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Neat gameplay and graphics, though the learning curve is a tad too steep imo. Save slots and several missions gave the game a special feel as if it were closer to the finished product than usual jam games are, haha. Good job!


haha, thanks, but it's mostly a lie! Currently the save slots only retain the names, and there's actually only 1 mission. Regarding difficulty, yeah, the level was thrown together in the last 2 hours of the jam and no balance whatsoever. It was a mad dash, and yeah, there are a ton of bugs, some game-breaking :(. I'm gonna keep working when i have the time and try to get a good balanced 3 levels for the "part 1" as i originally intended. Thanks for giving it a whirl, and I hope you'll give it another chance once a actually complete "part 1" :)

Keep it up, I know how it feels to have no real balance due to the actual levels being designed in the last hours after the Ludum Dare 39! Will give it a go when the time comes. :)