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[DevLog] greenworld

A topic by Linaeve created Jul 15, 2016 Views: 254 Replies: 4
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Greenworld is a game about exploring the rainforest! This is my first foray into game development so I'm going for something very bare-bones right now, but if all goes well I'd like to expand it into a game with a few different levels.

In this iteration of the game, you play as an anteater wandering along the forest floor in the Amazon rainforest. You're looking for termites and ants, but are finding other invertebrates that are less tasty and more just interesting. You decide to start collecting these larger bugs, and learn about them along the way.

I'm going to work with Blender and Unity for practically the first time - I messed around in Blender once but haven't really committed anything to it. My big goals for the game jam are to learn how to model in Blender and put together game environments and code simple scripts in Unity. If I end up with enough time I'll try out texturing and rigging also! I've spent the first half of the game jam familiarizing myself with the programs to some extent, doing demo games and learning overall layout, as well as doing some preliminary research and visual development. Tomorrow I'll start my first assets and hopefully import some of them into Unity!

ooh gosh the concept art for this looks super cute!!!


ohhh this art is so beautiful!! i can't wait to see your models!


long tongue....


long tongue!

(thank you guys!! modeling should happen after work today most likely)