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Hello toka! 

It would be interesting for us to have our games translated into Danish. Please give us your email address or write to us at

We look forward to your contact! :)

Hello Jordan! 

We are looking for a male voice for our Lucidus Mortem project. 

We attach a link to the casting announcement we made some time ago on itch:

Currently we have almost the whole cast but we are looking for a male voice to play a couple of important roles. 

We would like very much to talk to you about it. 

Please write to us at

Oh! Thank you! A page like this is always helpful! Although we prefer to have a direct contact with the actors. We want to form a team for all our projects! Thanks anyway, we'll have a look at it. :)

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Our characters are looking for a voice! Maybe it's yours. 

Hello folks, 

We are looking for English voice actors for an interactive adventure game "Lucidus Mortem".

The game is completely based on the story and characters and we are looking for people of all ages and genres. We are looking for roles from the main characters of the story and also secondary roles from just a few paragraphs of text. 

We are looking for committed people who want to get excited about our project.  

The only requirement is to have a good recording system to record your voice.

If you are interested in knowing more about us, you will find information on our website:

If you are interested and you want to be part of our team please contact us at

We'll be happy to talk with you!

Kim & Judit
Indigo Studios

Hello Klicksklavenmeister,

The German translation of Seven Doors is now ready and is being incorporated into the game. It would still be great to count on you in the future. In a very short time we will release another game and we will need a lot of help with the translation. 

Please write to us at

Thank you very much for your interest in our game!



Thanks to you!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! :)

Hello Marxxiez, 

Sorry for the delay, you should already be able to access the Steam key from the game page on itch. 

If you have any problem, please let us know and we will solve it as soon as possible.  :)

Hello Raphipod,

We are very happy about your interest in Seven Doors! :) It's simply translating the sentences. No programming is necessary. 

It would be great if you could give us your email or contact us at and we will talk!

Thank you very much. 

Kim & Judit

Thank you for your opinion! :D

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Hi, folks!

We are very happy to announce that Seven Doors will be launched on Steam this June 26, 2020. 
Here's the link:

We're setting up the final Steam game image, and we can't decide which cover we like best! These covers will be the image that the player has in his library when he already has the game of his property. 

We hesitate between these two, which one do you think is better?

Please leave us your opinion in the comments or at

If you like the game or you think it looks good, share it with your friends and family and add it to your wish list.  For us it will be a very precious help!

Remember also that if you buy the game now at itch we will give you a Steam Key at its launch!

Seven Doors at itch:

Here's a review of the game:

Thank you very much to all of you who havIe supported us, thanks to you all this is being possible. :)

We are improving the game day by day and very soon we will have the final version. Thanks for your support. 

Thank you very much, we are very excited!

Wow! Thanks for your comments, we hope you had a good time playing it! A great video! :)

Hi, folks, 

Our game Seven Doors is already being translated into 11 languages! Unfortunately we are missing the German language, could someone help us or do you know someone who can?

Here is the game page

And here's the old translation post.

Thank you very much! :)


Thank you very much for everything! Comments like these help us move forward! We loved your video, we will be very happy to see a second part!  :)

Best whishes, 

Kim & Judit

Thank you very much, we really liked the video. 

We are trying to improve the rooms to make them perfect! Every week we make updates in the game and we will try to improve the room of the pictures!  

Ah! the language that intrigued you is Catalan (Catalonia) 


Kim & Judit


Hello Marxxiez!

Thank you very much for playing Seven Doors and for your great video! It was so exciting to follow you through the seven doors! 

We are improving the game day by day and the two rooms you are talking about have already made the puzzles a little easier.  If you have any suggestions or comments we would love to hear from you. You can do this at 

Remember also that everyone who has bought the game will get a free Steam key when it is released.

Thank you very much, 


We would love to have the game in brazilian portuguese! 

Give us your email or write us to and we'll talk! :D

Thanks for your support! We continue to work on improving all the game's features day by day. 

We are a developer's company.

Hi, right now we are developing a game that will be ready very soon! We'll let you know when we publish it! :)

Hello Starnest,

We would love to have our game to the Japanese!  

Give us your email or send us one to and let's talk! 

We would love to have Seven Door in Japanese! :D

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Hi, folks!

We are asking for your help in translating our Seven Doors game. It is a puzzle game and has very little text, but we want it to be universal and for everyone to be able to play it in their language!

Help us to translate the game into your language, no matter how big or small your country is, no matter if it's a language of a cultural ethnicity. What we really care about is that everyone, wherever they are from, has a good time playing Seven Doors. 

Obviously, apart from translating Seven Doors into your language, your name/nik will appear in the game as a translator, and we will also give you some keys at the launch of Steam so that you can give them away to anyone you want. 

If you are interested in helping us, please contact us at:

Before you help us, do you want to know the game? 
This is the Seven Doors website, download the demo and try it out!

(Translations already done: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Catalan).

Here you have more information:

Indigo Studios website

Game review by GAMERamble

Interview with Indigo Studios

Indigo Studios Twitter

Help us make Seven Doors a game for everyone. 

Thank you Holy! We love your video! :)

Hello, friend! You can try our new Seven Doors demo if you want!

Hello, friend! You can try our new Seven Doors demo if you want!

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Hi TidusElGato, thanks for your interest in our game. 

Right now we are about to release a demo, follow us here or on twitter to find out all our news!

We're working hard, so we'll have lots of new and exciting news soon! 

"Hi, welcome to Seven Doors. Behind this door, seven challenges are waiting for you that we have prepared specifically to test your skills. We're waiting for you behind the last door...  If you arrive... Now, if you are ready, you may begin. The door is open.... Good luck."

Seven atmospheres, seven challenges, seven solutions. Will you be able to reach the end?

Seven Doors is a good occasion to have fun and test your skills, solving riddles and secret languages to dangerous situations and even be part of a giant chess game. As a player you will have to go through seven different atmospheres, all of them unique, special and surprising. 


"The best thing about Seven Doors is that we never knew what to expect next and it was genuinely interesting to see what lies beyond each new door. " "the visuals are impressive for a small indie team." "If you are looking for a game that will provide a couple of hours of challenging and engrossing puzzle solving, then Seven Doors is definitely worth your while." 

"Indie fans who love puzzle games should definitely take a look."

Click here to read the full review by GAMERamble




Seven Doors - website
Indigo Studios - Official website
Twitter from Indigo Studios

Thank you very much for reading about our game, 

if you want to follow the progress of this and many other projects of ours, 

please don't hesitate to follow us on and twitter!  We promise you will love it!