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Thanks for the comments, the other dev is going to be happy to hear you liked his sound effects, mostly self-recorded, a few take from Kenney.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

I like the simple idea behind the game. I was on it for way too long trying to beat level 9, and then after even more time had to give up on the last level. It very quickly goes from a simple game to a rage game. I wish you could use items like the springs more than once.

Great Game!

I'm not quite sure what the rotating things do?

The game is quite fun. I did find that at least for me, the best way to play was for the most part to just hold down the "a" key and continually rotate.

The music fit really well with the game, and I really enjoyed destroying those little beans.

Fun game, simple but good, takes a minute to get used to the controls, but then it's "smooth sailing"... I'll let myself out

The peasants, they just never give up do they.... hahaha thanks for playing!

Haha, yeah honestly the tower targeting is a bit trash... That's would've been on the to-do list for future upgrades. Thanks for the comment

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I think the game concept could've been interesting to explore, shame about running out of time, but 48 hours isn't a lot. I know how frustrating it can be to run out of time in one of these, better luck next time!

I'm glad you liked it!

I really liked it, the little aliens were really cute. It would have been nice to have more levels... but I think that may have been the intention with the other platforms in the first level. Only thing I'd say is to maybe remove the joystick in favour of a switch or something, if you were really careful you could just fly around the levels.

Good job!

The game was nice. I don't really know what I was doing, I was just going around clicking things and they got destroyed.

The controls were a bit rough, but the visuals were very good.

I enjoyed playing it.

This game was cute, but I wish we could've found out more about dusty. Some music would've really helped the mood of the game.

Also, I don't think the green robot deserved dusty, it laughed at him, dusty deserves better!

The game was nice and simple, would've been cool to see some more levels, maybe with some extra game mechanics. Also would've been nice to have some music or some audio.

Nice relaxing game.

That was a super fun playthrough. I don't know if I prefered flailing around in the air, or spinning on the ground, it was so funny! 10/10 recommend!

Noooooo, I was really hoping to play your game since it has the same name as mine (cheeky plug I know)

For next time when exporting with Godot, remember you have to zip the .exe and .pck file together and upload that to

It's cool you included your src so I went ahead and downloaded that and built the game on my own and it's a nice little game to play, and I like the simple visuals.

Good job, shame about the upload being broken.

I think the concept of rotating players around so that they don't get tired was interesting. That said I wish there was a way of improving the sanity. Also, the game was a bit slow, you could leave the same people on the entire game and know you could just replace them the next round with the fresh recruits. Don't really know what money was about, and I'm guessing you ran out of time to make the stats be something meaningful. I think with a bit more tuning and balancing the game could be an interesting strategy game of trying to find and keep the best employees. Fun game, Cool concept!

I really liked the visuals, and the rolling to move around was hilarious. The game is tough though, killing the zombies takes a long time. Overall I liked it!

Nice visuals. I did have some issues with the music and timing as you mentioned in the description, but overall a nice chill game. Good job!

Thanks! Glad to hear you liked it

Just watched the clip. Really cool to see the game played on a stream!

Your comments definitely make a lot of sense, the time travel mmechanicis really hard to balance, and I definitely agree there should be more player control.

Thanks for the great feedback!

I think everyone else has already said this, but it took me a minute to understand what was going on, but from that point on it was a cool game to play.

I really like how you can see the future, but then go in it when you use the keys, it's like having foresight into what's going to happen next. I think there are lots of possibilities to expand this game.

One comment is that I wish there was a way to cancel your time travel, sometimes you go into the future, realise there's nothing to do, and have to wait to be flung back into the present. Oh, also I kept getting stuck and having to refresh until I realized r restarted.

Really cool game overall!

I think the idea was good, but it was really easy to just go around and not gather any potions just avoiding the mistle.

Since the potions didn't change it was fun to go back and see if you could remember which ones where good and which ones were bad.

That said it was a really interesting idea, good job!

The game was fun to play.

I did find that an easy way to win was to just upgrade the shots and sit in a corner shooting everything.

That said I liked the concept of time as both health and a currency, really makes you think if you should get that upgrade or if it'll cost you your life next round.

Good job!

The simulation is cool, and the visuals look great. I'd have to take out a piece of paper and work out if the circuit makes sense but I'll take your word for it ; )

I had the same isues


Hey! Thanks for playing, yeah we realized the rolling thing as well but just never git around to fixing it, definitely on our to-do if we go back it the game after the jam. It does feel off.

Giving you all of their money is the least they could do right, I mean you basically created them!

Thanks for the comment.

It is really relaxing, at the beginning we enjoyed just watching the dice roll around we dicided if the game wasn't finished we'd just submit a dice rolling simulator.

It just came out very satisfying.

When I first started the game I thought, oh this is easy. NO it isn't, it gets hard fast.

I think there is some luck involved in getting a good random start, but even then the later levels require more patience than I have, hahaha.

Overall it was quite fun, has cute art, and definitely a cool idea.

This game was a lot of fun. The controls were so nice, really like the wall jumps.

The only thing is I wish that dying didn't pull you back soooo far, there were a few times where it took a  while to get back to the point of death.

But for a game in made in two weeks, it looks really nice, and I can't get over how nice those controls felt.

I think the concept was interesting. The effect where your player moves back in time and undoes all of its actions was really nice to see.

One comment is that the game is a bit jittery which hurts your eyes a bit. Also there's a place where I just fell down a hole and couldn't get back out, not sure if I missed something or not.

The art was nice, and I liked what I think was the Alice in Wonderland theme

This game was great, I suck at it, but it's definitely fun. Especially the UI with the cubes, it looks absolutely amazing.

I will say I kept getting stuck when I slid too early or too late, and then I just had to wait for the time timer to reset.

Overall really nice game, and definitely leaves me wanting to scrape off just one more second each time!

That was very fun, but in an impossible game kind of way. I swear I spent 15 minutes on the first level and I couldn't manage to cross the road for a second time. I opened impossible mode for exactly 5 seconds before I realized I had no shot.

I am going to come back to it and I am going to beat it (at least the first chapter). The portal was very cool, and I loved the transitions.

Fun game!

Hey! Thanks for the great comments, I might play around with it a bit more and definitely keep your comments in mind!

Hey! Thanks for the comment. Yeah... the only version I managed to export just in time didn't seem to properly render the attacks which sucks but what can you do about it.

It was a simple idea but very enjoyable to play!

Haha yeah!

I liked the concept of having to find the second part of the ship whenever you got hurt. Very interesting game!

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Very cool game, the controls are a bit difficult, but it was still fun to play.