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How can I create a good looking trailer with limited resources?

A topic by Jort created Apr 02, 2018 Views: 147 Replies: 4
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Hello everyone!

I'll get straight to it. I want to get more views and downloads on my game. This is why I want a good trailer; to attract more people to download it. How will I be able to do this with limited resources? (I don't own any movie production software like Vegas or Premiere)

All ideas welcome!


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Get a freeware editing program, and practice. Think of a concept for the trailer before starting to record material. Make two or three trailers and choose the best one. I have never ever made a trailer ... yet.


One thing I can tell you from personal experience: Don't just record gameplay!  It doesn't work.  Instead, look at trailers for successful games (Indie and AAA) and copy what they do!

Thank you!!