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I'm sorry for taking so long to respond. While I can't help you personally, there should be several tutorials on youtube for how to make a top down shooter.

Thanks! I will try to get to your game!

This is a really fun game! I will be waiting for the full release!

I only played for a few minutes (and plan on playing more), but from what I've played it is a very fun game! The movement feels really good and the hit detection is solid. The art is also quite nice, good job!

Super fun! If you make the game look better this could be amazing!

My heart has been torn out...

Very fun and hilarious game!

Thanks for the feedback! I would also like to thank you for going into depth about what you didn't like, as that's what I need to further improve the game. As for the abrupt ending, being a solo dev meant that I didn't have much time to develop the story, thus forcing me to cut it all short. Things like being able to turn around and grab crates behind you, and being able to grab jump pads without them glitching out slipped through the cracks as I worked on larger things. I am planning on fixing it all though.

Very fun game!

Thanks for the feedback! Don't be sorry for giving negative feedback, I actually want to know what I did wrong so I can fix it. I apologize that the controls didn't feel good, and I forgot to put a controls menu in the game, but they are in the game's description. I am currently working on an update that will release sometime around the end of the jam that will fix as many bugs as I can, and will make the game longer.

I'll try again, and I'll follow you to see the postjam update

Thanks! I am currently working on an update that will release when the jam is over, which is fixing the physics issues.

This was a surprisingly good game, and this is coming from someone who doesn't like visual novels. Good Job!

The physics are good, but only one customer came and it got stuck in a chair, so I couldn't play.

Very fun game, the only thing that holds this back is the lack of analog movement, but thats not your fault. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback! I plan on updating the game after the game jam, being able to turn around will definitely be added.

It's a good idea, just not executed properly, Good work!

One of the best games of the jam!

Very good idea, but due to a glitch I couldn't progress through the game. Good Job though!

This is an amazing game! Good job!

Incredible Game! The car physics felt great and the puzzles were fun.

Fun game! I couldn't get the good ending though.

Really fun game! It's also very hard, I couldn't keep more than 3 cats at the same time.

This is an incredible game! The movement felt amazing, the art was good, and the different emotions were cool.

This has a great idea, and the art is amazing! The floaty physics and lack of a single player mode did hurt the experience for me though. All in all, good game!

The idea is there, but it wasn't executed properly. I didn't fully understand what I was doing, and there were several glitches, but for 48 hours, good job!


Thanks for the feedback! As I didn't want to make animations for walking each direction, I made it so that you could only face forward, thus meaning you can only grab things that are in front of you. I knew it would cause softlocks, but I was just being lazy. Grabbing the springs had several bugs that I couldn't figure out, and then I forgot to take the ability to grab them out before submitting. As for the controls issue, Its because movement is mapped to the horizontal axis (wasd, and arrow keys), but the grab button is mapped specifically to the down arrow. I plan on updating the game when the jam is over.

This is a really fun (And hard lol) game! I especially like how you had a tutorial level everytime you introduced a new mechanic. Also, did you do all the art on your own? It looks good.

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the game. I tried to work out as many bugs as I could, but working on it alone meant I couldn't do too much. I will definitely be updating the game after the jam though.

This is a really fun game! And the sea shanties were amazing! This could definitely be a great mobile game.

Thanks! You're the only person to notice how inspired off the Stanley Parable this is.

This is honestly an incredible game, definitely one of the top 100, Great Job!

Thanks for the feedback! I was going to put a controls menu in the game but I didn't have time to make it. The game pushing you back after trying to go the wrong way did have a glitch where it kept adding force after you were outside of it, but I couldn't figure out why it was doing that. And the dialogue is very unfinished as I didn't have time to get everything done. I will definitely update this after the jam is over.

As someone else said, this doesn't fit the theme too well, but on its own it's a fun game! It could use some balancing, as the abstract art is way too powerful, and it could use some incentive to keep on playing, as I quit after day 5.

That actually sounds really cool! If you keep updating this after the jam I think it could be a fun game.

I love the art and the main mechanic of playing songs to do attacks reminds me of ocarina of time, all in all, Great Game!

It could use some easier level design and a way to exit the game through the menu, but aside from that its a good game! Great job!

Very good game! If you gave it more variety in the zombies and more levels, that would be great!