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I really enjoyed this. Very nice work!

I really enjoyed this game. Would you be interested in collaborating on the AudioGame Jam 2020 that's just starting up? The sound designer who worked on this game is going to lead the design, and we both liked your work here. I'm @hoistbypetard#3193 on discord if you're interested in discussing. I think that's going to be a fun jam.

We didn't have time to figure out what was stopping space and enter from working before it was time to submit, so we moved to slash or keypad enter.

A fun game. It was easy to get stuck into a loop where you were just floating in the middle of the screen and not able to play, though. If you build this out, that should maybe send you back to the platform or something? Nice entry!

The firecrackers made me laugh a lot. Nice job across the board!

I'd have appreciated a way to speed up the intro (maybe hitting space after i was done reading could jump to the next screen of text). This was fun to play! Very nice entry!

I love the world construction and the artwork. Nice job!

Fun and hilarious. I really like this take on the theme. Nice work!

That was very original and fun to play. Nice job!

That was a devilishly difficult mechanic. I love it. Very nice entry!

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The fun part for me was getting drawn in and absorbed into this universe that I could only see a sliver of. That process of engaging with your creation is something I find fun even if the story is not a happy one and the topic is uncomfortable.

Great job with the keyboard display. Having a different key layout than the one on the display really makes it "hard mode". Your game is fun, the keyboard display is fantastic, and the music fits perfectly and sets the tone.

Fun jam! I love the way the music fit the scene. It was easy to understand and challenging to play, and you really did a nice job with the theme.

Nice job on your entry, all! That was fun to play, and I loved both the sound effects and the player frozen in the block of ice.

Funny concept and funny sounds! I kept losing quickly and couldn't tell why for sure. I think some of the play was cut off on the edges of the screen. I'm still chuckling about the idea of the game :)

Wow! Frustrating, fun, strange, dark, and completely on theme. Very nice job. The minimalism really highlights the complete lack of control.

Nice job! It was appropriately hard and definitely fits the theme. It was fun to play.

re: your question... I tried both ways and found myself moving my hand. I'm too used to typing with two hands to be quick enough with one.

Neat idea for the theme! I love the visual and audio changes as you fill the bottle up. The spin on the room is almost enough to make you dizzy playing, and the inversion of the directional controls once you've had too much is brilliant. Very nice work.

The concept was a lot of fun, and the art and music were well done and fit in nicely together. Very nice game!

Very nice take on the theme.  I had fun playing. You did a great job. This felt like a complete game!

That was fun and almost dizzying starting with the second level. Beautiful work!

Just a mention in the notes that it was for acceleration and braking too... I thought it was one of those games where you only steer on one axis.

That was fun and challenging. A very cool way to use the theme.

Nice work! It took me a couple of deaths to figure out how to accelerate/decelerate, but once I got the hang of that it was a fun game. The plane flying the busted banner is a great touch.

Controlling the movement was a challenge! (In-line with the theme...) That was fun to play. I loved the sound and the visual style. Very nice job.

That modem sound! Ouch! Very nice concept, and fun to play. If I were going to play for long, I think I'd want an option to disable the CRT effect... like an old CRT, it started to give me a headache.

Very nice entry!

So 2020. Nice work, and nicely set atmosphere. I like that the ending is unrelated to the player's actions.

I really liked the puzzles. Nice choice of music too. Awesome job recreating that TUI without just showing images of it. I used a debugger that was shockingly similar to this a while back. This was fun and fit the theme well... great job!

Good job! It was fun to play and a nice angle on the theme of the jam. I liked the way you gradually increased the difficulty, and the music fit the scene very well.

The only thing I didn't enjoy was the aiming. The fact that the scarabs could attack on a diagonal and I couldn't aim on a diagonal was a little frustrating, particularly as a genie.

This game was a  lot of fun. The art looked great and the sound set the mood perfectly. Very cool concept, too!  Great job on this entry.

The level of polish your team managed in 48 hours is absolutely stunning. Great visuals with some fun tunes mixed in. I enjoyed the puzzle itself, too. And I never considered programming as a way to do this theme. Great job on an awesome entry!

Thanks! I think you ran into a bug. The screen cracks are supposed to make them harder to read but still let you send.

Spot on for the theme! It was hard to get the hang of it but fun once you did. The choice of keys was tough to adjust to.

That was challenging, and it looks great! Very nicely done.

That was fun to play and very well done. You really nailed the tutorial... I'd never have figured it out otherwise. The twist was a very good take on the theme.

That was fun to play, and you really nailed the theme! Nice job.

That was fun to play. Nice job! I love the way you made the room spin! Idea for your next jam: I think this would attract about twice as many ratings if you built for HTML5/WebGL in Unity. It's a great entry.

Fun game! Though I think it makes me a bad sheepdog; I liked running them to the mines as much as i did herding them onto the trucks. Great job!