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ah thank you!! i'm not sure what would cause those, but i'll try fix them when I next work on this ^w^

thank you!!! :^)

submitted !!!!! 


thank you!! ^w^

wow it's been a few days!! I've been busy designing the dungeon & figuring out the layout and what I want to happen in each room

The rooms are now all connected, I just need to lock them & populate them, then add a little screenshake when the water level changes, and set up one last switch!

tempest has some actual up & down attack animations now! I also adjusted the timing on the halberd animation to add a bit more anticipation, although the side will need more reworking later....but another time!!

I'm going to start building the dungeon itself now :^)

added some rough water & stair tiles and begun working on allowing tempest to swim, & also setting whether or not the room is cleared!

the plan for the dungeon is for the main puzzle being raising/lowering the water level, but I also need to plan out the layout 🤔🤔

aw gosh thank you so much!!! ;a;

her halberd works!! I've also updated the ui, added the baby slimes, and random heart drops :^)

probably the next thing ill do is finish the up & down animations for tempests attacks & add a death animation for enemies. some classique zelda smoke
after that i want to start building the dungeon part of the game!!

hey! been a little while since i last posted because I took a break yesterday but:

- halberd stuff's proving trickier than planned because im Dumb and Dont Get Collisions When Written In GML Yet i'll figure it out tho!! i think I know what to do now I just want to go to sleep first LMAO it's getting late ✌😔

- but i did add some funky little screenshake though so thats neat

- slimes now wander around when tempest isn't near, & are animated and have timed movement!

- added a little icon when you can interact with something

- set things up so i can make doors lead to different rooms & put tempest in the right place facing the right direction. i also cleaned up things in the background with some parenting and such

- previously, tempest could not cancel her gun animation until both shots are fired. I decided I didn't like this and rewrote a bunch of stuff, so now you can cancel the animation which gives her a bit more mobility

there's some sound design stuff i'd like to do soon, namely:

- sfx for weapon attacks, damage, item get, opening doors, walking into walls, etc. i would add a sound for the slimes but i feel like if theres a lot of slimes that might be annoying 🤔 we'll see

- music changes. battle music when close to an enemy is probably a little much at the moment im not spending forever working out how to transition dynamically but some game over tunes and mini boss beats would be neat i think

oh yeah not sound design but i keep forgetting: i also want to make the slimes split into two smaller slimes when they die

oh!!! this looks so cute!! i love that leggie nettle 🐸🐸🐸

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ahh, thank you!! can't go wrong with a classic ol' slime enemy 😊

I keep forgetting about gun time 😆 but anyway! gun is Done although I need to animate the up & down directions, but functionally its done!

at least for now, some day I would like to play more into the lightning aspect of her magic and have the "bullet" trace out a path back to the gun & then lightning hits like so

but thats going to take a lot of thinking about! I have a few ideas on how to do this, but it's certainly going to be time consuming so I'll leave that for another time.

anyway next up is her halberd!

I've gotten the input setup I just need to figure out the collision stuff :o

edit: minor update i made an actual button ui

been working on that fresh enemy ai & hp tracking so theres things to shoot !! :^)

ui stuff is done!! next is Gun

oh this is so cute!!!!!! i love this little boy ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ

What's up y'all! I'm a couple days late making my thread but I've been getting familiar with game maker ✌😊

I'm gonna be making a little wee zelda-like dungeon with my dnd character Tempest!

She's a storm sorcerer & pirate cleric to umberlee - she's gay, selfish, and gets what she wants. In this game what she wants is a magic trident which may or may not be in this dungeon 🤭

Anyway here's what I have so far!

the sounds are via soundsplatfreesoundtrackmusic, and the tileset a cute dungeon by buch :^)

I'd like to make my own tileset & music & go beyond sketch sprites eventually, but that's beyond the scope of this jam I think!

what i've done so far is:

- movement with collision, sfx, & little footprints
- music
- tracking how many keys you have & whether or not a door is locked
- textboxes with letters that appear one at a time & optional portrait, Added Button To Say Its Gun Time

to do:

- GUI for things like keys and health
- make the gun actually do stuff, & add her halberd. Also sidenote her gun is actually a wand that looks like a gun, fun fact. it shoots spells!
- Add enemies & hp tracking
- Build the dungeon itself! gotta add puzzles and traps. I'm thinking some funky lil spikes & raising/lowering water levels to get around, but that may prove more time consuming than I want so we'll see...!
- this is probably not going to happen in this jam but I'm fond of dungeons that are completely recontextualised when you get a new ability, so I might have tempest find a new spell in this dungeon. Maybe it should be create or destroy water....? hmm 🤔

Anyway my aim primarily for this is to build the basis of a lil dungeon game, & then I'll work on refining it after the jam  hopefully! :^)

wAH life is a thing that exists, unfortunately・°.( ´꒫` ).°・

I've not done a great deal like. all week rip my ass, but! I've been experimenting a little with music n made?? this?? but idk what im doing rly lmaO ill make something i like eventually, my hope is to make some music for the game

but anyway the only real new thing i have to show is that I've started on dialogue?

this lil lady is the one who sells you seeds n stuff

I've learnt quite a lot during this jam!! But like I guessed, I haven't finished in the space of this jam lmao, and I won't finish in the next few days.

