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Hello, you are free to try the Java version of the game (.jar). There is still a good chance this can work on 32 bit machines.

As for .exe or .app executables, the program we use to create those no longer support 32 bits. We won't be making those 32 bit compatible in the future.

Yup! A lot of things changed and we are on Steam now!

Hey there, I'm sorry if that's the case but this is quite likely due to the massive amount of Gifs shown here. Best, Alexander

This is amazing! Does this map it produce good results?

You need Java 8 or later installed. Once that is the case, right click the jar file and Open With > Java

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MakerKing is a game with a long history, 4+ years of development and a lot of twist and turns. While the game has been available on itch for a while, it recently changed it's name and got an official trailer. On top of that, this is my first time posting about the game in this category.

MakerKing is all about creating levels and sharing them with the community. We have a nice small community that really likes new players and their levels. It's always interesting to experience the level design of other people because there always something new to learn from them.

Inspiration for this game came as I was watching Mario Maker streamers. I was very interested in our a MMO experience would be in a game like Mario Maker. I wanted to experience a maker game where players would be swarming the levels all together, racing each others and having fun. On top of being a really good PC alternative for Mario Maker, MakerKing also has unique features and a special focus on competitive play. You can create your own mobs or creatures using the mob maker, granting infinite freedom on what kind of living things you want in your level. The competitive aspect is being fueled by our score system, which gives scores to players on any finished levels. Similar to osu!'s pp system, you can accumulate score by getting good times on popular levels.

Yes, the game is entirely free to play and free to win. I plan on keeping it free even on Steam. To make money, our approach is to have paid in-game cosmetics which contribute nothing to the gameplay. Just a way for our most loyal players to donate while getting something in return. This is a game you can try out right now and I guarantee you you'll get a good dose of fun.

Our community is really amazing. You can join our discord where we organize races from time to time and we currently have a level creation contest going on. I'm really proud of our community and all of the people that are in it. At least right now we really have good people who are passionate about platformers, speedrun and level design.

Itch page:

Thank you,
Alexander Winter

Here it is! 

Yes will do! :)

Hello there! I'm announcing the release of a nice normal map editor I made. It's a handy tool that makes it more convenient to draw normal maps than conventional techniques. You can basically determine the direction at which you want to paint using either a graphical tablet pen or a joystick. It also is open source.

Here it is:

Here you can post suggestions, report bugs, leave feedback or ask questions about the game. As an alternative, you can always go to our discord:

It was a fun and simple game. Nice amount of game juice and fun to control. The music was on point with the "Christmas assault" theme.

Your portfolio looks quite good, I'd love to be able to work with you on my project. Warning: its a huge project. Read the press kit for a quick overview:

Come for a voice chat on my discord and we can discuss it if you're interested!

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I made a game which is all about creating levels online. We've got a little player base. The problem? We are out of levels! Usually maker-games have the problems where everyone wants to make levels and there's no one to play them. Here we have the opposite problem, multiple of our players have cleared all (80-99%) of our levels (there's about 150 of them).

So I'm looking for your level designing skills! I would love to have real high quality levels that have not just been made by amateurs like me. If you contribute a lot to our database of levels, you'll be recognized by our wholesome community and I'll be willing to split some of the revenue to you. (If this project leads to some revenue some day!)

In this game I have the possibility to feature levels. If your creation are beginner friendly and are of high quality, I will surely feature them to make sure its what players play first. An in-game like system otherwise exists to allow the best levels to come out on top.

Anyway, here's the trailer: 


Download the game: (Once in the game, play online and not offline. Offline is about 10% as fun as Online)

And don't forget to join our discord!


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Complete instructions about the level contest are available on the discord:

Jumpaï is a game about creating levels and playing them online. Trailer:

Sadly, we are lacking levels lately and our community is getting bored of playing the same levels. Therefore we decided to organize a level contest to encourage level creation! I have no idea how many will participate to this, but I would assume if you are a profesionnal level designer, this shouldn't be too hard to win! Otherwise I still encourage you to come and try, it will be a lot of fun!

The contest will start on May 17th, 2019 at 12:00 EST until May 31th, 2019 at 23:59 EST. Only levels created in that time frame can count as submissions. You can choose to submit multiple levels but we encourage you to focus on polishing your level to enhance your odds of winning.

