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Woohoo, thanks a bunch for the review !

Hey There,

We are very far from putting this on Steam, but thanks a lot for the compliment !

Balancing was the last thing we did and we lacked time for it. The consumable items are meant to control the length of the sequence, but it eventually becomes too long. Games always need moar playtest 😉

About performance, we simply used baked lightmaps with fairly low settings, and we built with the "linker target" setting to "Both", which enables WebAssembly (a more modern alternative to ASM.js). The rest of the credits goes to Unity 😃

I'll make sure to check your submission ! 

Thanks a lot!

Also you have consumable items that help a lot. You pick two for each level, and other randomly spawn on the terrain during a game. This bit was less explained than the rest in the tutorial, however.

Thanks for the comment :)
Balancing was intentionally on the hard side to avoid going through the 4 levels with too much ease, but it could definitely be made better with more time into it!

Haha no worries, thats perfectly normal for a jam submission to have some weird bug left (there is a reason why most released games have several months of beta testing!)

Woaw! That is a really nice and complete game. I did go through all of it, but I really wanted to keep on playing.

I ended with a laser + mortar combination, that game me sustained + burst damage, but my legs broke and i became slow as hell due to the only quadruped i found. Very exciting gameplay, and good job on the level design: the door mechanic with the coloured cables was simple to understand; and the hidden places here and there make you want to go everywhere for better loot :D

Amazing work!

Pretty amazed by this simple but complete game!

Having an actual online matchmaking for a  game jam entry is astounding. One the game itself, I see it as some kind of rush-chess: you have to plan and see which unit will hit where, but you do not have much time to think. I wish I could find someone else o play against, as in the morning I had to play against myself ^^

The one thing it lacks is audio, which could help to get the timing of the "real-time turns", and knowing when a friendly or foe unit dies. Otherwise, to me this is a really good video game.

Congrats on this, one of my favorites of this jam so far!

Nice graphics!

I could really try the game as it was meant to played as I have nobody to play with me :forever_alone:, but I got the idea! Having the controls on two different sticks was weird enough :D

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Congrats for this, this is a massive amout of work!

I got a bit frustrated by the controls of the ship, but I guess that is somewhat part of the game :p It got waaay better when I plugged in an XBox controller though (kudos for dealing with multiple input systems btw).

I still found it extremely hard to hit enemy ships. They were simply too far away, the projectiles are quite slow, and the time it took me to get closer they were already on their way out :/
And I got a bug where I got like -2 million credits after finishing a mission :o

Amazing job on the UI and the 3D scenes, the menu is quite complex and neat. The simple explanation text at the beginning is a nice touch to get into it!

Anyway, good luck with the ratings ;)

Hey there! Good job on submitting the game :)
First of all, nice mashup of genres! I liked how the two gameplay mechanics mix up into a single game.

I like the concept, but I could not get how the left and right keys thing works. I tried holding left or right depending on the side of the sound, or just tapping once, or tapping for the whole duration, but I inconsistently got income on killing enemies. Thus it ended being impossible to scale my defense :( Maybe there is something I did not understand?

Anyway, as I said the idea is good and could be made into a really nice game!

Very simple but very effective!
Definitely a good idea ;)

Also, insanely hard alone, haha!

Hey there!
Nice little game, good job on submitting a fully working game :)

What I liked:

  • the simple yet effective and very readable art style
  • the animations of drumming, like "wooh!" :D
  • in the "music" part: the multiple paths with easier/harder parts depending on where you go. It makes failing a jump not an immediate game over but gives a harder time to win

Here are the few things that could be improved in my opinion:

  • the platforming part is quite slow: a stronger gravity would give a more "punchy" gameplay!
  • the feedback when you get hit in the "music" part is too light, I sometimes did not realize I had only one life yet :(
  • while this is a true hybrid game due to the two different game types, it would have been interesting to "mix" them more, instead of having two completely separate worlds

That's all for me! Good luck with the ratings ;)

Thanks for the feedback uri.

Yes, we have struggled to make the objective clear, but we did not want to have an arrow pointing you where you should go : the house is quite small and part of the game is having to look around while being tracked down. I think pop up messages (like a bubble with what the character is thinking) to give hints would be a decent in between?

I hope it confused you in  a spooky way

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah we messed up the controls, but let's say it only adds to the challenge? I guess with more time to elaborate levels it could make a decent little game :)

Thanks for noticing this!

Glad to hear you beat the game (even if you did not know it) ;)

Definitely a great game! Simple yet very fun mechanics, keep smashing dem blocks! Reminds me of the good old Bomberman games I used to play with my cousins ^^

Really nice to see that you went through both multiplayer and AI. Just one thing : you could have written somewhere the default controls, I had to come back to this page to know how to play. Otherwise great fun !

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys!

Yeah we did realize that the tutorial was a bit unclear after publishing, that's why we added explanations on this page (still not very happy about it tho). As it is our first jam we still have a lot of lessons to learn in game design! Cheers to my comrade Ben for the art style, he did most of it ;)

Yes there is!

Seth posted this on the Discord channel :

GOOD NEWS, @everyone ! YoYoGames has put together a temporary Shenanijam license for Game Maker Studio 2. For those of you who wanted to try out Game Maker Studio 2, now is your chance! The licenses expire on May 29. Get them here:

Enjoy & good luck for the jam!