiple pages and ScreenSet!
There is no sound.

Interpretation/completeness: 5/5
Well, it's complete!

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This is a great idea; I will definitely try to play this when I get my hands on a recent version of Excel. Both my version (2000 :D) and know nothing about ListObjects and therefore fail.

Gameplay: 4/5
Rescuing is fun, although you have to be really slow; then I receive a rebel signal, but cannot locate it :( .

Creativity: 4/5
Great new twist to an old theme.

Graphics/sound/polish: 5/5
Really nice pixel art.

Interpretation/completeness: 5/5
I guess, I just miss something and the game can be won

Well ... I didn't supply any examples or documentation since I ran out of time. I will add that.
Thanks for the surprisingly high score you gave it nonetheless!

Why can't you tell the driver where to drive more slowly?

Yes, I received your email, but since is rather spammy I registered with a secondary account I do not check regularly. But somehow I felt like clicking my JFAB #2 link on the desktop today :D

Well, I didn't hope to win this jam by that margin. Especially, I didn't feel very creative and, well, to be honest, I first intended to include some fruits as powerups that you have to bring to your corny friends (or vice versa), but ran out of time for that, so I simply claimed the theme were "open" :D .

Thanks even more for your detailed feedback. I will try to improve the game when I find the time (I think around Easter is a good time).

But obviously, none of you managed to complete the game, since the "lowscore list" still remains unchanged. Perhaps I should show it up front as a motivation to not give up?

Thanks for the praise! Yeah, music and, most important, an annoying chainsaw sound, are something I will add at some point in the future. But I didn't get around during the jam time.

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I'm glad the game pleased you!
You can press Alt+Enter to switch to fullscreen mode. Forgot to mention that in-game :( .
(But that does not make the visible area grow.)

Thanks for the praise! I am pleased that you are having fun!
Note that you get additional tips (about six in total) in the intro whenever you win or lose without quitting.

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Well, the flavour text is somewhat strange, but the game is nice. The recorded synthesized speach output (Is it that?) is funny.

It took me some time to understand that I do not need to hold down the arrow key, but press it once to change the police's velocity.

Nice game. It would be even better if the controls were explained somewhere.

And I am far too bad to win against the AI.

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Nice concept. I'm especially pleased by the merchants that change their prices.

Most dialog boxes are rather empty and the bottom button row is crammed or overflowing. You could still tweak the layout a little bit.


  • Clicking a button does not always do something.
  • The load game dialog is not filtered :( .
  • Loading crashes the game. To be more precise: You have to enter a full file name (including .db extension), otherwise the dialog will not close. The game then appends the extension and opens another file. You can trick it into working if you create a file without extension and select that.
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Warning: This comment may contain spoilers and be overly negative. Read with care.

P. S.: Just found your line "Challenge to win the game in the shortest time (in days)" that made my day. Updated the creativity score accordingly :) .

The menu is really annoying. I like menus but not if all actions you want to perform are hidden in there.

The only way I found that you can sensibly play the game is SillyBuyer -> Sell Fruits, remember what they want,  Misc -> Get Fruits, buy all they need, SillyBuyer -> Sell Fruits, click Sell, Misc -> Next day...
That's rather tedious and tiresome.

Apart from that, there are several bugs:

  • If you restart the game, the interest rate stays the same, so you can spend all your money to move it up and then restart. Repeat this to get arbitrarily large interest rates.
  • If you restart the game while on the bank screen, only parts of it are removed.
  • The silly buyers often want to buy huge amounts of fruit that you cannot afford to buy or have.
  • If you want to buy fruit and enter 300$ into the unlabelled box, you have 0300$ apples and cannot sell any.
  • When you sell fruit, they do not disappear.
  • In the Gambling menu, the two bottom entries do not work.
  • In the Gambling -> Even & Odd screen, you cannot change the amount you bet.

Thanks for the notification! I might even find the time to participate, especially if the jam time spans the first week of March, or Easter.
Is there already a jam page here on If so, it would be nice if you linked it on the old jam page, so we all can find it.

Got that as well when I double clicked a golden calf.

As long as they cannot be seen on screen, I think so.

The game tells me that I can cling to walls and climb up or down, but it does not show me the key binding. How do I cling to a wall?

How do you fix those idiotic printers? Sometimes I only have to walk up to them, but sometimes I can hit them while their bar is in the green range and they won't fix.

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Took me some time to figure out that you control the falling prince and not the bed. But funny game nonetheless!

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If you have the time, you could create a small new game for this jam. People will play it and like it and look for other stuff you published, so your longer running project may get some attention. For that, you would have to create an page for it − I don't find any!

Can it be that thare are invisible obstacles? Sometimes the snake just disappears to the left without running into anything.

Apart from that, I just love your game!

Fun: Somewhat, although it is a bit slow due to the one-/two-tile-only restriction.

Presentation: Excellent!

Originality: Well, there are lots of games with fairy chess pieces.

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Nice, but it stopped here: 

The AI does not move from that point.

Last output on debug console is from Build.framework.js:2:43407:

Really nice game, well done!

Here are some things you could improve:

  • Highlight the selected tab. At first, I thought I were in the diplomacy tab because it is another shade of grey.
  • Display the nobles' current mood somewhere, perhaps in the "News" screen? For me, loss came somewhat unexpected while I was focusing on getting my food and population gradient into the positive.
  • Perhaps make the start of the game more intuitive − several buttons just tell you that you have to have some other resource; you could perhaps grey them out.

I guess they have to look like characters. So you can draw your own A and a, but you cannot replace A B C with Images of fluffy dwarves.

Oh no ... that's sad :(

Gameplay: I do not really understand what's going on here. You can select different coins, but how are they different? Some move faster, and some slower, I guess, but I can't remember which are which and what they do. Do they different amounts of damage as well? What does the "quarters only, please" sign at the beginning mean? Also, I didn't find out whether it is good or bad to hit the ATM.

Creativity: Obviously, very creative. Shooting with immaterial cryptocurrency at the thing that makes it exists is completely weird.

Graphics, Sound and Polish: You definitely put much effort into the graphics, but there are no sounds, are there?

Interpretation of Theme and Completeness of Game: Yeah, it's about money, but I would have liked a more common aproach to the theme better.

Gameplay: I accidentally spoiled myself by reading the other raters' comments, so I had no problems figuring out how to play. I really like the idea of your game. One minor downside is that if you get distracted in the second the level shows the NPCs, you cannot go back and look again. A prompt at before showing them (Press any key to start...) would be nice. On the first level, you could use it to hint at what the player should do.

Creativity: I think the idea of hidden scary obstacles is creative.

Graphics, Sound and Polish: The graphics are good simple pixel art, the sounds are well done (I have no VIC experience so I cannot really compare).

Interpretation of Theme and Completeness of Game: Scaring me is difficult, but I consider the game extremely interesting at least.