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Hey! It is a bomb! But it does not trigger on the infection (due to a bug). Mobs can trigger it.

lood ɐ uᴉ ʞɔnʇs ɯ,I

03:45:86 😎 and I died may be like 200 times only.

Uh oh. Deeper than I thought.

Love the art style!

Such a cute art! ^_^

On Your Feet Maggot!

Hey remram44, you need to grab the key once you kill the boss and go back to loop 0. We will add some tutorial for the post-jam version. Thanks for playing!

Love the Tron vibe!

Meditative and stylish!

Mood over 9000.

Scored 81 !

Yes. 18th level/10.

The art is cool!

That is brutal! :D

I feel dizzy! :D 

This game has the best ads :D

That art is amazing!

I pressed the red button!

That is cute!

I love the ps1 aesthetics!

I saved the divinity!

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Fun to play, but hard to aim. :D

It gets better over time with a lot of enemies on the screen :D

Please add more towers and enemies! :D

Now I am in a better place...

I love the art! Godot seems can handle 3D really well.

That's new Flappy Bird! :D

Clever game design!

I love the art style!

That is creative!

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Hey brancleboy,

Thank you for the feedback! This is a jam-version of the game and it lacks some usability features.

You can switch units by pressing 1,2,3 on your keyboard. Hope this helps!