Winning Prizes:

Participation Prize:

Submissions will go through the #play-my-level channel on our discord. Post a message presenting your level and including the code CONTEST-1 to be counted in! The level must be LOCKED and you must include the ID of the level!!! Here's are the criterias we are going to evaluate your entries with:

 Esthetics - How good the level looks. Go for unique and unseen styles.
 Gameplay - How fun the level is to play, unrelated to the difficulty. Use new and unique game mechanics.
 Theme - How much the level is related to the theme.
 Length - How long the experience is, in term of time and content. Small levels in size are okay as long as they provide lots of content. Avoid repetitive sections.
 Difficulty curve - How well the difficulty is spread out through the levels. Submitted levels may be of all difficulties, there's no favoritism on easy or hard levels.

You'll receive a grade out of 10 for each of the criterias. The one that scores the most will win! You think you know someone that could win? Refer them to Jumpaï and if they win, you'll receive a prize of 10$ for being the one who introduced Jumpaï to the winner.

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It is perfectly functional for any regular website. However that's not something we can just add to our page. It's a feature the devs of could enable for everyone. Perhaps its possible to detect mobiles and tablets from media queries in CSS, but that would only rely on the size of the screen which is way less reliable than this library. Another hacky way would be to integrate an iframe in the page to replace the download options by something external, which would integrate this script.

No I haven't try yet on but I use it on my regular website to warn mobile users that my game is only for PC.

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No that's not what I'm saying. You can detect the platform of the user from the browser. From this you can already tell if it's a desktop, mobile or tablet and it even tells you the OS version. There's no need to bundle all of the options in a big zip file. Many website makes you automatically download the good thing when you click download, based on your OS and architecture.

The 5 different options I was talking about are Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Mac, Linux 64 bit and Linux 32 bit. If you add the mobile targets then you get to 7. Makes much more sense to have the website detect your platform from javascript and propose you the valid download automatically. That's all I'm saying.

No, I'm just saying the best download option should be given to the user in function of their platform because it is possible to detect their platform. There's no reason trying to teach people, just make their life easier by giving them a single button that downloads the good thing automatically.


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It's perfectly possible and even easy nowadays to detect which platform the browser is from. There's no point listing all the download options and it can even be quite embarassing, if like me you have different executables for 32 or 64 bits (leading to 5 different options for me). I have many users that download the wrong architecture, which is much more confusing for the average user.

So we could auto detect the platform and at least put the appropriate one bigger and in front. Is such a feature in progress from

Great, thanks for the information!


as the creator of an online platformer with level editor, let me tell you that it's quite hard to sell a game targetted to all audiences. My game tries to be a vessel of expression for anyone that want to make their own kind of level. Sounds good on paper but in practice, people don't want that.

In this sea of indie games flowing from all directions, it seems to be way easier to stick to an angle in order to find an audience. People that want to play platformers already have so many choices. Why would they play yours? You have to be the best or at least bring something new that isn't seen anywhere else. Having other game modes doesn't save you from that. If you go to the store looking for a screwdriver will you come back happy with a swiss knife?

If you really want to stick with your idea, you will have to identify your audience and try to see why your product would be exactly what they are looking for. It is possible to make games with many audiences: Look at Minecraft, Nintendo games, etc. But you will see that those games started with a niche angle and a core audience and then expanding to more audiences, rather than trying to please everyone at first. Multi genre seems even more extreme. Why would I want to play many different games in quick succession? Even if you are multi genre, you will need a common theme that makes sense for your game to have your genre.

Anyway, I'm not saying that you should not go this way but I think it's a difficult street and you should think about it more!

Good luck in your journey! Wish your the best


I was wondering if my custom CSS could negatively affect the ranking of my game, given that I've removed some elements I didn't want in the page like the footer, the more information button, the background under the logo etc. I've seen somewhere else that adding ads to the page could negatively affect the page ranking and I'm wondering how it works. I try to keep the page pretty minimal and straight to downloads as I use this page as the download button for my website: (people clicking on that button want to download, not to read more).

So, could there be negative effects of my custom css? Here's the CSS:


Shotcut is good to start but you should move on to something more professionnal as soon as you have the chance IMO. The many problems I had are:

  • Blur lagging so much I had to export the entire video to see how it looks like
  • Font border gets ugly for more than 5 px
  • Audio desync present in the video preview of the software but not in the export
  • Impossible to move groups of clips, so you need to export parts of the video to be able to move it as one block
  • Various crashes, although the recover feature is nice

Here's the result, if you are wondering: 

I got a lot of inspiration from I hope it shows in my trailer! Overall shotcut can do nice things but at some point you need to switch. I'm not sure what I should switch to!