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you have to fullscreen it

ridiculously good game - so simple yet thought provoking, and really well executed. Definitely the best game I've seen in this jam so far.

I think the dice aspect is not a substantial enough chunk of the game. It feels like golf, but with a slightly differently shaped ball. The controls are a little bit annoying (especially Q and E). Overall a decent game; I think the graphics especially were very good.

Dividing by zero error, because I forgot to fix it lol. Thanks for playing!

As some of the other commenters have said, it would have been great if this game was longer. But for a 48 hour gamejam, this is a great entry. Good job!

Highly satisfying to absorb the lifeless bodies of my foes and become a god tank. I wish there were more levels, but it's a great game.

Nice game. Art is really beautiful, music is nice, and the concept is novel and fun. I quite liked it.

Thank you! If I do work on it further post-jam, I will definitely add some guiding lines. It's extremely easy to implement, but I was just too tired to do it before I submitted.

Really nice game. Everything was explained well and it was fun to play.

Yeah, a lot of people have suggested having a guiding line. Sadly, I wasn't able to implement it because I was just too tired and had to sleep. Thanks for playing it, though!

Good concept, nice game, really good presentation. I enjoyed it quite a bit!

Nice game. It would be nice if there was a list of all adjacency bonuses/large tiles that can be formed, but other than that, it's solid.

Really enjoyed this game. Incredible work for something made in 48 hours.

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Incredible game. The idea to add levels but maintain the existing ones was brilliant. The music was nice, gameplay was smooth, and all in all the game was really enjoyable.

Glad to see a fellow python gamemaker! Nice game, nice graphics, good concept. Overall solid game.

Decent game. Honestly, the guns all felt like they did the same thing, which turned this into a sort of mindless "shoot the guy" simulator. But it was still reasonably fun listening to the sledgehammer dudes grunt when they died :)

fantastic game. nothing negative to point out, not even a single bug. kudos.

Solid game. Retro theme is fantastic and music is great. Controls took me a while to figure out. Kind of difficult, but that's to be expected. Overall good game.

Nice game. Graphics are really beautiful and the music matches as well. It is quite difficult to maneuver around the hands, and there is a bug in which your cursor stays off when the event comes up (so you can't click on either choice). But overall good game and I rated it well.

god tier game. you are deus. hats off.

Really a fantastic game. It took a little bit to understand what rotated what, but after that it was smooth sailing. 

This game is just unplayable. Maybe it should be renamed to Flying Snake Simulator, since all the snake does is zoom around uncontrollably.

Incredibly good game. A little bit difficult, but other than that, implementation is pretty much perfect.

 game got lost at some point

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This game is desperately in need of a tutorial. It takes ages to figure out what moves, how to move things, where to move things to, and even what the object of the game is. Otherwise, it's a really fun game. The "block on a leash" mechanic is really original and makes for some interesting situations.

Reasonably fun game, but the concept is heavily overused. The connection to the theme is good in theory, but in practice, a greater fire rate has little impact on the game beyond a point. It looks decent overall, but the screen gets cluttered very quickly and the lack of sound effects and music hurts it a lot. Overall, a decent game in most respects, but it has some issues.

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Really good game. Concept is kind of taken from puzzles but the presentation is beautiful, audio is good, and it is fun to play. Difficulty scales well, though the third one is incredibly difficult. Overall really solid game.

Thanks for the feedback!

oh I meant the second type of plane

Excellent game! My only gripe with it is that after the first plane, everything becomes too expensive and you have to spam your mouse mining iron for a while to buy each part. Aside from that, though, game looks really polished and plays well.

Overall very interesting game and nice concept. It took me a while to understand how to play but after that it was entertaining. The idea of maintaining a balance instead of trying to dominate the other side is novel .

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! It's my first turn based game. Glad you liked it.

I don't know then... that's sad. Thanks for trying though.

I added a link in the game description for a windowed version. Please check if that works.

I added a link in the game description for a windowed version. Please check if that works.

Similar thing here; I think there might be a bug with the fullscreen version of my game and I would like to upload a windowed version of the same game. Can I do that?

It might show up at the bottom  and require you to click it before it starts. The problem may also be with the fullscreen version of the game. I will upload a windowed version soon, most likely.