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Hi guys, I've made a little add-on for Blender to easily render characters into 2d images. So if you want to make some 2d isometric games like Baldur's Gate or Diablo 2, you're welcome :) 

All the info one may find here.

GMTiled community · Created a new topic Isometric support?

That's really nice, I'll definetely give it a try. Thank you for creating this. But does this tool support isometric tile maps?

Nice game! Cool graphics!

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Cool game, but a really hard when spider appears. Too fast :( Gameplay and graphics are awesome!

You can play the final version here: Now you can play in any browser you'd like :)

All the bugs fixed! Would you like to play the game once more? Hope to hear your feedback!

P.S. Thanks for pointing on to bug with MacOS version, I think it's fixed now. But I could not test MacOS version (have no mac). Could you please check it if you have some free time? Thank you!

Hey, Sergey! Could you play the game once more? I have fixed all the bugs and added kinda balance. Now the game is little bit more interesting to play. Anyway, thank you for playing it! :)

I've fixed all the bugs (hope so) and added kinda balance. Now it's interesting to play in all the browsers and all computer specs. So, I would be glad if you try it again! Anyway, thank you for your comment!

Sorry for that. There are some bugs, causing unpredictable behavior sometimes. Hope to fix it asap. :) I'll let you know when it'll be done.

Nice, but after some turns I am not able make more ones. Need to close the game and start again. :(


Well done!

There is only one level. Also one shouldn't click WASD buttons :) Some weird bugs will appear. Windows build.

Nice game! Agree that one needs health bar :)

Nice game!

I have only one comment here: why is this so short? We need more!

britzl is awesome as always :D Really cool game. Love it.

Have no idea how to play this, but nicely done! :D

Wow! Nicely done with Defold! :) But I am not able to kill robots actually, that's making game a little bit hard. But anyway, really nice.


Like the graphics :) But gameplay needs to be more diverse I think. Anyway, nice game!

Could not deserialize response from server in HTML5 build. :( Played win version :) Nice effect for beer!

Weird controls o_O

Super cool graphics :) But gameplay needs to be improved as you know.

Name "Hamon" for a boar made my day :D Cool graphics but there are some problems of which you know already, I think. 1. Hard to feed boar 2. You actually can leave your boar and run to the finish without it :)

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Nice idea but nearly impossible to play because of non-intuitive controls and little bugs like flying through ground, etc. I love your level selection screen and saving progress of the user with slots. :) Can you share a litle bit of how you've implemented this? Thanks!

Upd. There is no restart button so I need to reopen game. But after closing it, the game crashes so I need force end the proccess.

Censored version? Really? :( Anyway, cool game :)

Классно :) Единственное - я не сразу приловчился играть, поэтому рестартов по-началу было довольно много. Вступление, где ничего не происходит и огр просто бежит - длинновато, как по мне.

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Cool game, but too short :) We need more of this!

You'd better write some hints how to play your game. Because at first it's really frustrating - I don't know why I am got killed. It took some time to sort things out. :)

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Чё-т смотрю, куча русскоязычных на дефолд подсела :) С чего бы это? :D Классная игра, правда сложная.

Upd. А да, ещё кнопки рестарта не хватает.

Awesome mechanics and implementation! Would love to play it with some goal to achieve :)

This Bacon is really funny :D 

Cool game :) My high score is 28 ;)

Can you please build HTML5/win version so I can rate your game? Thanks!

Nice! Interesting idea of controlling the car with touch/mouse and not with arrows.

Nice little game! Cute graphics :)

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Unfortunately it's hard to balance the game. Now the difficulty of game depends on your browser and performance of your computer. For example it's easy to play in Firefox but little bit harder in Chrome. If you'll try to play this game from old PC you will not be able to pass the game at all. This is annoying and do not allow me to balance the game. I don't know how to fix that for now. More info on this here. Hope to fix it in future.