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Not sure if I played this correctly but I ended up treating this as a regular TD game. I assume the goal was to be able to deflect the enemies but bypass the defense when it's your turn to play as enemy.  To communicate this better some fail condition would help I guess.

I will give it another try today, but here is my first attempt:

Had fun playing this! Love the upgrades and player's AI. Found some op strats so stopped playing at some point. Visual effects are really well made too. The only issue I found it was hard to figure out controls but got used to them on my third try.

Here is my playtest:

Highscore: 0. Yay!

Got to level 22, pretty nice.

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Clever puzzle, not very clever me solving this puzzle. Nice to hear you adding more levels. Especially would be fun to see some with more than one solution possible.

Here is my playthrough (warning: I have no idea what I am doing):

the last level took waaaaay to much brain power of mine.

The game gets too easy with damage upgrades and extremely hard without one. This could sound fair, however other upgrades do not give such a comparable advantage. Mood is really nice, effects are crisp. I wish I could face what I saw on a preview image - a dozen of angry eyes but they only come one by one.

Here is my playtest:

Night 10 with 583 souls.

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Awesome game once you figure out the rules. Unique and fresh gameplay with an impressive art for 48 hours. I do not even know what to add here. The speed up felt kinda ugh, but fair considering its goal is to shorten the survivability of the player. I guess you could replace it with limited balls count or a finite amount of rounds per level.

Here is my attempt:

I would add some bonuses (e.g. expand the platform, shrink the platform, gravity change, drop speed, etc.) to make the game more spicy. Also some bombs that aim on a specific figure type or color so player can decide if it worth picking them or not.

Here is my playtest:

3 times got 828, can't go higher than that.

For some reason instead of carefully thinking where and when use my cards I spammed them because I had just too many of them. Also some sort of a pause to read the text the cards would be nice.  Glad you  added progression by adding rooms over time - nice touch. 

Here is my first attempt:

112 heroes @ 103 cards on my first try!

Had fun playing this one especially when I got to weld the scientist into some sort of a monster from The Forest. Tail one was tricky, but I am happy I figured it out.

Here is my playthrough:

Omg those spooky night sounds! Like the fact you can not see the ghosts too far away.

Here is my playtest: 


Really impressed by the variety of upgrades and tactics. While I performed really bad on my first two tries I will definitely play more of this. Also may I ask what do you use to create the music? Is that audiotool?


Ping 300+ player be like.

Enjoyed this one! Trees are wobbling when you touch them <3. Got a weird bug on the last level, but was worth replaying it.

My second playthrough: 

My first playthrough + bug:

Solid entry! 06:32

The pace is rather slow, I guess you would need to play for about an hour to get a decent score (1000+).

I like the idea and different tradeoffs with the blocks. Here is my playtest:

Huh, got 360 for over 13 minutes.

A lovely reason to enjoy game jams.

Here is my playthrough (not even close to 0:48 🤡):

9:05 🤡

RAM broom is really funny :D My op strat - drop 3 asteroids, get the broom, drop 3 asteroids, broom, repeat.

Here is my playtest:

Got 5840 on my third try!

I come to a conclusion if you do not press buttons immediately - you increase cooldowns for yourself.  So the best strat is to press them as soon as they ready, because the  enemy is always there.

managed to kill 3. 


I am not using navmesh for this one. I forgot how to use it properly once they removed it from default packages. But I need to revisit it at some point.

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Love the sfx and effects! Had some troubles reaching the third screen but got there on my third try (not on the video). Later realized I can hold-drag anywhere on the screen. not just on the ball :D

My first attempt:

The game is indeed short :D

Stressful multitasking! I wish the hits were indicated more clearly (enemy blink or something), also forgot what the second ability does. Great idea with the color tint of the screen because I had no time to look at the UI :D

Here is my playtest:

Got 122768 on my first run!

I like the idea. Some score or end goal would be nice to have. By the splash screen I thought this game is about sad tower :D

Here is my attempt:

125 tickets, 42 Michaels, 9 minutes.

Completed in 9 minutes. Cool!

Awesome level design!