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Thank you for the kind words!

What a fun mix of blackjack and roguelike, like the idea and how smooth the gameplay feels a lot. :)

Thank you for the review!

Thanks a lot, we are truly flattered. ^^

Hello, thank you so much! We have taken a look at the GDWC page and will definitely consider participating with one of our bigger projects. :)

Thank you for the let's play and the kind words! It was incredibly satisfying, watching you understand everything - the fact that the spikes are not to be touched, the way the ability should be used, and all the level design tricks, secrets, and traps - with such ease. :3 

Thanks a lot!

Haha, I see. 

Got it, yeah, that's a good way to make it easier.

Our artist said she's really grateful that you noticed her trying to create a style that stands out. :3

Oh wow, we're really happy to see you again, CoalFire! Thank you for your support! 

And thanks for your feedback as well! Yeah, we know the game was quite difficult, and I admit that the last part was a tad too much. Can imagine how frustrating to you it was, I'm very sorry. <_< Actually, I've even made the hitboxes for the spikes in that part smaller already as part of the next build. My main mistake was using that design in a game jam environment where I didn't have enough time to design more of those "race challenges" and educate the player enough to be ready for it. The trick was simply starting as far from the door as possible (so all the way to the wall to the right of the mushroom in this case), since Dunwo is faster than the sphere and the bigger the distance the sphere will travel, the bigger Dunwo's upperhand will be. But I digress, it's definitely not the most intuitive thing in the world so I should've definitely avoided such a challenge. At least there's no way to die in the game, haha.

I also want to say that your playthrough was among the best ones in terms of platforming skills displayed, which was really pleasant to see. :3 Have you noticed the DraBot easter egg, by the way?

Sure thing! Do you mean that door before it or something else? You have to shoot the sphere along the lower floor while basically racing it on the upper floor; that way you can open the door before the sphere reaches it and stops, then teleport after the sphere passes the door.

Thank you, we're really happy to hear that! As for the necklaces - it's up to the players to decide all the backstories. We intentionally weren't telling the story directly, that way you were basically in the same position as Dunwo himself - you could only guess the plot by analyzing found items and making assumptions about the whole picture they form. I could only say that the letters on the necklaces weren't random, but even their meaning is more of a symbol first and foremost.

And again, thank you for playing our game!

Yup, unfortunately the inventory system wasn't the most proper one, pretty basic features missing, but that's just what happens in game jams - with only 3 days on our hands making an awesome inventory system with all the proper stuff would have meant having no interesting gameplay built around it. 

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Thanks a lot! 

Yeah, we know it's a pain, but that was kiiiiind of required to get our message across. This game is not about displaying some perfect platforming skills, and that's why there's no way to die or get a game over some other way; re-evaluating which things matter, on the other hand, was the leitmotif of this game, and to have players actively decide what they consider more valuable to preserve as the legacy of a now dead civilization we had to be quite cruel with the game's difficulty (or at least that's what we had in mind). That said, it's still possible to finish the game perfectly and collect every item there is, just unlikely on the first try.

This game was done as a duo, and just so you know, one of us creators feels your pain, having difficulties with several sections in the game. :D

Yeah, we're considering making a full game off of this base. Thank you! ^^

Thanks a lot! Your words are really inspiring and watching your playthrough is extremely helpful. :3 We'll be sure to keep you updated should we decide to continue working on the game.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

Wow, thanks a lot! Lots of insightful feedback, we liked the one about a phantom line before the lightning bolts especially. You're also right that this's just a base - we've got a lot of work ahead, but when we do finish it and release the game, we'll be glad to invite you to try it out! :3

Thanks! :)

Thanks a lot! Yup, we figured we need a checkpoint system an hour or so before the jam end, but unfortunately didn't manage to implement it bug-free that fast. One of those things that are hard to notice when you know your game in and out and it's a lot easier for you than it'd ever be for your players. :D

Keep it up, I know how it feels to have no real balance due to the actual levels being designed in the last hours after the Ludum Dare 39! Will give it a go when the time comes. :)

A fun implementation of a runner game, like the ability to dash. Quiet hard due to the mushrooms being so abundant, they become more of an obstacle than I initially expected despite the warning, haha. Well done!

