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Great concept, well-executed. The dialogs felt so real! The music is very well chosen too.

My only issue is with the time management: I would have appreciated a timer that shows how long you have left to answer a question. I also think having a timer for each day is a bad idea, there are some days where I didn't have time to finish the conversation, which is just frustrating.

I don't understand how to move without instantly breaking the plate?

I don't understand how to move without instantly breaking the plate?

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The graphics and sound design are great. However, I didn't enjoy looking for treasures at all. My main issue is that the radar does not tell you when you're close enough to a treasure to get it.

The concept has huge potential.

I think the first level was by far the hardest, and even after understanding all the mechanics of the game I still had to try many times to finish it. It would have been more interesting to order the levels from easiest to hardest.

I was stuck here because I was not able to grab the key:

I think the sounds in themselves were good, but their volume is way compared to the rest. The sound effects also start with a delay, I suspect that your sound files don't start exactly at 0.00s?  FYI you can fix all of those things in godot, without having to meddle with the sound files:

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The rules say:

    8. No new content may be uploaded after the submission deadline (no music, no polish, no tweaks). The only approved changes are GAME BREAKING bug fixes. Please include other bugs (e.g. don’t play in fullscreen, etc.) as information on your entry’s page.

So I really think that you are allowed to fix it.

The intro is legendary!

The controls could have been better chosen. The R and F buttons are located in very impractical locations, and the space button (the most accessible button) is almost useless. The escape button causes the game to shut down (or crash?) which is not a very enjoyable experience. 

I found most bonuses to be useless. The main problem is that the AoEs are way too tiny, and I couldn't make them land where I needed them.

Falling out of the bridge causes you to be stuck forever.

The enemies often spawn 10cm away from the player.

When the enemies are close to you, it's almost impossible to tell when you get hit. The sound design is really good, it would have been nice to also have a sound effect when the player is being hit. An actual health bar could also make the game a lot easier to play.

My high score is 25!

I didn't understand the point of shooting?

Is this how the game ends?

The concept of the game is amazing. I got so hooked on the story, I'm actually really frustrated from not knowing the ending

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At first, I was skeptical about the whole "math world" idea. But the amount of content, the quality, and the level of polish of your game are truly impressive. Hats off!

I couldn't see the end because the game crashed while I was fighting the last boss :(

What was the conclusion of the story?

The game is fun. Getting 7 pixies in each level is difficult, but rewarding.

I'm disappointed because I reached the fourth trial without realizing that I had to wait to receive the pixies (I was trying to push them against a wall to grab them)

I reached the level with the giant head flying around, but I didn't understand what I was supposed to do next. I think the flavor texts and dialogs could have been more interesting if they gave the player some context and/or instructions.

The music sets a nice mood.

I love game!. But why is are the platforms so slippery? It ruined the game in my opinion.  I would have given you a 5 starts rating otherwise.

Other suggestion, would be having more than 1HP  


On est un une team de 4 personnes, et on va essayer de faire un jeu sympa ce week-end.

Cydouzo (Lead Programmer) ,  Az (Programmeur et Respo Cohesion), Crio (Game Designer) et Odderé (Animatrice).

On va pas pouvoir venir à l'event physique, mais on postera notre avancée sur le blog ;)

Bon week-end  à tous!