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Submitted by Billstranger — 31 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline
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Cool graphics! I agree with previous comments that it's not obvious how to save the citizens. I guessed, but by accident :) And have problems with flying through the ground too. Great game anyway!


Neat gameplay and graphics, though the learning curve is a tad too steep imo. Save slots and several missions gave the game a special feel as if it were closer to the finished product than usual jam games are, haha. Good job!


haha, thanks, but it's mostly a lie! Currently the save slots only retain the names, and there's actually only 1 mission. Regarding difficulty, yeah, the level was thrown together in the last 2 hours of the jam and no balance whatsoever. It was a mad dash, and yeah, there are a ton of bugs, some game-breaking :(. I'm gonna keep working when i have the time and try to get a good balanced 3 levels for the "part 1" as i originally intended. Thanks for giving it a whirl, and I hope you'll give it another chance once a actually complete "part 1" :)


Keep it up, I know how it feels to have no real balance due to the actual levels being designed in the last hours after the Ludum Dare 39! Will give it a go when the time comes. :)

Jam Host

ohhh noooooeeees but how about HTML5 so more people can enjoy your game?


Nice game, it has a really good retro vibe. I had some issues with the flying enemies reaching almost above the top of the screen. And the small jet pack enemies are a bit too tough. But I like the idea and feeling of this game. The graphics are simple but works well.

Really like what you have so far, nice going! :) Was a bit difficult since some of the enemies were really small, and therefore difficult to hit – but as a demo, it's great.

Submitted (1 edit)

Nice idea but nearly impossible to play because of non-intuitive controls and little bugs like flying through ground, etc. I love your level selection screen and saving progress of the user with slots. :) Can you share a litle bit of how you've implemented this? Thanks!

Upd. There is no restart button so I need to reopen game. But after closing it, the game crashes so I need force end the proccess.


Hey Dener, thanks. I'm going to have a look tomorrow at the control issues. I haven't had any issues whatsoever, but without looking I'm sure i know why you're going through the ground. I thought I'd trimmed it down, but i think i still have more than 16 collision groups active, and some randomly get ignored (this was happenibg before on multiple groups, but i haven't had the error message in weeks. Thought I'd takeb care of it but i guess not).


The game looks very nice, but I couldn't figure out how to play. The ship goes down under the ground and I can't align with the green arrow to pick anyone. It needs better controls.


hey Sergey. It's WASD to move (apologies if you're on AZERTY keyboard, i will re-up soon with option for azerty keyboard). You need to land the ship to pick up civilians by pressing the DOWN arrow to put out your landing skids amd land the ship, otherwise you crash with the ground. I think it needs more instruction moreso than better controls (though that would certainly help as well). Also UP arrow turns the ship.


No, I use the regular QWERTY keyboard. When I press down, the ship goes under the ground below the screen.


oh, well that's not good and never happened in any testing :S is it windows or mac? Shouldn't be a difference, but I have not even opened the windows build since i don't have access to a windows machine at the moment. I'm away from a computer until probably tomorrow morning, but I'll definitely have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up. I know there are a ton of bugs, but that's not something I've seen.


I was playing on mac.


kk, it's very possible I F'd something up right before building it. I only ran through the final build for 1 run-through before uploading right at the deadline. I'll check it out when i can, thanks for the feedback.