It felt weird but also rewarding once I figured out what's the deal here. I appreciate the fact that some modern developers don't explain every tiny detail even though that's the norm now. :P The graphics were simple but nice, and the (occasional?) sounds were fitting. Good job!

Neat gameplay and graphics, though the learning curve is a tad too steep imo. Save slots and several missions gave the game a special feel as if it were closer to the finished product than usual jam games are, haha. Good job!

Ha, the controls are indeed weird, but I'd say it's the game's charm. Would appreciate a bit more starting energy though. Enjoyed it quite a lot, good job!

Ha, funny how we both came up with the robot vampire idea and ended up with the implementations being so different. I like this stealthy gameplay, it's also reasonably hard which's a feat for a jam game. Good job!

Pretty cool, though a bit too easy I'd say. Although, the blocks just stopped coming at me once during the Two-face fight. Nicely done!

Like everyone else said, wish it was longer! This kind of game is just what I'd like to play as a finished project, hope you don't abandon it. Good job!

Neat idea, although a bit unclear in the beginning. Had to watch the video tutorial for a bit to understand it. Also, once there was a case of me getting stuck, then the camera went up, I was left out of the screen and couldn't do anything, yet the game continued, probably some rare case of a game over not accounted for? Well done!

So I'm not a part of the target audience this time around, huh. :^) A fun and well-implemented idea, I also like the graphics. Nicely done!

A funny and enjoyable concept. The only problem I've had is running through walls and getting stuck in those, but that was mentioned already. :P Good job!

Pretty fun, although I'd agree with Sergey that the player character is a bit too slow. Those stealthy guys are cool, haha. I'd suggest showing some post-death moments instead of an instant game over screen though, first time I was like "wut, what killed me just now?". :D Nicely done!

An interesting approach to a maze game with the additional darkness layer, props for it actually mattering (lots of games like that are actually easy to complete in the dark for one reason or another). I'd look into the movement code, bumping into a corner results in a rather unexpected "ricocheting" movement, you could just use a tile-based movement scheme instead since the level design is already fully tile-based anyways. But that's not that important and easy to get used to, just a suggestion of making it feel even better. :P Also, some sounds apparently didn't load for me (I doubt you've used some strange gray noise intentionally), windows build. Good job with your entry, I enjoyed it!

Ha, one of the more original concepts out here, haven't seen this mechanic used before. I'd probably add some variety to enemies' "playstyles", maybe even give them different weapons and use some kind of an arena setting, then with some well thought-out monetization system it could even reap some profits on mobile. Good job!

This felt oldschoolish and nice, I'd create some additional enemy variations plus maybe tighten the controls up a bit (acceleration and especially deceleration were a bit too much for me, but I guess that could just be my personal taste), then proceed to publishing to the app stores, it's simple yet charmingly so. :) Well done!

Same problem as Dener had, I guess that's just an unmentioned limit on moves you can make? I liked the concept though, and I'd also suggest using transitions instead of straight .x/.y assignments for the blocks' movement to feel smooth. Good job!

A cool mobile game, can see it getting published by Ketchapp and the likes, haha. Especially liked how you included several alternative modes, out of those "Invisible" and "Control" stood out to me. Well done, and keep up the good stuff, hoping to see your games featured someday!

Neat, I enjoyed trying it out. It's pretty hard considering the crabs' speed, but if you're good at defending during the first half you can pretty much just rest towards the rest, since the damage starts ramping up rather slowly. I also missed the point at which my HP stopped recovering automatically, but still made it to the end, with a score of, uh, 45 I think. Though I was just using 1 of each building type all along, I'd suggest having their descriptions on at all times, not just in the tutorial. All in all, I liked the gameplay concept, several difficulty settings and the simple yet pleasant to look at graphics. Nicely done!