I had hoped to get around to the more interesting visuals but I also didn't want to start making it look pretty before I'd actually got a functional game lmAO.... so ! like, I've made a new blog

I'll keep posting updates there! I'll also continue to post here if I have more updates before the jam ends, but if I dont you know where to find me :o
You can also find my art at

ooh gosh the concept art for this looks super cute!!!

Hey! I've not done much today since Mafia started again on ZU lmAO

but i've made a lil farming space and got that tap to change direction thing working!

wAH sorry for like, being gone for like two days!!!

I spent all of tuesday coding custom movement which is snapped to the grid (which is unnecessarily difficult), and also a house, n i was really excited to show you all

but doing this broke like. everything!! the "set variable" system function just wasn't doing anything at all, so things like my clock and items and plants just didn't work anymore.
it made me very upset and trying to fix it made me so frustrated that i had to take a day off ・°.( ´꒫` ).°・

This morning I went through and reorganised all my code. theres still some bugs, the clock is still a little broken but im working on it (´꒫` ;)..

There's one more thing i'd like to do for movement and thats allow you to tap to change direction - but im not sure how i'm gonna do that yet. maybe make it wait a split second before enabling movement?? idk i'll figure s/t out

Anyway after i finish fixing stuff the next thing i'll code next is probably a planting area? instead of being enabled on the Entire Farm. I also wanna make npcs but thatll be a Lot of work so im focusing on making the farm work first.

i've been busy coding !!

I have now done:

- Pause menu: Pressing Enter or Esc stops the timer & changes layout, switching control to the cursor which tells you about what you're hovering over

- Item select: the game recognises whether you've set an item to the X key or not in the pause menu, and tells you if you havent.

- Plants! Or well, squares for now. You can water green squares, if they have been watered then the next day they will turn blue and solid. You can then water them again, and they'll turn turquoise and you can pick them. The days it takes for a plant to grow can be changed!

- Directional cursor: I'll hide it in the final game, but depending on which way you're facing you can interact with the square in front. Since there's no directional sprites at the moment, the square is highlighted!

- Stamina: If you use up all your stamina, you black out and are forced to the next day, and only start with a tiny amount of stamina. If you go to sleep, you'll regenerate much more stamina and be able to do way more in a day!

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aH gosh thank you guys!!! you're too kind ;a;

I don't have a massive amount to show cause I'm like in the middle of animating at the moment haha, please excuse the mess;; but !!

I took a break to make a clock!! so that means so far i've got the camera, movement, & clock working (○`ᵕ´○)

wAA thank you !!!!!!

Hey !! I've been busy today so im like a day late to starting ・°.( ´꒫` ).°・

but! I'm hopin to make a tiny lil farming sim !! I don't expect to make a full game in this jam but it'll be fun to try !!!

This is jill !! just thinking abt how i want things to look at the moment. I'll be working in construct2 because im a coding baby, but i've spent a lil time getting used to it! I know how to make things move and interact with stuff (○`ᵕ´○)✧
the biggest thing im gonna have to work on is a time system (´꒫` ;)..

Anyway I've like not put any thought into the story yet rip me, but I'm thinking of basing it on jack & the beanstalk :o

wah ! Hello e, PHB is one of my fav webcomics (○´▽`○) It's super nice to see you here, good luck with your game !!

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1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hello!! I'm CaptainHarrie - but you can call me Harrie ! ( ´▽` ).。o❤️

I'm a lil GNC lesbian, my pronouns are ve/they/she !! You can use any of them ! I'm also 20 in six days time ✧

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I didn't! ・°.( ´꒫` ).°・I was unfortunately too busy at the time, although I really wanted to!

And, I'm joining because I just! really love games !! i think it'd be a lot of fun to make my own (○`ᵕ´○)✧

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

the entire zelda series !! And most nintendo games in general really, I also love pokémon, ace attorney, & splatoon! But particularly zelda has been a big part of my life since I was about five haHa

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

None..... (´꒫` ;).. I've spent a little time getting familiar with Construct 2's UI and stuff tho! I'll make something (ง`^´)ง

I'm currently on an intermittence from uni due to my physical health - but I'm thinking of changing to game design when I go back ! I'm studying animation at the moment, but admittedly I'm not learning anything I haven't already taught myself haha..

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

I'm an artist []!!

but also! I spend a lot of my time running my resource blog [] - if you need any help with art, feel free to send me a message!!

Since I'll be working on a game myself, I probably won't have time to write up any tutorials - but I'm sure I can point you in the right direction!

I will say in advance tho, being a game jam and all, you're likely to want to look in my pixel art tag [], and also pixeljoint is a great resource [] []

Anyway, it's lovely to meet you all !! I wish you all the best of luck on your games (○´ᵕ`○)