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That was a small cool game, nice job! You could build upon it, introducing more things to dig or something.

It is not only an incredible game but it's also GPL3-licensed. I'll buy it on Steam.

What an impressive game! I was looking into non-euclidean geometry games and stumbled upon yours, really cool take!

I had some issues installing it on Arch (easy to fix but some may find it helpful). This is how I finally made it:

$ pacman -S sdl sdl-ttf sld-gfx
# maybe also the sdl2 counterparts but I had them already (dunno)
# and maybe
$ pacman -S sdl_mixer

After that, if, even with the SDL libraries installed, make outputs something like

In file included from sysconfig.h:348, from hyper.h:19, from hyper.cpp:23:
/usr/include/SDL/SDL_gfxPrimitives.h:38:10: fatal error: SDL.h: No such file or directory
    38 | #include <SDL.h>
       |          ^~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
make: *** [Makefile:144: hyper.o] Error 1

change the line 45 of the Makefile to:


Finally, once running the game (execute the generated compiled file), if you receive an error like

error: Font file not found: DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf

put a DejaVu Sans Bold file in the root directory of the game (for instance, from here).

Now, run the executable and you're ready to go.

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I was not talking about the prize nor the time put in it nor the rights that he has to do whatever he wants. Just curious about the business model.

Edit: I've just noticed that I wrote "Quit" instead of "Quite" in the original comment. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Glad you liked it :)

Gorgeous look (the title page is simply another level). The gameplay is well implemented and runs very smoothly. The only thing is that the theme is just in the aesthetics, which is fine anyways, but I would have preferred a bit of it in the gameplay

FYI, It works smoothly on Chromium but not on Firefox

Thanks, mate. That's a fair point, I must say

Glad you liked it :)

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That would make things easier for the mobile controls. The problem with that is that your supposed to use the jump to access higher platforms, and, with your idea, it would require to be always in the quadrant on the bottom. You gave me something to think about... Thanks!

I usually prefer when people put more of the process they followed, but your short format makes it very easy to watch.

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Quite a weird business model to make your potential developers pay to add functionality and let the users get it for free. It's fine if it works for you, I guess.

Very nice video, I liked that it was straight to the point

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Very polished graphics with a well-implemented mechanic. I liked it, but I would have preferred a bit bigger map to use the rewind more creatively.

I am interested in finding a good (best?) format for this kind of devlogs, so please post your devlogs if you can!

Here's mine (put me at x1.5)

Link to submission's page:

I rated yours. It is also my first jam, you can play mine (WebGL) at

Some reviewers told me that I had forgotten to include the mechanic description in the in-game "Controls" tab (noob mistake, I guess) so, please, read the "Controls" section in the page.

I liked the game mechanic with amplifier, is quite unique. It was a bit hard for me to understand what the amplifier beams were. Maybe a different color/particles or a small indication in the "Get Ready" phase would have made it more clear. Also, add restart button, please!

Albeit having not idea of what I just played, I must say it was spectacular

I really needed more levels after playing. Great job with this mechanic!

Video for the second devlog, 1 month of game development.

On the video, I integrate heghtmaps, a dialog system and improve the AI of the goblins, introducing a new goblin: the archer.

This part is longer that the previous entry and shows the upload of the first prototype that is currently on

After that, I want to move along to build an MVP that people can playtest with the quest system and a part of the final world.

I hope you enjoy it.

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My thoughts on your game:

  • Animations: the walk animations are inverted and you should check if the feet are touching the ground to play it. Maybe they were too detailed, but looked cool anyways. I am not and expert on sprite animation, but you can take a look at the video to check what I mean with "too detailed".

  • Mechanic: the upgrades were a bit difficult to interpret, you could have written some pieces of this awesome hand-written text that you used for the tutorial (I liked it, it was quite funny).
  • The collision shape of the player is too big. Unless you are doing a rage pixel-perfect game, the collider of the player should usually be smaller that the sprite, to make it a bit snappier.

I liked your all over the place story-telling, and the wall running was good.

I'm glad you liked it :) Certainly, I should have put more things around the rewind mechanic, but I came late to the jam :/. I need to learn how to use post-processing in Godot, I don't know how to do it for 2d.

Hmmm... I'm sorry but I can't run Windows games on my machine :(((

Thanks, mate! I'll go an play it

Thanks for your kind words :) The reason why it doesn't work is that I didn't know how to use the full screen with the camera settings 😅

Hmmm... I know there are some problems when you click outside the quadrants, I'll have to investigate the issue that you mention. And yes, I don't know how to do the think with the aspect ratios :/ That's something I definitely need to learn.

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

That's what I call a great review.

I was aware problem with the bombs not looking like bombs, I have to rework them, definitely. Very cool that you noticed the spins. I didn't really think of stacking the boxes, but now that you mention it, it makes a lot of sense (although it requires some extra working).

The theme could have been boosted by changing the rewind boxes to a time-base rewind instead of order-based, maybe (but that would have taken more effort, of course).

I was thinking of improving replayability by theming the quadrants (the top could have 0 gravity, the bottom could be a hell) but I need to think about it. The flipping-gravity boxes (or even flipping gravity bombs) look like a good idea, thanks for that. 

Thank you so much for your thorough review!

Cool dynamic and AI, but I didn't like the movement of the player, it felt too crazy (maybe that's fine for a rage game). Good job! I'll rate yours

Design by subtraction is hard and you made it in a really elegant way, which also makes it accessible. I don't know how far you are but it already looks very solid for a final product, lacking, maybe, some in-game explanation of the story.

I'll follow you and will buy the game once it's finished!

Thank you for your kind words :) Not explaining the mechanic was indeed a nooby mistake, I'll make sure to learn the lesson! I was told that theme was a bit off (and it is true, rewind is not the core mechanic), but it would be good to have feedback on the mechanic itself, if you find some time, because I want to release a more polished version on mobile.

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Here I leave the video about the first two weeks of development. I basically did the core mechanic (First-Person Hand movement with telekinesis) and the first 3D models (which was quite an odissey). Also, I added some PIZZAZZ (?).

The project is currently two weeks ahead of the video, an have a working prototype at On the video, just one type of goblin is shown, with simpler models, simpler AI and no landscape. I will make a video on the next steps I took in a week or two.

I am still struggling to understand what to put here and what to put under the devlogs of the game so sorry for the duplicates!

Brief written devlog on technical details:

The mechanic was very well implemented, in a responsive manner, good job there. I can see a lot of effort on the art with all that backgrounds too!

Yes, to be frank, I had to mute the music while developing it because I got quite tired of it. I had to use a google web app because I didn't know better, next time I'll use something like a real music software. Thanks for the feedback!

That's the idea! hehe Thanks for playing :)

Score: 1885. It looks gorgeous and the audio paired with the gameplay is awesome, I have to try that some day.

I'd also suggest for having more difference between explosions an enemies like other reviewers. But hell, you even implemented upgrades. It's incredibly polished, and, with just a few more UI elements for the title page and the shop, it would be production-ready.

Great job!

Oh, thank you! It is very rewarding to read that: I spent more time fighting with the pixels on Inkscape than coding anything at all T_T.

I uploaded a different thumbnail because everybody likes thumbnails.

You can try mine: It also has a devlog

Yes, I have unrar it. Don't worry too much, maybe it is something with my system.