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Hanzo main enters the chat.

1 minute is the longest I can survive. D:

What a fun game! 324 seconds!

I can finally draw! Oh no!

"Guagh!" - a zombie, probably :D

Completed in only.... 156 pulses :D


Fork is op. :D

iCone 14 :D

Game spoiler: fjfjfffjjjfjfjffcfjjfcfffjcifcfcfjjijffcx :D

I'm glad this game does not have infinite stairs like in my dreams...

The way the giant falls at the start is hilarious. :D

Is there way to play alone or is it pvp only?

my best time 09:52 🌱

It would be cool to see my high score. ⭐

Amazing plane sounds!

"QTE hell" - oh I see now...

Got 321!

Got score 26! but I die so fast :D

Got 59600!

Killed the boss only once by a pure luck :D

Got score 114. Nice!


Iis there blood on the cutting board? :D

Beep beep beep... :D

The best dancing zombie animations :D

The eyes animation is really funny :D

That's some epic gunfight!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback.

Oh wow, thanks for the video!

That's some 10/10 feedback. Thanks!

We need more levels :D

I love the fact that my mouse is glitching even outside the game overlay o_O

You are impressive!

omg dat face expression! :D

Took 21 minutes to complete! Congratulations on Overall #1!

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27359! Congratulations with the #1 Overall!

Love the animations!

I will beat it... someday...