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Thanks for the reports! Everything on the back-end is secretly a float, so rounding should preserve fractional values fairly. That being said I’ve no idea why a -1 would go from 10 to 8 unless you hit an extremely pathologically rare floating point rounding edge case. Or there’s just some other bug.

I don’t expect to take the concept any further in its current form, though I do like the simplification of magic systems into a press your luck / unresistable damage option instead of a rote litany of Fire 1, Fire 2, Ice 3, etc.

Godot Engine. It’s what I’ve primarily used for the last three or four years and overall I think wonders of it though until this jam the UI elements always gave me grief.

This time they clicked with me and setting up all those fancy symmetrical / proportional / buffered menus was easy-peasy and super satisfying.

Shoot, thanks; I would not have expected self-extracting archives to be considered installers. I'll stick to the suboptimal but universal compression of zip next time and trust that people will extract the whole folder instead of just double clicking on things next time.

Thanks for the feedback -- this is definitely an unfinished product; a collection of systems that could be turned into a game, except that I ran out of steam (so to speak) at the halfway point, so there aren't really goals or coherent activities.