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Definitely a great game! Simple yet very fun mechanics, keep smashing dem blocks! Reminds me of the good old Bomberman games I used to play with my cousins ^^

Really nice to see that you went through both multiplayer and AI. Just one thing : you could have written somewhere the default controls, I had to come back to this page to know how to play. Otherwise great fun !

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys!

Yeah we did realize that the tutorial was a bit unclear after publishing, that's why we added explanations on this page (still not very happy about it tho). As it is our first jam we still have a lot of lessons to learn in game design! Cheers to my comrade Ben for the art style, he did most of it ;)

Replied to irdumb in Shenanijam Q&A

Yes there is!

Seth posted this on the Discord channel :

GOOD NEWS, @everyone ! YoYoGames has put together a temporary Shenanijam license for Game Maker Studio 2. For those of you who wanted to try out Game Maker Studio 2, now is your chance! The licenses expire on May 29. Get them here: https://account.yoyogames.com/promo/shenanijam

Enjoy & good luck for the jam!