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An interesting approach to a maze game with the additional darkness layer, props for it actually mattering (lots of games like that are actually easy to complete in the dark for one reason or another). I'd look into the movement code, bumping into a corner results in a rather unexpected "ricocheting" movement, you could just use a tile-based movement scheme instead since the level design is already fully tile-based anyways. But that's not that important and easy to get used to, just a suggestion of making it feel even better. :P Also, some sounds apparently didn't load for me (I doubt you've used some strange gray noise intentionally), windows build. Good job with your entry, I enjoyed it!


Thanks Gil for the feedback. I did notice so control issues, even moving horizontally had a slight deviation from 90 degrees, but I didn't have the time to fix it up.  My current project I have fixed that issue.

The strange gray noise was actually intentional! I took it out and replaced it, but it gave it a bit of a hollow, haunting, creepy feel to it as you wander around the maze(s) getting darker. I soundtrack that quickened as it darkened and slowed as it lightened would have been a great 'atmosphere'. Definately could have done better on sound though, but sound does tend to pop up in the end though and suffers accordingly!

Thanks for the info, appreciated.