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I'm never looking my emails the same again. Very nice presentation, great soundtrack and very good concept. Really well done mate!

Really really funny, I like it. The sound effects had me cracking, Nice job!

Nice to see someone tackle their first jam. You have lots of potential, keep doing this and you'll get far!

Wow, this game is so great! The concept, presentation, level design, soundtrack, everything! 5 stars!

Weird, but fun! Nice job!

Cute and fun little game. I had some crashes and it could have some animations. Besides that, great job, the soundtrack is amazing!

Put some game feel, sound and voilá, you have a really great game! This have some potential. Keep working on it!

I like the potential to create an emergent gameplay in your game. Keep the good work!

Some things could definitely be improved: a way to see the entire map; fast foward; hability to place movements before reseting and a soundtrack. But the concept is very, very good and you did a great job! Keep working on it!

Wow, didn't know that. Thanks!

I hope she finds what she wants hahaha

Hahaha It's like my house, I can never find chocolate ;(

Thank you!

Definitely an inspiration alongside that "Wiki game" where you need to go from one article to another. Thanks for checking out, I'm glad you liked it :)


Thank you!

Really nice game! The music is on point and the concept is really creative. Great job!

Clever game with lots of potential. My only complain is the audio REALLY loud. Nice job!

Loved the mixture between brutality and cuteness. Really nice game!

Weird game... I like it! But took me some time to understand what I needed to do, so a tutorial would have been nice. Nice job!

I too made a game about popups! Nice to see your interpretation of the theme, your game is really fun to pass the time and you did a great job! Keep up the good work my friend :)

Wow, such a nice game! From the artstyle, to concept and level design It is one of the bests i've played so far. My only complain is with the controls. When you're jumping and release the A or D, It doesn't stop immediatly, which caused me some deaths. But that is a little detail that doesn't take from your 5 star all around game :)

Nice and fun concept! You could put some indication next to the character to make it easier to know when It will be paralyzed :)

Really great game and fun mechanic, could definitely be made into a full release! But doesn't seem to fit the theme very well...

It's fun! Buggy, but fun!

Fun to make into a hyper-casual mobile game. Lots of potential!

Liked the concept but the game is very unclear. Definitely could be worked into a more polished version :)

I'm the guy who likes books with pictures, so (for me) your game could've had some more imagens to tell the story alongside the dialogues. Besides that, you made a good job with the writing!

Great concept! Fun to past the time but definitely could get some more polish :)

Really liked the movement. It's fun for that moments where you need to "waste" some time :)

Cool puzzle and concept, definitely could be worked to launch as a full game!

Really liked the concept and your approach on it! The one thing I think would have made it even better is some "game juice". Nice job!

I love this medieval-like art in games, so nice!

Beautiful art, cool music and interesting gameplay! A little rough around the edges. but with more time to develop It could be a full release. Nice job guys!

A little difficult to read, but great concept, soundtrack and really fun!

Really liked the use of the theme, so interesting! But definetly the time constrain definetly worked against polishing the game. Reallt nice work nonetheless!

Really liked the idea of "adapt on the fly". Great job!

Lacking some polish, but an interesting idea. Nice job!

Elegant, simple, fun. Good job!

Best game I've seen so far. Really fun and interesting concept!